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Krishna Premi

Krishna Premi

A divine incarnation emerged as a beacon of hope and transformation in an era of religious strife, caste divisions, and creed-based conflicts. Sri Sri Anna, also known as Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal, revitalized Sanatana Dharma's values and principles. Born into a pious family on the banks of the river Kaveri in Tamil Nadu, Sri Sri Anna's life journey was marked by spiritual brilliance, devotion, and unwavering dedication to the path of Bhagavatha Dharma.

Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

Sri Sri Anna, originally named Ramakrishnan, entered this world on the auspicious day of Krishnashtami in 1934 under the Rohini Star. His parents, Sri Venkatarama Shastrigal and Smt. Parvathi Ammal hailed from a lineage connected to the esteemed Vaishnavite Acharya Sri Periya Vachan Pillai. Endearing himself to his family and villagers, young Ramakrishnan, affectionately known as "Ambi," captivated hearts with his playful acts and Bala levels.

The seeds of devotion were sown early in Sri Anna's life, as he began composing soul-stirring Bhajans and verses dedicated to Sri Krishna from the tender age of 8. His journey was transformative when he delved into rigorous yogic practices and meditation, evolving into a proficient yogi by age 12. Guided by revered Gurus such as Sri Siva Prakasha Anandagiri Swamigal and Sri Bhagawan Nama Bodendral, Sri Anna's spiritual evolution found a new dimension through the teachings of the Srimad Bhagavatham, a revered authoritative treatise.

A Divine Calling and Premika Sampradaya

The arrival of Sri Baktha Kolahalan as Sri Anna's Upasana Murthi marked a pivotal shift in his spiritual path. Transitioning from a yogi to a Krishna Premi (devotee of Lord Krishna), Sri Anna's journey introduced a path of captivating devotion known as Premika Sampradaya. This path, designed to captivate, enchant, and uplift all seekers, is centered around Prema Bhakti (devotion through love) and Hari Nama pracharam (spreading the divine name of Hari).

Krishna Premi

Sri Anna embarked on the sacred task of performing the Ashta-Yaama sevas to Sri Kolahalan, commencing from the Suprabhatham in the morning and culminating with Dolothsavam at night. In the tradition of Sri Thiyagaraja Swamigal, who composed Utsava sampradaya keerthanas for Lord Rama, Sri Anna enriched this tradition by creating Uthsava krithis dedicated to Sri Kolahalan's seva.

A Sage for Modern Times

In an era where rigorous spiritual practices were increasingly challenging to uphold, Sri Anna's presence stood as a beacon of hope. Addressing the unique challenges of Kali Yuga, he emphasized Bhagavatha Dharma, defining it as the chanting of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam. With the teachings of his Guru, Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodendral's Rama Nama Siddhantha, Sri Anna pioneered the widespread propagation of Hari Nama throughout India. Sri Anna's wisdom spanned a vast spectrum, covering topics from Srimad Bhagavatham, Srimad Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, Bhakthavijayam, Bhagavath Geetha, Azhwargal vaibhavam, to Upanishads. His oceanic knowledge led to the establishment of "Akhila Bharatha Sadhu Sangham" in multiple cities, focusing on Satsangs, Naama Pracharam, discourses, Bhajans, and temple renovations.

Champion of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam

Sri Anna's discourses consistently emphasized the unparalleled efficacy of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam as the surest path to navigate the complexities of earthly existence. His tireless efforts to rejuvenate Sanatana Dharma and propagate Bhagavatha Dharma were matched only by the devotion and dedication of his disciples and children. In 2009, Sri Anna performed the Acharya Pattabishekam for Sri Hariji, cementing his legacy as a spiritual guide and torchbearer. His unceasing commitment to Nama prachara (propagation of the divine name) led him to initiate seekers across all social, religious, and gender divides into chanting Hari Naama.

Versatile Contributions and Global Impact

Sri Anna's profound spiritual insights found expression in numerous Granthas (texts) across various languages, encapsulating the wisdom of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and Divya prabandams. This prolific output positioned Sri Anna as a spiritual luminary comparable to Saint Veda Vyasa. His compositions dedicated to Sri Bhaktha Kolahalan echoed an earnest devotee's yearning for union with the divine, evoking parallels to the likes of Sri Thyagaraja, Purandaradasa, and Bhakta Meera. To amplify the reach of Bhagavatha Dharma, Sri Anna established Bramhasabha, an organization dedicated to spreading its tenets across the globe. Bramhasabha's members orchestrated bhajans, parayanams, pravachanams, and more, contributing to the worldwide propagation of Bhagavatha Dharma.

Krishna Premi

A Phenomenon Beyond Words

Words inevitably need to be revised in describing Sri Sri Anna's contributions and essence. Just as Brahman transcends linguistic expression, Sri Sri Anna's impact on humanity defies mere verbalization. He isn't just to be spoken about; he is to be experienced?a radiant embodiment of devotion, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to the path of Bhagavatha Dharma.

From Yogi to Krishna Premi

As Ambi's journey progressed, he delved into the depths of yogic practices and meditation, fostering a profound connection with the spiritual realm. By the age of 12, he had mastered the intricacies of yogic discipline, earning the mantle of a yogi. However, destiny had more in store for Ambi as he transitioned from the path of a yogi to that of a Krishna Premi?a devotee dedicated to Lord Krishna's divine love.

Krishna Premi

The pivotal moment arrived with the appearance of Sri Baktha Kolahalan, who became the focal point of Ambi's spiritual journey. The presiding deity of Paranur, Sri Baktha Kolahalan, instigated a transformation in Ambi's life, redirecting his focus towards the path of devotion and love. This transition marked the inception of the Premika Sampradaya?a spiritual tradition centered on the principles of Prema Bhakti and the propagation of Hari Nama (the divine name).

The Symphony of Devotion

Sri Anna's devotion found its ultimate expression in the Ashta-Yaama sevas (eightfold daily services) he performed devotedly for Sri Baktha Kolahalan. From the break of dawn with Suprabhatham to the night's Dolothsavam, Sri Anna meticulously engaged in these services, infusing each ritual with heartfelt devotion. To parallel Sri Thiyagaraja Swamigal's tradition, Sri Anna composed Uthsava krithis, elevating the significance of Utsava sampradaya keerthanas dedicated to the Lord's service. These Uthsava krithis, sung daily in Sri Kolahalan's honor, were a testament to Sri Anna's deep-seated devotion and ability to encapsulate profound spiritual truths within his compositions. Through his musical offerings, he created a channel through which devotees could connect with the divine on a metaphysical level.

A Guiding Light in a Challenging Age

As the yugas (ages) evolved, the nature of spiritual practice transformed. The rigors of past yugas gave way to the challenges of Kali Yuga, where comprehensive spiritual practices became increasingly elusive. In response, Sri Anna emerged as a guiding light, advocating Bhagavatha Dharma as the beacon of hope for humanity's redemption. Sri Anna's definition of Bhagavatha Dharma was simple yet profound?chanting Hari Nama Sankeerthanam. With his Guru's teachings as a foundation, he pioneered the widespread propagation of Hari Nama, traversing the length and breadth of India. His discourses on sacred texts like Srimad Bhagavatham, Srimad Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, and more resonated with seekers from all walks of life.

A Living Legacy

Sri Anna's legacy extended beyond his teachings and compositions. His establishment of "Akhila Bharatha Sadhu Sangham" in various cities across India exemplified his dedication to fostering a community committed to Satsangs, Naama Pracharam, and renovating sacred temples. This initiative echoed his belief in the all-encompassing nature of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam, which transcends caste, creed, and religion. His profound wisdom found expression in many Granthas, reaffirming his stature as a luminary akin to Saint Veda Vyasa. Whether it conveyed the divine union sought by an ardent devotee or expounded the essence of ancient scriptures, each composition emanated from a place of unwavering devotion and understanding.

Transcending Words

Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal's life story cannot be confined to words alone. Attempting to encapsulate his journey, teachings, and impact is akin to capturing the boundless expanse of the cosmos in a finite frame. Just as the experience of Brahman goes beyond linguistic expression, so does the phenomenon of Sri Sri Anna.

Krishna Premi

His existence continues to ripple through time, resonating with those who seek a path of devotion and spiritual growth. His legacy is a testament to the resilience of faith, the universality of love, and the enduring power of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam. As seekers navigate the currents of life, Sri Sri Anna's life story serves as a guiding star, illuminating the path of Bhagavatha Dharma and offering solace in troubled times.

Sri Anna's Marriage and Divine Partnership

Amid his spiritual pursuits, Sri Anna's life took an unexpected turn when he embraced the institution of marriage. Despite his deep involvement in tapas (austerities) and devotion, Sri Vasudeva Brahmam's guidance led him to marry Smt. Madhurambal, lovingly known as Sri Manni. This union marked the beginning of a divine partnership?a partnership dedicated to Sri Kolahalan's Kainkaryaram.

Krishna Premi

Sri Anna and Sri Manni's unwavering commitment to their shared spiritual path resulted in their active involvement in Sri Kolahalan's service. Their devotion manifested through the observance of Ekadasi vratham (fasting on the 11th day of the lunar cycle), wherein they performed Abhishekam (ritual bathing) to Sri Kolahalan, delivered Pravachanam (spiritual discourse) in the evenings, and concluded with Divyanama Sankeerthanam (chanting the divine names) at night. This tradition symbolized their unbreakable connection with the divine and their devotion to upholding the teachings of Bhagavatha Dharma.

Restoring Sanatana Dharma

In an age marked by turmoil and discord, Sri Anna emerged as a key figure in restoring Sanatana Dharma?the eternal principles that guide human existence. His relentless efforts to propagate Bhagavatha Dharma served as a clarion call for seekers to reconnect with their spiritual roots and embrace the path of devotion. The mammoth task of rekindling the flame of Sanatana Dharma wasn't undertaken solely by Sri Anna; his devoted Sishyas (disciples) and children carried forward his legacy with unwavering dedication. A significant milestone was reached when Sri Anna performed the Acharya Pattabishekam for Sri Hariji in 2009. This auspicious event solidified his position as a spiritual guide and torchbearer, inspiring countless individuals to take up the mantle of devotion and strive for a deeper connection with the divine.


Sri Anna's reach extended far beyond the boundaries of his immediate surroundings. To amplify the propagation of Bhagavatha Dharma, he established Bramhasabha?an organization committed to disseminating its profound teachings across the globe. Bramhasabha's members, united by their shared commitment, orchestrated a symphony of Bhajans, Parayanams, Pravachanams, and more, extending the legacy of Bhagavatha Dharma to every corner of the world. The organization's efforts were a testament to Sri Anna's vision?to create a global community connected by the principles of devotion and love. Through Bramhasabha, Sri Anna's teachings continue to kindle hearts and guide seekers toward a deeper understanding of life's spiritual dimensions.

Krishna Premi

Beyond Words

Attempting to encapsulate the essence of Sri Sri Anna's life within words is akin to capturing the boundless ocean in a single drop. His impact transcends language, culture, and time, resonating with seekers across generations. Just as the fragrance of a flower lingers even after the petals have withered, Sri Anna's presence continues to permeate the hearts of those who seek solace and meaning in a rapidly changing world. Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal's life journey is a testament to the enduring power of devotion, the universality of love, and the timeless wisdom of Bhagavatha Dharma. As the world evolves and new challenges emerge, the teachings and legacy of Sri Anna continue to guide and inspire, reminding humanity of the eternal truths that connect us all.


Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal's life is an extraordinary example of devotion's transformative power and an unwavering commitment to humanity's spiritual upliftment. In a world marked by division and strife, his legacy stands as a guiding light, reigniting the spiritual flame of Bhagavatha Dharma and disseminating the divine vibrations of Hari Nama Sankeerthanam to the farthest corners.

Sri Sri Anna's life radiates as an eternal beacon of devotion. From his humble beginnings as a young composer of Bhajans to becoming a revered spiritual luminary, he embodies the potential for faith to bring profound transformation. His life reminds us that even amidst the darkest times, the radiance of devotion can lead us toward enlightenment and inner peace. His teachings, compositions, and the lives he touched continue to perpetuate his legacy. As time passes and new generations emerge, Sri Anna's devotion's flame burns brilliantly, inviting all to embrace the path of Bhagavatha Dharma and partake in Hari Nama Sankeerthanam's transcendental joy.

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