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Geeta Rabari

Geeta Rabari

On December 31, 1996, in Tappar, Kutch, Gujarat, Geeta Rabari was born. She completed her 10th grade at JNV School in Jamnagar. When Geeta was in her fifth standard, she first began singing. She was frequently requested to sing by the local peasants, who thought her voice was quite melodious. By performing Bhajans, Folklore, Santvani, & Diyra at first, she was able to support herself financially, and by the age of 20, she had made a name for herself as a well-known singer in Gujarat.

The song "Rona Serma Re" by Gujarati folk singer Geeta Ben Rabari propelled her to fame. When Geeta was in the fifth grade, she began singing. She visited with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019 and dedicated a song to him at the Parliament of India Parliament House. She admitted in an interview that it wasn't her first encounter with him. She first saw Narendra Modi at her school's program, where she sang a song and received a Rs 250 prize from him.

Geeta Rabari is a member of the Gujarati Maldhari Tribe. Her parents are not well-known. Two of Geeta's brothers passed away when they were young. Her paralyzed father typically resides at home.

She was forced to sing the Gujarati song, after which she sang "Eklo Rabari." The audience enjoyed the songs, which helped Geeta gain notoriety. She has written songs in Gujarati as well as one Garba CD. Later, she contributed her vocals to songs like Taklif to Revani, Geeta Rabari's 2017 Super Hit Lok Dayro, Masti Ma Mastani, Dj version of Moj Ma Revu, and Desi Dhol Vage. She resides with her parents in the hometown of Tappar despite being so well-liked. She later married Pruthiv Rabari.

Career Timeline

When Geeta Rabari was 10 years old, she began singing songs and participating in cultural events at her school. During these events, she sang songs like this one and others. Her songs were highly well-liked by everyone in the school. As a result, Geeta ben Rabari's lovely voice gradually gained a great deal of fame in the neighbourhood. People began addressing her in local cultural events like Bhajan and Jagran. Geeta ben Rabari could earn a small income as a result, which she utilized to pay for her home's expenditures.

Geeta Rabari

Geeta Rabari quit school and turned her full attention to the study of music as a result. His songs and voice gained popularity over time, so Gujarat began to hear his name constantly. As a result of Geetaben Rabari's birth in Kutch, Gujarat, where her maiden name also became Kachhi Koyal, people began referring to Geeta Rabari by this moniker. This style of singing helped to establish Geeta Rabari's identity, which was very well-liked. With the development of the internet, her fame grew even more quickly, and her video songs received millions of views on YouTube.

You may be astonished to understand that Geeta Rabari never received a music education, despite the fact that she is known for singing such melodic and endearing melodies. Geeta Rabari attained great success and became a prominent vocalist. Geeta Rabari received a lot of praise from her community when she sang bhajans and other songs as a child, and as a result, she was inspired to pursue her goals. As a result, Gujarat's name has now become well-known throughout India and has been highlighted in the field of music.

Geeta Rabari, who is now 26 years old, first gained fame in India when she performed the song, Rana Sher Mare. This song has since received millions of views on YouTube, and Geeta Rabari has since performed a number of other songs that have also achieved great success. He gained recognition as a result all over India. Additionally, Geeta Rabari has met Mr. Narendra Modi, the current prime minister of India. Mr. Modi personally invited Geeta Rabari, and she claims that the moment the prime minister called her was one of the most valuable moments of her life. Geeta Rabari claims, however, that the Prime Minister gave her Rs 250 as a reward and that they had met when she was a child.

Prithvi Rabari, a member of the Rabari community, and Geeta Rabari got married on May 9. They were wed in their own community in accordance with their rituals. An extremely expensive new home has also been purchased by Geeta Rabari. In addition to this, Geeta Rabari enjoys donning gold jewellery. People give millions of dollars to Geeta Rabari's Ratri Jagran, which she uses to support Gau Mata, orphanages, orphans, and other underprivileged people.

Geeta Rabari Family & Education

Geeta Rabari

Geeta Rabari was born into the Rabari community's Maldhari caste. Kanji Bhai Rabari is Geeta Rabari's father, and Vinjuben Rabari is her mother. Prithvi Rabari is Geeta Rabari's husband.

Currently, Geetaben Rabari resides in Kutch, Gujarat, with her parents. Two of Geeta ben Rabari's brothers died when they were young. Geetaben Rabari received her schooling from the JNV School in Jamnagar, where she only completed her studies through class 10. Geetaben Rabari did not pursue any more education because she found music to be her greatest passion; therefore, she decided to pursue a career in music instead.

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