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Utkarsh Dwivedi UPSC

Utkarsh Dwivedi UPSC

Utkarsh Dwivedi is a remarkable achiever who has made a mark for himself through UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021. He secured an excellent 5th position in the entire country (India). Utkarsh scored an impressive 1036 marks on the exam and chose Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) as his optional subject.

What's even more inspiring is that Utkarsh didn't give up easily. He attempted the UPSC exam twice before finally achieving success. Perseverance paid off, and he has made it to the final list of recommended candidates for the prestigious civil services.

After more training at LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration), Utkarsh was appointed as an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer.

As an IAS officer, he has the incredible opportunity to serve and contribute to the nation's development and well-being.

Utkarsh Dwivedi's Background

Utkarsh Dwivedi, the UPSC Topper, comes from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. His father works in the private sector, and his mother is a homemaker. He completed his schooling at DPS, Indore, and pursued a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from VIT Vellore.

Utkarsh achieved excellent academic results during his school years. In his Class 10th examination, he scored an impressive 85%, and in Class 12th, he excelled even further with a remarkable score of 90%.

Due to his father's job, Utkarsh frequently changed schools. As a result, he completed his schooling in various states across India. Despite these challenges, he remained dedicated to his studies and completed his Class 12th.

After graduating, Utkarsh began preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. He also joined a coaching institute to enhance his preparation. In 2019, he attempted the exam for the first time but unfortunately didn't qualify for the interview round.

Undeterred, he tried again on his second attempt, and while he made it to the interview stage, his name was missing from the final selection list. However, Utkarsh remained determined and gave it another shot; this time, he achieved an outstanding All India Rank 5.

Before his success in the UPSC exam, Utkarsh received a job offer from a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), which was also selected through UPSC. Despite the opportunity, he chose to stay focused on his goal of becoming a civil servant and continued his preparation.

With his impressive rank, Utkarsh did well on his way to potentially becoming an IAS officer, his preferred service choice. His hard work and dedication have paid off, and he is fulfilling his dream of serving the nation through the esteemed Indian Administrative Service.

Utkarsh Dwivedi's UPSC Topper Preparation Strategies

When preparing for the UPSC Mains exam, Utkarsh made a wise decision by choosing International Relations as his elective topic. He believes selecting subjects that genuinely interest you is crucial because they motivate you to study and learn more.

To stay updated with current affairs in both domestic and international matters, Utkarsh follows a daily routine of reading publications like The Hindu, Indian Express, The Times of India, and Mint. By regularly going through these newspapers, he gains valuable insights into various global issues, which helps him tremendously in his preparation for the exam, especially in topics related to foreign affairs.

Utkarsh Dwivedi's UPSC Booklist

Utkarsh Dwivedi used a set of valuable and well-known books to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. These books are considered popular and standard choices for UPSC aspirants. Here's a list of some of the books he might have referred to during his preparation:

  • PSIR by Shubhra Ranjan Notes: These notes are essential for the optional subject of Political Science and International Relations (PSIR).
  • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth: This book comprehensively explains India's political system.
  • Ancient History by RS Sharma: This book is a reliable resource for insights into India's rich ancient history.
  • Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania: This book covers various aspects of India's economy, an essential topic for the UPSC exam.
  • India's Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra: It delves into the history of India's freedom struggle, an important topic in the exam.
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong: This book offers knowledge on physical and human geography, which is crucial for the exam.
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania: This book proves to be beneficial to grasp India's diverse art and culture.
  • Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude: This book helps candidates understand ethical and moral aspects, which are vital for the exam.
  • Challenges to Internal Security of India by Ashok Kumar: This book covers the nation's internal security challenges.
  • NCERT Books of Class IX, X, XI, XII: NCERT books are widely used by UPSC aspirants to build a strong foundation for various subjects.

UPSC Topper Utkarsh Dwivedi's Marksheet

Utkarsh Dwivedi, who achieved an impressive All India Rank (AIR) - 5, scored 1036 marks out of 2025 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

In the UPSC CSE (Main) written exam, Utkarsh secured 871 marks. This part of the exam involves written tests on various subjects to assess the candidates' knowledge and understanding.

In the Personality Test (interview), Utkarsh obtained 165 marks. This interview evaluates the candidates' personality, communication skills, and suitability for a career in civil services.

With his exceptional performance in both the written exam and the interview, Utkarsh Dwivedi showcased his dedication and knowledge, leading him to achieve a remarkable All India Rank 5 in the UPSC examination.

A Grandmother's Inspiration: Utkarsh's Dream Takes Flight

When Utkarsh was in the 6th class, he often visited his maternal grandparents' house. During one of these visits, he witnessed an important event - the District Magistrate (DM) coming for inspection at the department where his grandparents used to work. His grandmother saw this opportunity and said something remarkable to Utkarsh. She told him, "You must become such a big officer in the future." These words left a strong impression on Utkarsh, and from that moment on, he knew what his dream was: he wanted to become a high-ranking officer when he grew up.

The encouragement and belief from his grandmother inspired Utkarsh to set his sights on achieving a big goal in his life. This early dream laid the foundation of his determination and motivated him to work hard and pursue a career in civil services. Later, with unwavering dedication, he made his dream a reality by securing a top rank in the UPSC exam, getting closer to becoming a respected officer and serving his country.

An Inspirational Journey

Utkarsh Dwivedi's journey to becoming a UPSC topper is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and unwavering dedication. From his early background to the inspiration he received from his grandmother, every aspect of his life played a significant role in shaping his path toward success.

Utkarsh's strategic approach to UPSC preparation, from selecting the proper subjects to staying updated with current affairs, reflects the importance of a well-rounded and informed study plan. His choice to pursue a career in Civil Services despite other opportunities showcased his unwavering commitment to his dream.

Through hard work and continuous improvement, Utkarsh overcame challenges and setbacks, turning them into stepping stones toward excellence. His remarkable achievement as the 5th topper in the UPSC CSE 2021 demonstrates that dreams can turn into reality with the right mindset and perseverance.

As Utkarsh prepared himself to take on the role of an IAS officer, his story continues to inspire aspiring civil servants across the country. His success shows that anyone with a vision, passion, and dedication can profoundly impact society through public service.

To all the UPSC aspirants, remember Utkarsh Dwivedi's journey and embrace the valuable lessons he shared. Set your goals, believe in yourself, and work relentlessly towards achieving your dreams. With determination and resilience, you, too, can script your own success story and contribute to the betterment of our great nation.

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