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Ishita Kishore Upsc Topper

Ishita Kishore Upsc Topper


Ishita Kishore, a Delhi University graduate and daughter of an Air Force officer, achieved first rank in the 2022 UPSC Civil Services Examination on her third attempt. Out of the 933 qualifying candidates, there are 613 men and 320 women, with 14 women among the top 25 applicants.

The UPSC conducts the civil services exam in three stages to select candidates for IAS, IPS, and IFS. Ishita Kishore, a 26-year-old economics graduate from SRCC, has chosen the Indian Administrative Service as her career path and prefers the Uttar Pradesh cadre.

Ishita Kishore Biography

Ishita Kishore is a former Air Force officer's daughter who works for Ernst and Young. Ishita's dad, Wing Commander Sanjay Kishore, was an administrator in the Indian Air Force who died in 2004. Her mom, Jyoti Kishore, is a former professor. She arrives from a household of professionals and follows Hinduism.

Ishita has a background in football, having participated in the Subroto Cup and competed at the national level. She studied Economics at Shri Ram College of Commerce and hails from Uttar Pradesh. She also cleared her UPSC examination with PSIR as her Optional subject. Ishita has a brother named Ishan Harsh, who is an advocate.

Kishore was actively involved in extracurricular activities during high school and college. She led Interact, a Rotary-sponsored group, and participated in simulated UN meetings. She joined the Economic Society and Literary Society in college and interned for the NGO CRY.

Ishita Sharma UPSC Preparation Schedules

  1. Ishita Kishore believes that discipline and sincerity are essential for the civil services exam success.
  2. Candidates taking the UPSC exam must effectively manage their time to finish within the given timeframe.
  3. Consistency and discipline are crucial for success in the UPSC civil services test.
  4. To excel in the civil service exam, it is important to maintain consistency and discipline. Dedicating sufficient study hours based on one's abilities is also recommended.
  5. She prioritized quality learning over the quantity of study hours.
  6. She created a study schedule and focused on limited sources. During revision, she did not use new books or materials.
  7. To prepare for the UPSC prelims examination, reviewing previous years' question papers is recommended to understand the types of questions that are typically asked.

Ishita Kishore Caste and State

The topper Ishita is a Hindu from the Kayastha Caste who has practiced religion since childhood. This religious practice helped her stay focused throughout her academic journey, and she completed her schooling in 2014 with a Commerce background.

She completed a foundational course and obtained a Bachelor's Degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce. She interned at two companies before joining EY as a Risk Analyst. In March 2019, she started studying for the IAS Exam to pursue a stable career.

Ishita Kishore, a former school participant in extracurricular activities and current NGO member for social welfare, is well-suited to become an IAS officer. Her open-mindedness and dedication to helping children with their studies have earned her admiration from those she has assisted.

Ishita is skilled in sports and has experience playing at a high level. She also possesses leadership qualities, having been involved in organizations like the Rotary Club and Indo-China Youth Delegation. The ministries are confident in her ability to handle the responsibilities she will be given.

Ishita Kishore's success in Begumpet, Hyderabad, has debunked the myth that education levels in South India are higher than in other regions. Born and raised in Bihar, Ishita later relocated to Delhi for better job prospects. Ishita's parents, a Wing Commander and a retired teacher have guided and supported her in becoming an IAS.

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