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Kiran Mane


Kiran Mane is a well-known Indian actor who has worked in the Hindi and Marathi film industries. He gained notoriety as Vilas Patil in 'Mulgi Zali Ho,' a Marathi-language drama that addresses an important social issue concerning girl children and the stereotypes that surround them. Through his acting, he made a deep imprint on everyone's emotions. He also enjoys writing about political parties and political stories to make everyone more politically conscious.

Childhood and Education

Kiran Mane was born on 5th April 1970 at Mayani Village, Satara district. He had always enjoyed playing in plays and dramas since he was in school, but his life was not always easy. He has surmounted several challenges to achieve this level of greatness through his tenacity and hard work.

Kiran Mane received his formal education at Bharat Mata Vidya Mandir in his birthplace of Mayani before enrolling in Satara Polytechnic College. He relocated to Satara city while he was in the eleventh grade, where he finished his schooling till the tenth grade.

This was the turning point in his life; at first, he thought the world was ending and started to think of taking his own life. But after his friend RAJIV started giving him advice, he saw that failing an exam is rather frequent.

Then Kiran started on his path toward acting, but he had no idea where to start or how to proceed. He had been interested in performing and playing ever since he was a small child. It was a challenging moment in his life when he launched Kiran Automotive after finishing his education. He started selling car oil in his shop, but he quickly started to feel down about it and like his life was meaningless without drama and performance.

He then enrolled after noticing an advertisement in the newspaper for the Pandit Satydrv Karyashala. This was a watershed event in his life; he never opened his store again and fought valiantly to reach the pinnacle of greatness. Kiran Mane's wife's name is Lalita Mane, and his aunt is Sulamavshi; nothing more is known about his family.

Career and Movies

Kiran Mane predominantly appears in Marathi films and television shows. He began as a stage actor and has acted in numerous serials and films. He made his acting debut in the Hindi film Apaharan, starring Ajay Devgn, in which he had a supporting role.

Kiran Mane

Later in his career, he starred in films such as 'Takatak 2', 'On Duty 24 Taas', 'Swarajya, Kanha,' and 'Shrimant Damodarpant.' His television appearance is well known in serials such as 'Mazya Navryachi Bayko,' 'Pimpalpaan,' 'Lakshmi V/S Saraswati,' 'Bheti Lagi Jeeva,' 'Anaakalniy,' and 'Mulgi Zali Ho.' He is also a contestant on Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4.


Kiran Mane frequently draws criticism since he likes to offer political commentary on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The withdrawal of Kiran Mane from the 'Mulgi Zali Ho' series has generated debate.

He was asked why he was let go from the 'Mulgi Zali Ho' television program. He claimed that the broadcaster unexpectedly cut him out of the serial. He said that a post he had made that was based on a political person might have been the reason for his dismissal.

However, the channel asserted that he was let go for several commercial reasons, including failing to arrive on time for the shoot or due to financial difficulties. He argued that this was invalid, but some of his co-stars in his serial asserted that he wasn't acting responsibly towards his female counterparts.

The other female co-stars indicated that Kiran Mane's interaction with them was friendly on the Mulgi Zali Ho set. His two female co-stars, on the other hand, were hostile to him. Kiran Mane's wife, Lalita Mane, has filed a complaint with Mahila Ayog alleging that all allegations made against her husband regarding inappropriate behavior with female co-stars are false, that he was abruptly fired from the serial, and that as a result, he and his family are suffering from severe financial hardship.

Nominations & Awards

  • Ma.Taa.Sanmaan Best Actor Award (Winner) in 2010
  • 2013 Kaladarpan Best Actor in a Supporting Role Award
  • The Akhil Bharatiya Natya Parishad awarded him the Master Naresh Puraskar and the Rajarshi Shahu Puraskar

Interesting Facts

Kiran Mane started out as an actor in experimental theatre, but he had doubts about his prospects for success. He traveled to Mumbai from his hometown of Satara via Pune, where he stopped to attend Pandit Satya Dubey's workshop. He created his unique identity among the 80 members of his class. It goes without saying that he experienced all the excellent things during this workshop in the year 2002, and ever since then, he has been able to showcase his talent in all three of the acting mediums?stage, television, and cinema.

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