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Bigg Boss Janani

Bigg Boss Janani


Janani is a professional model and television personality. She once served as a host for a program on Sri Lanka's IBC Tamil channel. She has a lot of experience in the industry of modeling. She's already been in over ten commercials.

On October 9, 2022, the sixth season of the Tamil television show "Bigg Boss" premiered worldwide. Janani was a contestant on Bigg Boss 6 Tamil, where she certainly was an intimidating opponent.

About Her

Janani Gunaseelan is her complete name. She goes by the name "Janani" frequently. She was born in Sri Lanka, a country in South Asia, in the year 1999. She is currently a resident of Tamil Nadu, India, and is 23 years old. She is approximately 50 kilograms and measures 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her ethnicity is Sinhala.

She completed her education in a private school and received her degree from a private college in Sri Lanka. She started modeling while she was still in college. Janani Gunaseelan was a well-known social media platform "Tik Tok" user and had more than 170,000 followers before it was outlawed in India.

She prefers non-vegetarian food. She also enjoys learning several genres of classical Indian dance. Also, Janani loves watching Tamil movies. Therefore, she has seen a lot of movies and given reviews. At that point, everyone believed she wanted to shine in the movies as a heroine.

About Her Career

The program's host and anchor, Janani Gunaseelan, traveled to Sri Lanka to host the IBC Tamil channel broadcast. She has so far appeared in over ten commercials. Janani loves to learn classical dance and get dressed traditionally. She hosts the 5 o'clock news on the Star Tamil television network and reads the Tamil news. She is employed by Capital TV Sri Lanka as a video jockey, or V.J.

In 2022, she modeled for an apparel and clothing brand called Grabo365. She also modeled in a T.V. commercial for Swarnalaya Jewellery in 2022.

In addition to all of these things, she is a captivating influencer and a cuisine reviewer who engages her social media fans on a regular basis with trending videos, hot topics, and captions she carefully selects for her Instagram posts. The youthful and adorable diva currently has about 359k Instagram followers. She is socially engaged on her social media platforms, occasionally posting and encouraging her Instagram community.

Janani describes herself as a foodie, and her passion for eating is clearly visible in her YouTube channel and food reviews. She also shows a moderate amount of interest in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.

Her Show: Ayurveda Health

Janani Gunaseelan is a dedicated and attentive listener who presents her interviewing skills in a clear and effective manner for her show Ayurveda Health. She speaks with an Ayurvedic specialist about the challenging and thought-provoking topics of pregnancy, infertility, gaining weight, loss of weight, and medication, as well as the root causes of cancer.

About Her YouTube Food Blogs

Janani Gunaseelan is widely recognized for her in-depth and skillfully crafted food blogs. The most adorable anchor ultimately leads the audience through the videos while elaborating on the exquisite ingredients and rich flavors of Sri Lankan food, especially the sea meals served at Yazhpanam.

Janani's vlogs provide viewers with an introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine, which is renowned for its creative minglings of fruits, vegetables, seafood, grains, and spices. The coconut plant, which is widely used across the entire nation, and a number of rice varieties are the main ingredients in the cuisine.

The glory of Sri Lankan cuisine, which has been influenced by the regional practices of the nation's ethnic groups as well as new foods and cultural aspects brought by contact with foreign traders who used the country as a center on the ancient oceanic silk route, is conveyed in the simplest and most elegant way by Janani Gunaseelan in her videos. She plays her part flawlessly.

Her Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Journey

'Bigg Boss Tamil 6', hosted by Kamal Haasan, went on air on Sunday, the 9th of October, and fans were entertained by several twists and turns in just a few episodes.

She claims her goal behind attending Bigg Boss 6 Tamil was to take advantage of the opportunity. Janani also promised that she wouldn't fake anything and would be genuine during Bigg Boss season 6.

Janani Salary for Bigg Boss Tamil 6

According to some reports, Janani Gunaseelan was paid between 12,000 and 30,000 rupees per day to compete in Bigg Boss 6 Tamil.

Janani Army Issued a Warning

Janani has been referred to as Kutty Trisha (Little Trisha) after revealing to Kamal that she is passionate about growing in the media industry and is particularly a great fan of Trisha. She claimed that when the teacher of her school class asked the students about their future goals, she confidently replied, "I want to be Trisha."

The majority of the contestants on "Bigg Boss Tamil 6" seemed to be after Janani from the beginning, and it became obvious when they all voted to get rid of her straight away the following week.

The Janani Army, the very first group made for a "Bigg Boss 6" contestant, threatened on social media to vote for Janani's safety and that they wouldn't let her down at any time when she was voted out.

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