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Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave is an Indian film actress who has gained widespread attention for her attractiveness, particularly on social media.

She was born on June 3, 1993, into a Brahmin family in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. She and Aries is her sign of birth.

The identity of Ankita Dave's father is unknown, but Sonal Dave is her mother's name, and she has a younger brother. Her admirers are curious to learn more about her family in-depth, so let me tell you some more details- Gautam Dave is his brother's name, and his family is not very noteworthy.

Ankita Dave Life Introduction in short

The popular Indian actress, model, and social media influencer Ankita Dave is the star of the critically acclaimed online series Zid- Hotshots (2020). Ankita was raised in a household that valued the arts and was born in Rajkot, Gujarat. She graduated with a science bachelor's degree from the University of Mumbai. She'd always had a passion for performing and dancing, which inspired her to go in the entertainment business.

She made her debut in 2017 with the song "Rishta Ho Aisa" by Sunny Aryaa. Her name was misspelt on the song's poster, which infuriated her fans and internet users.Ankita has acted in a lot of films and web series throughout the years, including Pathshala 2, Kangan, Khaki (2022), Charmsukh, Teri Khata, Mere Angane Main, Nagarvadhu, Chicken Curry Law, Gaachi, Matkani ke Matke, and Singardaan (2019). For her roles in several online series, she has won praise from the critics.

Ankita is a talented performer who is equally skilled in both traditional and modern dance. Additionally, she works with the modelling firm AD Production, which focuses on commercials, music videos, photo shoots, and events. Ankita uses Instagram to share snippets of her life with her millions of followers. She often appears in photos on her Instagram page with her mother, Sonal Dave. Countless images of Ankita with well-known stars like Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt, and Ayushmann Khurrana can also be seen online.


Following the success of her viral video, Ankita Dave's popularity increased, and she steadily gained more followers on social media. She made her debut appearance in a music video in 2017, starring Sunny Arya. She shared the stage with Sunny in the song O Maa by Sambhav Jain and Alka Yagnik.

She appeared in the Raman Kapoor and Teri Khata collaboration song. Bahane in 2021, according to Ankita Dave. In the Red Wine song with Shiv Sharma, Ankita made an appearance. She has received sponsorships from several brands and partnerships.

Ankita Dave

With the upcoming Gujarati film Jokers, Ankita makes her acting debut. She was crowned Miss Insta November in 2019 and placed first. In 2021, she had an appearance in the online series Chicken Curry, which aired on the Kooku app. On the Hot Mast app, she appeared in the Hasmukh Dhakad-produced television serial Nagar Vadhu. In the year 2021, Ankita was a featured performer in the song Meri Girlfriend Shakki Hai, a new party song. In 2021, she co-starred with Ashrul Hussain in the Punjabi song Tere Naal Preet Laga Li. She made an appearance in the Kooku app's Mere Angane Main Stream web series in 2021.

In 2021, Shaishav Mishra appears in her second song video, Hookup Karle. She appeared in a number of songs in 2020, including End Of The World ft. Ankita Dave, O Meri Jaan, which was streamed on Spotify, Phir Se Udana Hai, which was released on Zed Music, and Kinna Kinna Sona Sona on Speed Records. In the year 2020, Ankita made an appearance on MX Player's Fame House. In 2020, she played the lead role in the Hot Shots-streamed short film Zid: A Lonely Woman's Tale.

Ankita Early Life

Ankita Dave grew up in a Gujarati Brahmin household. Her mother Sonal Dave and brother Gautam Dave have had a big impact on her life. She pursued a Bachelor of Mathematics degree at the University of Mumbai, where she received her diploma.

Ankita Dave APK

In 2021, Ankita Dave released a fan-exclusive app. Exclusive photos, glitzy films, and one-on-one chats with Ankita herself are all available on the app. The Google Play Store offers a download link for it. It is created by ArmsPrime Media Pvt. To guarantee authenticity and security, it is advised to download the software from the official app store.

Childhood, Parents, Siblings and Education

Ankita Dave, a well-known model, was born on June 3, 1993, in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Although we don't know the name of her father, we do know that Sonal Dave is the name of her mother. Ankita is from an ordinary Gujrati household.

She enrolled at a neighbourhood high school in Rajkot alongside her younger brother Gautam Dave. Anita completed a Bachelor of Science at a nearby university and is a graduate.

Real Name Ankita Dave
Profession Actress, Model and Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth 3 June
Age Not Known
Birth Place Rajkot, Gujarat
Nationality Indian
Home Town Rajkot, Gujarat
Family Father: Not Known
Mother:Sonal Dave
Brother: Gautam Dave
Sister: Not Known
Religion Hinduism
Address Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ankita Dave

Some Facts About Ankita Dave

  • Gujarati city of Rajkot is where Ankita Dave was born and raised.
  • Ankita and her younger brother were shown having an extramarital affair in a 10-minute video that became popular online in 2017.
  • Ankita Dave - The Official App, her app, was released.
  • She has two tattoos: one on her wrist and one on her back.
  • She enjoys dancing a lot.
  • She is a fitness obsessive.

Body Measurement, Height and Weight

Her curvaceous form has won her a following of admirers. She likes to work out at the gym since she is so concerned about her health. Her workouts with her instructor may be seen in her Instagram pictures, which we have already seen. She enhances the allure of her attractiveness with her stunning brown eyes and long, black hair.

Ankita Dave has a healthy weight of 115 lbs (52 kg) and stands at a respectable height of 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), as far as we know. Maybe due of her dietary habits, she has incredibly clear, radiant skin. She is also a strict vegetarian, which I'll mention here.

Personal Life and Boyfriend/ Husband

There are a lot of individuals there who are interested in finding out who Ankita Dave's boyfriend is. Let me tell you about a person on YouTube by the name of Viral Thakkar. They were seen hanging out together in one of his vids, exactly like a couple. They have been in a two-year relationship.

The YouTuber's channel has just 2,000 subscribers. She loves following her own set of rules and is a rather open-minded person in her personal life. Ankita's parents always encourage her and are extremely supportive of her.

Ankita Dave


A video of a young man with a female in dubious circumstances became famous in 2017; it was shot at a party. Immediately after, rumours of Ankita and her brother's appearance circulated throughout the general public.

Searches for "Ankita Dave 10-minute video" and similar terms began to appear on Google, causing controversy. She has collaborated with modelling companies and performed in a few songs as a model. The song "Rishta Ho Aisa" marked her musical modelling debut in 2017.

Ankita Dave

Our analysis indicates that she had a net worth of INR 75 lacs as of the year 2023. Ankita Dave's earnings from social media are her main source of income. She gets requests to use her Instagram feed to promote different businesses. She is climbing the stairs quite slowly.

Ankita Dave Social Media

Her social media accounts, where she is more often known by the name Mallika Rani, are used to provide fans and followers with a variety of personal information. On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, he has been advertising different things about himself. From the beginning of his acting career, he shown an interest in online series.

He went on to become quite well-known via his work in web series and received high praise from critics. Each character in the web series was well fitted and sent a strong message to his ardent fans.

Ankita Dev is employed by many OT firms. She portrayed the character of Guptaji's daughter in the online serial "Singardan," after which she acquired a new identity. Ankita has almost 4 million followers on Instagram and has promoted several products there.

Some of the well-known online series are Teri Khar, Gachi Ullu online, Chicken Curry Kooksingardan Ullu Asal, Matakni Ke Matak, Amar Angane Pradhan, and Nagarbadhu starring Ankita.


In the Hindi web series business, Ankita Dave has made a name for herself as a gifted actor, model, and influencer. She continues to leave her impact on the entertainment industry with her enthralling performances and rising popularity. She has a devoted fan following because to her major web series parts and music video performances.

Ankita connects with her followers on social media and via her own app, offering them access to unique material and chances to communicate. We can anticipate more outstanding performances from this gifted performer as she moves on with her path.

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