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Jannat Mirza Biography

Jannat Mirza Biography


Jannat Mirza is a famous Pakistani model. She used to post videos on the TikTok app, and by a stroke of luck, she quickly rose to the top of the Pakistani TikTok stardom. Jannat has experience working as a model and is still on the road to success. Jannat has amassed a sizable following on TikTok because of her humorous and romantic films. She is well-known for her funny lip-syncs and video clips. She is really skilled and now trending at the top of TikTok. She even acquired a priceless TikTok ace badge. In addition to this, she is also an accomplished YouTuber and content creator, amassing a large fan following on her social media platforms.

Real Name Jannat Mirza
Nickname Jannat
Name Meaning Heaven, Garden
Date of Birth September 14, 1997 (Sunday)
Age (2023) 25 Years
Birth Place Faisalabad, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Muslim
Ethnicity Punjabi, Asian
Highest Qualification Graduated from the University of Faisalabad
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Leo

Personal Information

Jannat Mirza is a popular TikTok star from Pakistan, known for her beauty, style, and comedic video clips. She was born in Lahore on September 14, 2000. Currently resides in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Jannat is also a model and has a large following in India. She frequently shares photos of fashionable outfits and models on Instagram. She has earned recognition as a TikTok comedian and is also a style blogger.


Jannat Mirza was born into a prestigious family in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Her father, Mirza Anjum Kamal, is her beloved dad. Jannat shares a strong bond with her mother and is known to be very close to her. Jannat enjoys sharing photos with her parents and siblings, cherishing their family moments together.

Sehar Mirza and Alishba Anjum are Jannat's sisters. While her cousin Saif Khan also uploads videos to TikTok, her sister Alishba is a well-known Tik Tok popular figure. Sehar Mirza, her older sister, studies CSS. Sehar stated in an interview that she likes to study and avoid publicity and has no interest in creating videos for TikTok. She is presently a CSS aspirant. Creating tiktok videos is a hobby for Jannat Mirza and her sister Alishba Anjum. Jannat Mirza is accompanied by her friend Sehar Hayat, who is also a TikToker. Together, this dynamic trio has produced numerous high-quality videos.


Jannat Mirza, a talented young individual from Faisalabad, initially studied at Arts College before relocating to Japan to pursue her educational goals. She firmly believes that the most important aspect is being honest with someone rather than focusing on impressing them. In her own words, she expresses this sentiment "Honesty matters more than being impressive." She balances her academics with a successful modeling and acting career.

Her Age

Jannat Mirza, the most adored TikToker, was born on September 14, 1997, in Lahore. Her age has been a topic of discussion on social media, and as of 2022, she is 28 years old. She has gained immense fame and love from her fans in a short period of time. Her fans always show her love, especially on her birthday, to make her feel incredibly special.

Viral Video

A citizen's viral video on social media openly proposed marriage to Jannat Mirza, the renowned TikToker from Pakistan. In response, Jannat Mirza chose to remain silent and respectfully declined the proposal with a gesture.

Jannat Mirza Biography


Jannat Mirza embarked on her career in the modeling industry, where she showcased her talent by collaborating with various local clothing brands. Additionally, Jannat has graced the pages of numerous magazine articles and has made appearances in several captivating music videos.

She is also a YouTuber and content creator, sharing her makeup tutorials and travel vlogs on her YouTube channel. She also promotes various makeup brands through her social media channels. She has gained immense popularity for her mesmerizing lip-sync videos on TikTok and Instagram. In addition to this, she is also an accomplished YouTuber and content creator, amassing a large fan following on her social media platforms. In 2022, she gained widespread recognition by sharing captivating images and videos from her extravagant 22nd birthday celebration.


Jannat has also made notable appearances in Pakistani commercials, showcasing her versatility and charm. In the year 2022, she marked her debut as the lead actress in the film "Tere Bajre Di Rakhi," where she shared the screen with esteemed co-stars, including Abdullah Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Aamir Qureshi, Saima Noor, and many others.

In response to the criticisms made about the movie's poster, Jannat Mirza expressed her outrage and said that people shouldn't belittle the efforts of others. She also mentioned that the entire team has poured their hearts & souls into creating this film, hoping the audience will appreciate their dedication and hard work.


Jannat is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Umer Fayyaz Butt. He, a charismatic figure in modeling and social media, lovingly refers to Jannat as "Gudday." He consistently plans surprise parties to celebrate Jannat's birthday, adding an extra touch of excitement to the occasion.

She frequently posts pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Umer Khan. Mirza recently announced their Baat Pakki, which is wonderful news. Since she confirmed the story of their "Baat Pakki," they've become the buzz of the town. In May, several rumors about their engagement circulated on social media, but Jannat dismissed them, claiming she'd let everyone know when it happened. People admire Jannat and her partner whenever she posts a photo of them together. According to various sources, Jannat and Umer have been in a committed relationship for a significant period of time. However, there isn't much concrete information available about Jannat's previous relationships.

Jannat Mirza Biography

Jannat Mirza Dresses

Jannat Mirza's fashion choices effortlessly transition between Western and Eastern outfits, showcasing her versatility and charm. Her innate sense of style is evident as she ventures into the fashion industry, launching her brand in collaboration with her sister and friend. Jannat's passion for fashion extends beyond just wearing it, as she has also studied fashion design. She truly embodies perfection and beauty in every aspect.

Jannat Mirza Controveries

Japan Controversy

A few years back in October, Jannat Mirza was amidst controversy when she announced her plans to relocate to Japan. Some online critics speculated that she was leaving Pakistan due to the temporary ban on TikTok. However, Jannat clarified that her move to Japan was for a different purpose and that she had no intention of permanently leaving her home country.

Jannat and Bushra Ansari Controversy

Bushra Ansari, a renowned Pakistan-era actress, criticized Jannat Mirza for accessorizing with a religious symbol. Later, the well-known TikToker used social media to clarify her situation about this delicate issue.

In June 2021, Jannat Mirza faced criticism after sharing a photo where she adorned a cross symbol on her waist. Some individuals from the Christian community felt offended, as the cross holds religious significance in Christianity. Veteran actress Bushra Ansari expressed her thoughts on this matter through her social media platform.

As a result, Jannat Mirza responded assertively to Bushra Ansari's comments, expressing her strong disapproval. She criticized Ansari for passing judgment without knowing the facts and details surrounding the situation. Mirza further stated that Bushra Ansari lacks the authority to preach Islamic principles because both come from the entertainment business. Before criticizing others, people should strive to examine their inadequacies. Afterward, Jannat Mirza apologized to the Christian community, acknowledging that she unintentionally offended their sentiments. She admitted her mistake and explained that the cross symbol chain was received as part of a PR package.

Favorite Things

Favorite Food Pakistani Desi Food
Favorite Color Purple, Pink, and Red
Dream Destination Makkah and Madina
Favorite Celebrities Kaylen Ward, Sophia Diamond, Alexandria Knight, and Elizabeth Shalla Koshy
Favorite TikTok Stars Nisha Guragain, Logan Luongo, Kanwal Aftab, and Aashna Hegde
Hobbies Traveling, Swimming, and Making Videos

Facts about Jannat Mirza

  • Mirza promotes beauty and makeup products on social media.
  • Jannat has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram (as of September 2023).
  • She is a professional artist and enjoys creating art in her free time.
  • Mirza has modeled for famous clothing and jewelry brands.
  • Jannat is a video game enthusiast and loves playing games.
  • She appeared in a movie called Dil Mod De.
  • In 2021, there were viral rumors about Jannat's death online.


Jannat Mirza is a dynamic force in social media celebrity, fusing comedy, flair, and talent. She has demonstrated her adaptability and charisma via her rise on TikTok and her pursuits as a model, YouTuber, and even in the film industry. Jannat maintains her authenticity through victories and controversies, which reflects her growth and humanity. Jannat Mirza's narrative is one of the most captivating in modern fame, with ever-growing popularity and a journey still in progress.

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