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Lucio Rodrigues

Lucio Rodrigues


On 26th October; 1980, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lucio Rodrigues "Lagarto" was born. He started practicing martial arts with his father when he was still a little lad. When he was 13 years old, he began attending classes with instructor Carlos Augusto (a black belt under Reyson Gracie) after becoming interested in Jiu-Jitsu because most of his friends were involved in the sport. Most of Lagarto's friends stopped training since he was good at BJJ, but Lucio persisted and got the benefits of his persistence by pursuing a competitive career

He practiced his skills with Carlos Augusto until he was awarded his blue belt. He later switched schools to the Gracie Academy in Barra da Tijuca, where he studied alongside Carlos Gracie Junior, the son of the academy's founder, who gave him all of his future belts, including his black belt, in 2004.

Most of Rodrigues' life was spent working in Jiu-Jitsu as a competitor and a coach. After his master Carlos requested him to travel to Portugal to assist in the sport's growth there, he began his career as an international coach through Portugal. He spent some time working there before leaving and returning to Brazil, where he started his MMA career with an armbar submission over Roberto Albuquerque.

Lucio Rodrigues discovered that he had Hodgkin's disease, a type of lymphatic system cancer, in October 2007. Lucio was forced to endure the exhausting chemotherapy procedure. Lagarto survived the treatment very well because of the athlete's lifestyle he had lived his entire life, which included healthy eating, staying away from alcohol, and getting plenty of rest. In fact, after the first month of therapy (during which his doctor told him not to train), Lucio returned to the gym and resumed training. Lagarto continued to train and even compete while undergoing chemo and later radiotherapy, which resulted in winning the Capital Challenge, a crucial tournament.

Lucio Rodrigues decided to try again at a career as an international coach following his cancer struggle. Lucio was allowed to stay and coach London full-time when he delivered a lecture in the United Kingdom. Along with legendary educators Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima, he accepted the challenge and grew to popularity as one of Gracie Barra's primary instructors in the nation.

The World Jiu-Jitsu Championships were held in 2011. Rodrigues was considered one of the favorites to win after winning the European Open, the World Pro Cup Trials (weight and absolute), and the World Pro Cup finals. Unfortunately, Lagarto could not compete because he was denied a visa to enter the nation, an issue that has occurred with many top Brazilian athletes over the years.

Awards and Achievements

Year Award/Achievement
  • Brazilian National Champion as a Brown Belt.
  • Earned a Gold and Bronze Medal in the World Championship as a Purple Belt, absolute division.
  • Earned Silver Medal and Bronze Medal in the World Championship as a Brown Belt, absolute division
  • European Open: Champion (weight and absolute division)
  • World Championship: Bronze
  • European Open: Champion and Bronze (absolute division)
  • A Bronze Medal in World Championship
  • Brazilian National: Silver (absolute division)
  • European Open: Silver and Bronze (absolute division)
  • Rio De Janeiro: Champion (weight and absolute division)
  • Jordan Capital Challenge: Champion
  • World Pro Cup: Bronze (absolute division)
  • A silver medal in the European Open
  • World Pro Cup: champion
  • World Pro Cup Lisbon Trials: Champion (absolute weight and absolute division)
  • European Open: Champion
  • European Open: Silver (weight division) and Bronze Medal (absolute division)
  • Amsterdam Grapplers Quest: Gold No-Gi (absolute division)
  • Lisbon European Open: Silver (superheavy division)
  • Lisbon European Open: Gold (Weight division) and Bronze (absolute division)
  • A Gold Medal (superheavy division) and Bronze (absolute division) in the Lisbon European Open
  • A Silver medal (superheavy division) in the Lisbon European Open
  • Lisbon European Open: Silver (superheavy division)
  • World Pro Cup: Silver

Lucio Rodrigues

Contributions of the Author Lucio Rodrigues

One of the few excellent Konknni essayists was LUCIO RODGRIGUES. He frequently contributed as a specialist in Goan folklore to publications, including The Goan Tribune, The Navhind Times, The Illustrated Weekly, The Times of India, and Goa Today. Additionally, he appeared on Radio Goa and All India Radio. As a folklore student, he received widespread praise. In 1969, he served as a visiting professor of folklore at Indiana University in the United States. "Of Soil and Soul and Konkani Folktales" was the title of a publication that included his English essays and the English translation of his Konkani work published after his death.

He founded "The Skyline" as a platform for young authors to express their creative energies and literary skills since he was interested in the art and craft of writing. He taught English as a foreign language at prestigious universities like Ruia's, Siddharth, Sophia, Elphinstone, etc. Until his death on 9th August 1973, he served as the department head for English literature at the Dhempe College of Arts & Science in Panaji. He also taught American literature at the Centre of Postgraduate Studies and Research (CPIR) in Panaji.

At a meeting of followers of this wonderful man on 15th April 2015, the Xavier Centre of Historical Research in Goa paid tribute to him. It recognized his vital contribution to the history and culture of Goa.

Dr. Maria Aurora Couto, Prof. Ramola Antao, Prof. Rabin Pinto, and Prof. Isabel Santa Rita Vas were on a panel of highly esteemed professors who lovingly discussed his life and achievements. At the show's beginning, Chico Fonseca, one of his former students, performed a recital. His collected writings, "Of Soil and Soul and Konkanni Folktales," were republished under the new title "Abolim" by Margaret Fernandes, Lucio Rodrigues' sister.

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