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Priya Malik

Priya Malik

Priya Malik, a well-known Indian wrestler, athlete, and businesswoman from Nidani, Haryana, is well-known for her extraordinary wrestling skills. She has already made India proud at such a young age with her tremendous accomplishments.

She has achieved success in a variety of competitions during her professional wrestling career, winning medals that highlight her talent and tenacity. Notably, she won the gold medal at the 2019 Khelo India Championships because of her outstanding performance. But her triumph at the World Wrestling Championship in Hungary in July 2021 launched her into the public eye and won her plaudits from important people all over India.

Life Story and Family History

Priya Malik, who was born between 2001 and 2005, was raised in a middle-class household in Nidani, Haryana. Her precise date of birth is unknown; however, as of 2021, estimates put her age between 16 and 20. Priya, who was raised in the Haryana area of Jind, began to show a love of sports at a young age, with wrestling taking centre stage. She travels with her brother Jagdish and their former Army officer father, Jai Bhagwan Nidani. Priya's tight-knit family atmosphere cultivated her passion for sports despite the fact that information about her mother and other siblings is kept confidential.

Profile, Achievements, and Personal Details

The profile of Priya Malik has a number of noteworthy data. She is a tribute to the commitment needed in her job, standing at about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 65 to 70 pounds in weight. She identifies as a member of the Haryanvi Jat caste and practices Hinduism. At Chaudhary Bharat Singh Memorial Sports School Nidani, where she concurrently completed her schooling, Priya polished her wrestling abilities. Priya's wrestling career developed under the direction of her instructor, Anshu Malik, a well-known Indian freestyle wrestler herself. Her accomplishments go beyond Khelo India, including a number of championships that have not only earned her acclaim but also substantial financial rewards.

The World Cadet Wrestling Championships

When Priya Malik won the gold medal at the World Cadet Wrestling Championships, she experienced her moment of glory. Her overwhelming 5-0 victory over Kseniya Patapovich of Belarus in the championship match demonstrated her abilities on a global platform. Her status as a wrestling prodigy was further cemented by the praise she received for her accomplishments from politicians and celebrities alike.

Olympic Confusion in Tokyo and Online Trends

Priya Malik's accomplishments earned her widespread acclaim, and some people incorrectly credited her gold medal to the Olympics in Tokyo. As a result of the confusion, there have been conversations and even a tweet from actor Milind Soman, who later explained his statement and congratulated Priya on her victory in the World Wrestling Championships. Due to Priya's success, she became a hot topic online and was used in advertisements for companies like Nine and Amul.


Many people find inspiration in Priya Malik's journey from a Haryana middle-class family to a renowned wrestler and athlete. Her commitment, successes, and modesty have given her a unique place in India's sporting community. Priya's reputation as a dedicated and talented wrestler is safe as long as she keeps her career in mind and pursues perfection.

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