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Chukwuka Ekweani, known by his stage or concert name SEE-kay (or CKay), was born on Jul 16, 1995. He is a well-known Nigerian vocalist, composer and recording producer affiliated with Warner Music South Africa as well as Atlantic Music (or Atlantic Records). CKay had initially signed to Chocolate Club, a Warner Music Group's liberated record label system named ADA.

While linked to Chocolate Club, his first international single, "Love Nwantiti", was released in 2019, which later ranked at first place on the Billboard Afrobeats chart. Around May 9, 2022, it was the inaugural African track throughout heritage to receive over one billion Spotify playbacks. Asa Asika welcomed CKay towards 'The Plug Entertainment' as their consultant or manager during the initial days of CKay's international fame.

Early Life


Chukwuka Ekweani took birth in Kaduna, a city within Nigeria's northwest area. CKay seems to be of Anambra ancestry. CKay's dad, who served as a bandmaster at a nearby local church, inspired him with a love of music.

CKay began his musical life as a workmate of a group with two additional group members before embarking on his solo work as CKay (SEE-Kay).

CKay became inspired by traditional musical instruments as a child, prompting himself to master the keyboard.



Prior to getting identified, CKay relocated to Lagos around 2014. Slightly earlier in 2015, whereas affiliated with Loopy Records, CKay started to work alongside Chocolate City. Around May 6, 2016, CKay published a marketing track named Bad Musician, Bad Producer, alongside the orchestral composition being given freely to everyone. It was made available for gratuitous downloading throughout all Nigerian websites for business use with remixes by others, nightclubs singing, as well as radio.

CKay published "Container" on Mar 2, 2018, his Afro-pop album inspired by South Africa's 'gwara gwara' dancing form. That track was a smash hit in Nigerian cities, earning CKay a lot of exposure. Tempoe helped in producing the track, while it was published by Chocolate City.

On Jul 6, 2018, CKay published the official track video, which was created as well as photographed with Mythology. On Aug 30, 2019, he published his 2nd extended record via Chocolate City, which was named CKay the First.

A North African remix of his track titled "Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah)" starring Elgrande Toto received praise throughout the Maghreb and Germany. A French rendition included Franglish (the rapper), and a German edition included Frizzo, Joeboy, and Kuami. Nonetheless, the Spanish version featured De La Ghetto, the East African version featured Rayvanny, as well as a south African version featured Tshego alongside Gemini Major.

The Most Popular "Love Nwantiti"

One of his greatest tracks, the popular single Love Nwantiti, had been a significant hit throughout Nigeria.

Nwantiti made headlines via the TikTok app throughout the year 2021 and turned into a worldwide smash, climbing in many regions of European, Africa, Australia, as well as Nz. It later achieved position 23rd in the United Kingdom track chart and helped CKay earn his maiden entrance upon the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States.

CKay wrote on Twitter around May 4, 2021, that "I'm not yet registered to Chocolate City. Warner Music South Africa has hired me." On Jul 28, 2021, CKay earned a Silver Creative Recognition by the YouTube channel for reaching 100,000 followers. CKay sang Beggie Beggie on Ayra Starr's first studio record album, 9th & Hazardous, published by Mavin. CKay made him the inaugural African musician to reach approximately 20 million Spotify users on Oct 8, 2021, with about 21 million regular followers on his Spotify account.

Mosh created as well as premiered his music video on Apr 1, 2022, for tracks "Emiliana" and "By Your Side", featuring Blxckie. Emiliana performed throughout European and African regions, peaking at 9th rank in French and giving CKay his maiden under the top five spot on that Nigerian Turntable List of top 50.



Starr's Beggie Beggie song received a special award at Headies in the Outstanding Partnership area on May 24, 2022. On Jun 17, 2022, CKay released Watawi, which featured Davido, Focalistic, and Abidoza, and the track reached Thirteen's position in Nigeria's Turntable Hot 50. The song was later backed up by its music video, produced by Dalia Dias.

This song debuted at position 21 on the United States Billboard Afro-pop tracks list on Jun 28, 2022. On Jun 29, 2022, Watawi had 1 million continuous streams and nearly 1.2M Spotify listens. Watawi got nominated for OkayAfrica Hot each week during 2022.

CKay's Discography

CKay, Nigeria's Afro-pop singer, is credited with 3 E.P.s, 11 single tracks, and one advertising song. CKay began his musical journey as little more than a music record producer alongside Loopy Music (company). During the merging of Loopy Music as well as Chocolate City, Ckay became a chocolate city song roaster.

On Aug 30, 2019, the second extended play of CKay, called CKay the First, was published via Chocolate City. The release catapulted CKay to fame, landing him his maiden charting position on the United States Billboard 200 & Dutch Record Leading 100.

Ckay was the inaugural African artist to surpass 20 million Spotify app users while also becoming the 2nd African artist who got over 1.2 billion playbacks in 2022.

Ckay the First

'CKay the First' is Nigeria's singer and composer CKay's 2nd extended record. CKay created it himself, alongside help from Tempoe, Real Btee, as well as a creative producer, Audu Maikori. The track was published by Chocolate City and issued under Warner Music Group around Aug 30, 2019.



Emiliana is another popular track from Nigeria's singer as well as composer CKay that was launched through Warner Music South Africa around Dec 3, 2021.

Emiliana topped in United Kingdom Afro-pop Music Charts over seven in a row. The Nation picked it as the music of the moment on Dec 6, 2021, and it premiered at position 44 on Turntable's best 50 on Dec 13, 2021.

This song, created by Ahmed Mosh as well as filmed throughout Senegal, depicts a romantic drama between celebrities and beloved Emiliana. CKay's followers will undoubtedly drool for over love depicted in the visual complement of the track.


  1. CKay matured in a conservative, religious family. CKay's family became medicinal physicians, yet they weren't supportive of his artistic ambitions. They didn't perceive singing to be a secure profession.
  2. CKay enjoys watching anime and television programs, playing computer games, enjoying great novels, and spending time with his mates whenever he isn't making songs.
  3. When CKay turned seven years old, CKay's father told him how and where to use the keyboard to play instruments. CKay began making songs when he was twelve years old. CKay's dad had been a music teacher organist in an Anglican church, whereas CKay regularly practised from the house.
  4. CKay's songs have been characterized as "happy and vibrant". His sound has been described or called modern afrobeat. CKay claims that his songs originate from the distant, namely, 2056 A.D.
  5. As a performer, CKay's greatest achievements are to receive Grammy awards, sell up arenas, and represent his country proudly.
  6. CKay refers to him simply as an African lover. The "Love Nwantiti" song was his initial worldwide smash. The track was provided free of cost for commercial use. CKay had initially intended to change the chord. However, CKay eventually chose to maintain it.
  7. CKay describes himself as an empathetic guy, and his work often reflects it. CKay has indeed referred to his sound as emotional Afrobeats. CKay employs such words since he wishes to create songs that seem to be representative of him.
  8. Love Nwantiti song was included in Diddy's Danceathon in early 2020, which generated donations for help during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.


Helen Ainsley, a journalist, characterized CKay's sound as the mixing of Afrobeats alongside Afropop, electronic dance tracks, and sometimes even overlaying popular classic tracks, on Sept 24, in the year 2021.

CKay recently coined the term Emo-afrobeat to describe his genre's emphasis on expressive as well as love poetry. CKay also created music in various categories, notably Afro-pop, Rhythm and Blues.

Achievements and Awards

  1. In 2017, CKay was nominated for the Best song cover of "Bad Musician Bad Producer" by Kelly Joe in the Top Naija Music Awards ceremony.
  2. In 2018, he was nominated for the Best New Act of the Year for his track 'Himself' in the City People Music Awards.
  3. In 2020, he was nominated for the Best Collabo of the Year for the most favourite song, "Love Nwantiti", in the City People Music Awards.
  4. In 2021, he was nominated as the most promising African artist for the work 'Himself' and 'Felony' in the All Africa music awards.
  5. In the year 2021, CKay was selected as the Best African Music Act for "Himself" at the Mobo Awards.
  6. At Brit Awards in the year 2022, CKay received a nomination for Best International Song for his single "Love Nwantiti".
  7. CKay's name was chosen for the "Beggie Beggie" for the Best Collaborations in the Headies.
  8. In 2022, his name was nominated for "Love Nwantiti" as an afrobeat and popular song of the year in Global Music Awards Africa.

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