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Ashika Ranganath

Ashika Ranganath

In the shining world of the entertainment and film industry, where dreams and fantasies are woven into reality and stories with the help of talent. In this world of the film industry, there are so many famous names, but the name Ashika Ranganath stands out like a shining star. Ashika has only worked in 15 movies as an actress; despite this, she has left an ineffaceable mark on the hearts and memories of the audience, captivating them with her bold acting and enchanting appearance. So, in this article, we will learn about the journey of Ashika Ranganath, a film star who has risen through the ranks in the film industry of South India.

Early Life

Ashika Ranganath was born on the date 5th of August 1996 in the town of Tumkur, Karnataka, and her journey into the field of cinema was destined to be unique. Her father's name is N. Ranganath, and her mother's is Sudha Ranganath. Both surely are watching her with pride as their daughter is on the path to a successful life. However, her connection to the world of cinema is not entirely to her efforts; her elder sister, Ausha Ranganath, a renowned model and actress, played a very important role in making Ashika familiar with the glamour and traps of the film industry.


The power of education serves as the basic role for success in many successful stories, and the case of Ashika is no exception. She completed her early education at Bishop Sargant School, which is situated in Tumkur, from where her academic journey started. As she advanced to her higher education, she studied at the college of Bangalore, named Jyoti Nivas College, which became a big turning point in her life.

The Turning Point

As a human, we can say that opportunities usually arrive when we do not expect them to arrive. For Ashika Ranganath, that moment arrived at an ordinary event (a contest). A Clean and Clear Fresh Face contest, which was held in the area of Jyoti Nivas College, became a catalyst for her uprising; her participation in this contest became an important moment that introduced her to the world of glitters and stars, though she secured a position of runner-up in this contest.

Debut and Success

Luck shined on Ashika, and she got a chance that would define a journey in the film industry. She got a chance to act as a leading actress in her first film "Crazy Boy," which was released in 2016, and she was paired with Dilip Prakash (who was a leading actor in that movie). The director of this movie was Mahesh Babu (not to be confused with the actor Mahesh Babu); this romantic comedy narrates the tale of Arjun (played by Dilip Prakash), an orphan whose journey shows that of a fearless young man; fate intertwines Arjun's life with Nandini (played by Ashika Ranganath), a woman blessed with richness but entangled in the complications of love. But this love story was not accepted by Nandani's brother (P. Ravi Shankar played this role); still, their love story became successful. The movie "Crazy Boy" has made an impression on audiences and the box office. Ashika's exceptional portrayal gave her a unique position at the South Indian International Movie Awards, a reward for her talent.

Following her debut, Ashika's journey continued to reach its heights, like a shooting star shining in the night sky. Movies like "Raambo 2" and "Madhagaja" became famous for showing her versatility and acting skills; Raambo 2 was released in 2022, and Madhagaja was released in 2023.

Awards and Achievements

  • In 2017, Ashika Ranganath was nominated by SIIMA for best-debuted actress in her first movie "Crazy Boy."
  • In 2018, Ashika Ranganath was nominated by SIIMA for best actress in a leading role in her movie "Raambo 2."
  • In 2022, Ashika Ranganath was awarded by SIIMA for best actress in a leading role in her movie "Madhagaja."
  • In 2022, Ashika Ranganath got the Karnataka Women Achievers Award.


Ashika Ranganath's journey from the serene town of Hassan to her place as a famous actress in the South Indian film industry is an achievement of the potential of dreams and the determination to transform them into reality beyond her boldness in acting and glamorous looks; there lies a story of growth, variation, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

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