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IPS Safin Hassan

IPS Safin Hassan

One of the toughest exam in the country, the UPSC examination draws a lot of candidates each year who are full of optimism and have spent months studying hard. Most people, however, are unable to achieve victory in this exam. This article reveals a tale that will inspire people, an example of steadfast resolve and relentless devotion.

Hasan Safin, a remarkable 22-year-old who exemplifies constant enthusiasm and tireless pursuit of goals. His adventure forges through the obstacles, ending in his triumphal rise to the title of India's youngest IPS officer, gained via his glorious victory in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Hasan Safin earned the distinction of becoming India's youngest IPS Officer in 2018 after earning a remarkable rank of 570 on the UPSC Civil Services Exam. On December 23, 2019, he began his new position as the Assistant Superintendent of Police for District Jamnagar, entering a setting that typifies his tenacious character.

Safin Hasan's Family

Safn Hasan is of the Julaha community and adheres to Islam. His father, Mustafa Hasan, worked in a diamond unit and was a part-time electrician in his hometown before that. His mother, Naseembanu, used to work as a chef in people's homes, restaurants, and banquets to pay for Safin's schooling. She is now a worker in a diamond unit. Asnain Hasan is his younger brother.

Safin Hasan's Amazing Achievements

Safin Hasan is another live example, having passed the difficult UPSC exam very early and becoming the country's youngest IPS officer. He won his first attempt at the young age of 22 with unflinching resolve, writing a historical chapter.

Safin Hasan was born and raised on July 21, 1995, in the Gujarati hamlet of Kanodar in the Palanpur district. His life has been turbulent due to financial difficulties. His early years are evidence of the struggles that frequently beset an average lower-middle-class family, constantly making sacrifices for food, fighting for necessities, and navigating India's complex web of survival to ensure family members' survival and well-being.

Safin Hasan's Educational Background

At SKM High School in Palanpur, Gujarat, Safin Hasan built the first leg of his academic journey. He moved on to the Ascent School of Science, an English-medium school in Palanpur, Gujarat, to continue his academic career as his desire for knowledge advanced.

He continued his academic journey by enrolling in the prestigious Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Institute of Technology's B.Tech program in Electronics and Communications in Surat, Gujarat.

Hasan studied a state board curriculum in Gujarati throughout the early years of his schooling. His ability in school reflected through, inspiring him to choose the scientific track after earning an outstanding 92% in the 10th grade. He also seriously studied the English language in the eleventh grade.

Hasan's hungry passion for knowledge and determination in his studies always showed his path, despite coming from a family that worked hard at physical labor and other odd jobs in the town. He projected academic brilliance, and as a result, educational institutions gave him scholarships and fee breaks because of his outstanding accomplishments.

UPSC Journey

A collector once paid a visit to Safin's school, and Safin was astounded by how the IAS officer's presence inspired dignity and was surrounded by so much protection. He received a distinct treatment even from his school's principal.

When the little kid got home, he began to wonder what the visitor had that was so wonderful. He was informed that the visitor was an IAS officer who worked to find solutions for everyday people, making him a king in everyone's eyes.

According to what he had been informed, working for the civil service is a respected profession that requires continuous dedication and strenuous effort. Safin then concluded that he wanted to pursue a career in the IAS.

In addition to the effort his parents put into his schooling, Safin got help when he needed it from complete strangers, such as Hussain Polra and his wife Raina Polra, both local business owners. They used their own money to pay for Safin's two years in the capital city, covering expenses like his travel and housing costs for his civil services training and the costs of a coaching institution.

Husainbhai and Jarinaben, a married couple, also covered his costs for the civil services and the test. He routinely met with IAS and IPS personnel for advice while studying for his examinations in Delhi. Though they have no true biological links, he regards these individuals who unconditionally helped him realize his aspirations as members of his family.

A horrific accident happened to him in 2017 when he was traveling to take the UPSC written test. He nevertheless continued the examination. After the examination, he had to be hospitalized due to severe injuries, for which he had many operations and rehab sessions for his wounded knees and many other body parts.

He nonetheless achieved an All-India Rank of 570 because of his perseverance and efforts. He had several health issues before his interview, requiring him to often travel between Gujarat and Delhi.

Despite all the medical issues, he managed to show up for his interview on time and ended up with the second-highest score. On his second try for the UPSC, he was chosen as an IPS based on his score.

He enrolled in the police training school even though he had always desired a career in administrative services since he only wanted to help the nation. And in doing so, he demonstrated his commitment to the test that he took, showing that even after getting into an accident, he continued with his exam and even went on to give his interview for the exam, passing both and setting a fantastic example for everyone else.

After graduating from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad, Telangana, Hasan began training there for a whole year. On December 23, 2019, he received his first posting as the assistant superintendent of police in Jamnagar, Gujarat. He is a Gujarat cadre officer who graduated in the class of 2019.

Safin achieved a record for becoming the youngest IPS officer at the young age of 22 by achieving an All-India Rank of 570 and demonstrating his dedication to the nation via this accomplishment.

Safin was a committed, exceptional, and incredibly hard-working student who gave all he had. Since school, he has read extensively because of his deep interest in it.

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