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Swati Sachdeva

Swati Sachdeva


Indian stand-up comedian, author, creator of digital content, entrepreneur social media influencer Swati Sachdeva was born in Delhi.

She was born in a home that was constructed on the twentieth of April 1995. She was created in India's New Delhi. She will turn 28 years old in 2023.

She has become one of the rare female stand-up comics who has previously achieved recognition. Her capacity to make people laugh is incredible; people pay attention to her when speaking. Millions of people see YouTube videos like the brief "Check Bucket List" video.

She additionally has satirical films where she references the structure and mocks the subject. For instance, she satirized a straightforward premise in the short movie "Seatbelt in the Car."


Swati was raised in a Hindu Punjabi home. After graduating from Delhi University, she spent 2016-2019 studying marketing and advertising at Amity University Noida. In 2019, she subsequently began working for Isobar Company. She worked as a freelancer for renowned companies before beginning her career as a stand-up comedian, including Netflix India, iDiva, JWT, Nykaa, etc.

Indian stand-up comedian Swati Sachdeva is well-known and multi-talented. She is best known for her jokes about LGBT issues. We cannot obtain additional information about his family, but you will be informed as soon as there are any updates. She comes from a Hindu household in Punjab.

Swati Sachdeva

From May to June 2017, she attended Creative Inc. for training. She began working as a marketing intern at the sketch comedy platform in February 2018. Later, to pay her bills, Swati began working as a social media manager for Dentsu Aegis Network, although Swati's attention span was short. She subsequently began a new chapter in her career by performing comedy shows, during which she also spent two years working with Comedy Waggon.

She began creating fully autonomous content through the OTT and Netflix platforms. Let us tell you that, based on the data, she is one of the female comedians whose careers are genuinely becoming more well-known. Her comedic delivery and speaking manner are popular with the crowd.

Everyone looks forward to her new videos since watching her show is so much pleasure. She has also become incredibly well-known on YouTube in a relatively short period. She has a video called "Bucket List Check" that has received millions of views. In her comedy acts, Swati Sachdeva frequently exhibits her ability to speak in a way that makes people laugh while drawing criticism, and they do it quietly. If you haven't before, you must view the brief video "Car Mein Jack Belt" to see how Swati made an ordinary scene amusing.

Swati Sachdeva

Her Career

As a self-employed content writer, Swati Sachdeva began her career. From May to June 2017, she served as an intern at Creative Inc. From February to November 2018; she worked as an advertisement trainee for Comedy Munch. From January 2019 through January 2020, Swati Sachdeva worked as a Senior Social Media Marketing Executive for Dentsu Aegis Network.

She began stand-up comedy while working as a freelance content writer and soon joined Comedy Waggon between February 2020 and September 2020. Following this, she began creating freelance content for Netflix and launched a stand-up comedy career.

Over 500 stand-up comedy performances have been performed by Swati Sachdeva in her more than four years of experience worldwide. She is an internationally recognized individual and one of India's top comedians.

Some Interesting Swati Sachdeva Facts

  • As per the reports Swati Sachdeva drinks alcohol.
  • The popular and versatile Indian stand-up comedian Swati Sachdeva identifies as "bisexual" as well.
  • Despite being aware of Swati's bisexuality, her parents support her.
  • Swati lists Manik Mahna and Abhishek Upamanyu among her favorite male comedians.
  • She has a thing for Taylor Tomlinson, a female comedian.
  • She greatly admires Akshay Kumar and picks up comedic expressions from watching him.
  • After finishing her 10th-grade year, Swati Sachdeva enrolled in commerce and maths in class 11. She also attempted the CA exam after finishing her class 12 education. However, she was unsuccessful.
  • She then graduated and earned a master's in marketing and advertising from Amity University in Delhi, India.
  • She also held a position serving as Social Media Marketing Professional at the Gurgaon-based Dentsu Company.
  • She enjoys eating at several Delhi restaurants.
  • She also consumed alcohol while watching a show and then went to a concert. Despite everything, she made jokes, but when no one laughed, she became enraged and passed out during the performance.
  • She enjoys traveling and has already been to Turkey and Spain.
  • In just 6 days, her video "Love is Love" received 2.6 million views.
  • In 2020, her "Bakchodi" debut video was uploaded to YouTube.

Swati Sachdeva, Boyfriend and Partner

Her marital status is single. The name of her boyfriend is Not Known. The detail of her partner Also Is Unknown.

Swati Sachdeva's Family and relatives

His mother's name is no longer known, and his father's name is unknown (both). She is Indian, and Indians makeup both her ethnicity and her nationality, according to our database. Please continue reading to learn more about him, including his schooling, employment history, financial situation, and online presence.

Swati Sachdeva

In a nearly nine-minute-long YouTube video, Swati offers several personal tales about arriving forward as a bisexual and LGBTQ+. The video was posted three weeks ago and has over 8 million views. Swati's debut stand-up performance on YouTube also signifies her transition from the closet. During Pride's special coverage, Banega Swasth India spoke with Swati to learn more about her background and the comedy industry.

2017 saw Swati make her stand-up comedy debut at Delhi's Summer House Cafe. She claims that, at first, stand-up comedy was just a pastime. She had a longer period to write and enjoy the stand-up process because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Swati, there is likely to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community in every group of friends. The main change is that people now openly express their gender identity as opposed to formerly when they would conceal it. We are naturally there, she continued. "This is Westernized" or "This is influenced" don't exist. Nobody chooses to be who they are. In this way, sexuality functions.

One can now more readily find LGBTQ+ people in popular culture than in the past. We are attempting to normalize the debate, yet more is needed. Since we have been treated as taught that there are two genders?male and female?since childhood, Swati thinks that this will take some time. It will take time, she remarked, for us to make lasting change.

Swati presented a very simple example when pleading for individuals to accept people for who they are. She added, "Let's imagine you are accustomed to seeing someone you know wear specs. You have known your friend in that manner since you were a young child, but one day they decide to do away with the glasses. You'll need time to adjust to your friend's appearance with no pair of glasses perched on their nose. Both you and your friend will experience strange feelings as a result. It merely serves as an illustration of how resistant we are to change. Being flexible will allow you to accomplish a lot."

Swati Sachdeva

Regarding the inspiration for her most recent album, "Love Is Love," Swati commented, "It's more anecdotal." I experimented with different things, open mic after open mic, until I noticed this was becoming a complete set. I'm thrilled to contribute to the community in any small way. I received several lovely letters from other queers who expressed how inspired and thrilled they were to see someone like this.

Her home now has complete stillness after someone came out to their loved ones using my video. It's great that it's hitting the right notes and that even heterosexual folks enjoy it?that's the nicest part.

She described her writing method: ", "I wait for the concepts to come." I don't force my mind to come up with a joke. It typically occurs at any time of day. If I find something amusing, usually a personal reminiscence or an odd comment, I record it on my phone. Then I sit down to write and embellish the idea till and unless it is truly humorous.

Swati Sachdeva


In 2019, Swati Sachdeva began working for the Isobar company to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. And when she took part in the TV program "Comicstaan" and finished in the Top 20, her career as a comedian officially began.

Swati Sachdeva has more than 131k followers on Instagram (@swati.sachdeva95), 127k subscribers, & 6.7 million views on her channel on YouTube (Swati Sachdeva), as well as 1.5k followers, 1.3k likes, and 6.1k followers on Twitter (@swatisachdeva95).

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