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Ayush Sinha

Ayush Sinha

Ayush Sinha was the top applicant of UPSC in 2017. He was born and raised in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He started studying for the UPSC exams while he was in high school and passed the UPSC exam on his second attempt.

Ayush has always valued society and desired to improve it. He aims to create a safe environment for women, provide favourable health conditions, and eradicate poverty. These were his main worries, and as an IAS official today, he is extremely near to realising his dream. He said, "The key to success is to try and strive harder. "

Education and Career

Ayush Sinha studied at R.K. Puram Public School in Delhi and received 99% in class 10 and 89% in higher education. Ayush graduated from Goa's Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Additionally, he holds a master's degree in biological science.

The Second Attempt

Following his second attempt at CSE, he felt a little anxious. In 2016, he also took the civil service exam, which he passed. He was enrolled in IRS training beginning in August 2016. But because he wanted to be an IAS officer, he decided to try again, putting all his preparation into it.

Ayush had failed the exam once before, but after 2016, he resolved to succeed in the interview this time. Ayush concentrated more on this subject when he was preparing for the 2017 UPSC because the interview was one of the areas where he had lost marks.

In his second attempt in 2016, Ayush achieved the 100th rank and was chosen for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). He needed just two more levels before he could apply for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Ayush had taken some time off from his training with the Indian Revenue Service in Nagpur to focus on his exam preparation for UPSC 2017.

IAS Ayush Sinha: Choice of Subject and Plan

Ayush performed well in the exam because of his commitment, diligence, and concentration.

He added that one needs to plan if they want to be ready for the exam. According to him, a candidate should make sure they have completely studied the entire prelims and mains syllabus, including optional material, at least two months before the preliminary exam. Additionally, he said that if someone wants to ace this exam, they must be persistent, committed, and determined.

Selecting an Additional Subject

Choosing an elective subject is also important. He studied anthropology using online classes. Aside from staying current, one should be able to share their perspective on current events in the examination.


Ayush Sinha's father, Pradeep Kumar Sinha, is from Patna, Bihar, and retired as Additional Principal Chief Conservator 5 years ago; he died about two years ago when he was in Shimla. P.K. Sinha was an Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest in the Indian Forest Service. IAS Sinha's mother, Alka Verma, was an Associate Professor of Economics at St Bedes College in Shimla.

Ayush has a married sister as well. His maternal uncle, Atul Verma, was Himachal Pradesh's assistant director-general of police (law and order). The whole Sinha family has worked in positions of prominence. His grandfather, SK Sinha, was an IAS officer from the Bihar cadre. One of his uncles, Atul Verma, is an ADGP in Himachal Pradesh. He is now on assignment in Delhi.

Ayush Sinha is married to Himadree Sinha, an IAS officer. Rajiv Kaushik, the former chief engineer of Rajpur Road Enclave, is her only sibling. On her second try, she placed 97th in the Civil Service Examination.

Himadri did not abandon economics during either of her tests, whether they were for the UPSC or exams from her early life. She subsequently continued to BITS Pilani Goa to pursue her MSc in Economics and Chemical Engineering.

Favourite Hobby

Ayush enjoys reading books and watching football, among other things. He started playing football and reading while studying for the civil services exam. He reads a lot of books, and during an interview, he revealed that his library contained more than a thousand titles. Real Madrid is his preferred club, and the 32-year-old IAS officer informed us that Lionel Messi is his favourite football player.

SBM Ayush Sinha: Haryana

Ayush Sinha, an IAS official from the Haryana cadre, has been seen in a video from September 2, 2021, urging police officials, according to reports, to beat protesting farmers and prevent anyone from breaking the barrier.

As a sub-divisional magistrate, Sinha, an IAS officer from the 2018 batch, is responsible for the Karnal district. Police lathi-charged protesting farmers, wounding ten of them, as they attempted to dismantle the first security checkpoint of a BJP meeting that Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar attended.

Social Networks and Reactions

Since the video went viral, there has been a significant social media backlash on Twitter. Sinha's actions have drawn criticism from officials all around the nation, who assert that despite being a civil servant, he has displayed "no decency" in his behaviour. Users on Twitter have urged the courts to investigate the incident and lodge an official complaint against the officer.

Most Recent/Current Posting

The Haryana government transferred him to Panchkula as an additional deputy commissioner after the horrible incident occurred, and his video became popular online. When he first joined the government as an IAS officer, he was sent to Karnal as a sub-divisional magistrate.

Ayush Sinha's Wealth

As a government employee in the level 10 pay matrix, he now receives a basic salary of Rs. 56,700 from the Indian government. However, because of TA, DA, and other alliances, his actual take-home pay is more like Rs. 76,700. He also makes money from other activities like tutoring other students and his startup, forums, where he provides instruction for UPSC candidates. If we compute monthly profit, that comes out to about $10,000 per month.


Ayush Sinha aspires as an IAS officer to sharpen his attention on the objective. Therefore, one must perform to the best of their abilities in order to succeed in any field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the founder of ForumIAS?

A. Ayush Sinha is the founder of ForumIAS.

Q. Which classes does Ayush Sinha teach?

A. Ayush Sinha teaches Class 12 Tuition and Python Training Classes.

Q. What rank does Ayush Sinha achieve in the UPSC?

A. Ayush Sinha bagged the 7th rank in UPSC.

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