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Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah, an Indian fashion model, actress, beauty pageant title holder, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and wedding planner, is a multi-talented beauty with few skills. Rajkanya is one of the most popular fashion models. She was born on May 6, 1993, in Guwahati, Assam, India. She became popular and well-known after participating in and winning the Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 beauty pageant. She has also been in the spotlight on the media houses and news channels after the Assam hit-and-run case. She completed her schooling at Faculty Higher Secondary School in Assam and later joined the Royal School of Business for higher studies.


Rajkanya Baruah has seen a lot of difficulties and struggles in the initial stages of her modeling career. She always mentioned her family and the support they gave to her. His father is an entrepreneur but has been captured much less with Rajkanya. Most of the time, it's her mother, Mrs. Jyoti Baruah, that Rajkanya talks about. She is a government employee and works as a librarian in Assam. Even in one of Rajkanya's Facebook posts, she wrote that her mother is her biggest inspiration and strength, a guide and friend; she always understands my situation and concerns about me. She added that she is grateful for having her in her life. Moreover, Rajkanya loves spending time with her friends and colleagues. She shares a lot of photographs with them on Facebook and Instagram.


Rajkanya is a Hindu and belongs to a Vedic Brahmin family by origin. Her zodiac sign is in Taurus. In 2023, she turned 30. Rajkanya's height is 5'7" ft and weighs 55kg. Her eye color is black, but her hair is hazel brown-blonde. She has undergone NO plastic surgery. She has a fitness streak. She does yoga every day and goes to the gym to keep fit and maintain her physique.

Modeling Career

She struggled a lot in the early stages of her career to make a bright future in the modeling field. At present, she is a well-known Model in the industry. Being a fashion model and celebrity, Rajkanya has also modeled for many famous brands and shoots. She has received many gifts and awards for her work. She also got the title of second runner-up at the 'Eclectic Model Hunt' in the year 2010. She was also featured as the 'Dabur Gulabari Fresh Face' of the Northeast. After some time, she moved to Mumbai for her professional modeling career. In 2012, she also participated in the NDTV Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt. Rajkanya has also walked on the ramp of various modeling events.


Rajkanya did her basic schooling at a private school in her hometown, Guwahati, Assam. After that, she was admitted to the Royal School of Business to complete her MBA. At 17, after completing high school, she stepped into a professional modeling career.

Social Media

Rajkanya is a model and a businesswoman. She is a self-made, successful entrepreneur. She is a certified wedding planner and event organizer. She used to share her work on Facebook and Instagram regularly. She has organized many events, including royal events for rich families and celebrities. She is a multi-talented person as she is also a floral designer. She has been doing this with her modeling. She is a great inspiration for all the girls out there. She has uploaded 1257 photos and reels on her Instagram page. She has around 45.6k followers, with 746 following on Instagram. She is a gym freak and has a well-maintained body. She also runs another Instagram page with the name "" Through this account, she promotes her business. She runs a business that delivers fresh flowers at home. These flowers can be sent as birthday gifts or wedding greetings. She provides hampers, luxury floral giftings, bouquets, and bespoke in her flower shop.

Net Worth

The net worth of Rajkanya Baruah is around 7 crore rupees. And annual net worth is approx. 200k.

Hobbies and Interests

The hobbies and variations in interest make a person unique and different from others. They are the qualities that help in a free and better life. Rajkanya Baruah loves traveling and listening to music whenever she has time.

Some Facts About Rajkanya Baruah

  • Rajkanya is a supermodel, actress, and a successful businesswoman.
  • She has won many rewards and titles and was invited as a chief guest in different ceremonies and occasions.
  • She has won a beauty pageant and runs her own event company.
  • She is a social worker and philanthropist.
  • She worked for many charitable events and foundations.
  • She is the founder of ""
  • She helped many NGOs that support women, poor children, orphans, and older people.
  • She started an anti-cybercrime campaign in the Northeast and spread awareness about the initiative.
  • She is a motivational speaker and leader.
  • She supports and encourages youth and upcoming generations.
  • She is a floral designer and wedding planner.
  • She has collaborated with many well-known and famous brands.
  • Some legal cases, including the famous hit-and-run case, also against her.

Hit and Run Case (2021)

Rajkanya Baruah was arrested for injuring nine PWD (Public Works Department) workers. This incident happened on October 2, 2021, in the Guwahati area of Assam. The accident was not so serious, but one of the injured workers lost his leg. She was arrested and went to jail. She got bail from the jail because of her health conditions. It is unclear whether she was drunk or if this accident occurred while she was mentally and physically fit. She was granted bail in less than 24 hours. Her family asked the police that she could not be presented before them because she was going through treatment at a private hospital. Police had requested the hospital form a board members team and investigate Rajkanya's treatment. The son of an injured worker filed an FIR against her, leading the case further. The medical board committee found that the model was not in such a bad condition that she could not attend police inquiries and was admitted to ICU. A Guwahati-based doctor helped her by admitting her to the ICU. The doctor and the model were arrested for the crime.


Rajkanya Baruah's journey is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and multifaceted talent. From her early struggles in the modeling world to becoming a renowned figure in the industry, she has demonstrated her capability to excel in various domains. Her achievements as a model, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist reflect her dynamic personality and commitment to positively impacting society. Rajkanya's dedication and love for her family, especially her mother, underlines the importance of strong support systems in achieving one's dreams. Her involvement in charitable events, anti-cybercrime campaigns, and initiatives supporting women and underprivileged children further exemplifies her compassionate nature and commitment to social causes.

While she has reached remarkable heights in her career, Rajkanya has faced challenges, including legal issues like the hit-and-run case. These experiences serve as reminders that success does not come without its share of obstacles, demonstrating her ability to confront adversity with determination. She used her contacts to get rid of police custody but was not successful in her intentions. As a motivational speaker and leader, Rajkanya Baruah inspires youth and upcoming generations. Her entrepreneurial spirit, showcased through her event planning and flower delivery businesses, highlights her versatility and creativity. In a world where social media is a powerful tool, Rajkanya effectively utilizes platforms like Instagram to connect with her audience, share her work, and promote her ventures. Her journey inspires many aspiring individuals who seek to carve their paths in various fields, embodying the adage that anything is possible with hard work, resilience, and a passion for excellence.

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