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Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana is a Punjabi model and Indian actress. In the month of November, on 27th, 1991, she was born in Kiratpur Sahib, a town in Punjab, India. Her modelling work for Punjabi music videos such as Soch (Hardy Sandhu), Insomnia (Sippy Gill), Laden (Jassi Gill), and others has made her a celebrity. In 2010, she made her first appearance in the Punjabi music industry with the song "Jodi - Big Day Party."

Himanshi Khurana also had appearances in some Punjabi movies in addition to Punjabi songs. Himanshi has collaborated with many well-known brands such as Kingfisher, Mac, Pepsi, Make My Trip, Big Bazaar, and Calvin Klein.

Early life

As a child, Himanshi Khurana lived in Ludhiana, Punjab. Her parents looked after her in her childhood. Her father, Kuldeep Khurana, is a government official, while her mother, Sumeet Kaur, is a housewife. Although her father wanted her to become a nurse, other family members encouraged her to do modelling.

Himanshi graduated from BCM School in Ludhiana after completing her studies. She holds a hospitality degree in aviation. When she was 19 years old, in 2011, she was crowned Miss Ludhiana. She is a member of the Hindu Khatri family. Apram Deep and Hitesh Khurana are her two brothers. She attributes a significant portion of her inspiration for her life journey to her mother, Suneet Kaur.


Himanshi Khurana

While Khurana was 16 years old, she won the title of Miss Ludhiana, giving a good start to her modelling career. She was a few of the runner-ups in the Miss PTC Punjabi competition in 2010. The following year, she triumphed at the Miss North Zone competition in Chandigarh. From the song "Jodi - Big Day Party" (Panjabi MC & Kuldeep Manak), she made her first appearance in the Punjabi music industry in 2010. Later in 2012, she appeared in the "Fasli Bateray" music videos by Feroz Khan and "Harjot" by Izhaar. In 2013, people saw Khurana in the popular movies "Sadda Haq" and "Soch" (Hardy Sandhu). Due to her performances with several vocalists, such as Jassi Gill, Badshah, J Star, Ninja, Mankirt Aulakh, and some others, Khurana had a very productive year in 2015. She also co-starred in a sad song with Sukhdeep Singh (Sukh-E or Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz) in March 2016. Khurana debuted with her musical premiere in 2018 with the song "High Standard".

With the aid of the Punjabi film "Sadda Haq", Khurana made her acting debut in the Punjabi film industry. However, "Jeet Lengey Jahaan" was her debut in Bollywood in 2012. She next played the lead in the Punjabi film "Leather Life", featuring Aman Dhaliwal as the male lead. Khurana was a lead heroine in the 2015 Punjabi movie "2 Bol". Additionally, she acted in six South Indian films: two in Kannada, two in Tamil, one in Telugu, and one in Malayalam.

In November 2019, Khurana participated as a celebrity in the thirteenth season of Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother. After performing in Bigg Boss, she gained more popularity among the people.


Himanshi Khurana and Punjabi beauty Shehnaj Kaur Gill got into a verbal fight in 2019. Shehnaj was questioned in an interview about the worst song of the year. She responded, "I like it by Himanshi Khurana", which sparked controversy. Her nickname is "flip". To achieve this, she even uploaded a video to Instagram.

Angered by this, Himanshi went live on Instagram and accused Gill of having relationships with other men, including her brother. The word of war continued, and a serious stage emerged. They then released songs that were directed toward one another.

Favourite Things

  • Her favourite colours are golden and black.
  • Her favourite foods are Pizza, Ice-Cream, Chocolate, Rajma Chawal, and Dosa.
  • Kareena Kapur, Parineeti Chopra, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks, and Kareena Kapur are some of her favourite actors and actresses.
  • Himanshi enjoys the music of Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Babbu Mann.

Personal life

Himanshi Khurana

During Bigg Boss 13, in November 2019, Khurana said that she had been in a serious relationship with Chow for almost nine years. Later, she revealed on Twitter in January 2020 that she and her fiancé had broken up.

Since January 2020, she has been dating Asim Riaz, a fellow Bigg Boss participant. Her father wanted her to train as a nurse but agreed to involve her in creative pursuits because of the family's preference.


In the "Chandigarh Times Most Desirable Woman" rankings, Himanshi Khurana was placed No. 2 in 2016, No. 3 in 2017, No. 14 in 2018, No. 9 in 2019, and No. 9 in 2020. The Times Most Desirable Women on TV list placed Khurana at No. 11 in 2019 and No. 17 in 2020.

Himanshi made history in 2021 when she appeared in "New York Times Square" as the first female Punjabi actress. As the very first female Punjabi actor, Himanshi created history in 2021 when she debuted in Times Square, New York.

Some Facts about Himanshi Khurana

  • She started modelling when she was only 16 years old. She received the title of Miss Ludhiana in 2009. Later, she won the Miss North Zone title in 2010 and advanced to the Miss PTC Punjabi finals.
  • Dancing, watching films, and reading are some of her interests.
  • She adores Babbu Maan, who is also her favourite singer.
  • She enjoys wearing scarves, perfume, and cosmetics. She usually does not leave her house without them.
  • Around her body, she has four permanent tattoos. Below her neck, she has a tattoo of Babbu Maan. A little below her neck, she inscribed Babbu Maan's name as well. Also, she had the words "Made by Mom and Dad" tattooed on her back.
  • "Luv Mom" on her left wrist, "Resilience" on her right foot," she tattooed.
  • She originally appeared in the Jodi music video.
  • In 2018, she released her debut single, High Standards.
  • She and Shehnaz Kaur Gill got into an online argument in 2019.
  • She has far over 5 million followers on Instagram, one million on Facebook, and 250k followers on Twitter. She is quite active on all popular social media platforms.

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