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Kartik Thakur

Kartik Thakur

Kartik Thakur was a flying officer, pilot, and soldier in the Indian Air Force (born March 21, 1994; passed away at age 24). He became well-known for flying a cutting-edge fighter aircraft with the Indian Air Force. He was given the opportunity to fly some of the best fighter planes in the Air Force after graduating from the Indian Air Force Academy.

He always flew combat planes in a competent manner. As an IAF pilot, he was poised for tremendous success until a sad incident caused him to pass away. On September 15, 2018, he died.

Early Life, School, and College

At the age of 24, Kartik Thakur passed away in 2018. When he was still relatively young, he left this world. Kartik Thakur was born in the Himachal Pradesh hamlet of Lahla in the Lad-Badhol Tehsil. The day he was born, March 21, 1994, was made public by the media after his demise. When Kartik first learnt about the Indian Army and Air Force, he was a little boy. He dreamed of being a pilot when he was in school.

Kartik did exceptionally well in school, which helped him qualify as an Air Force pilot. Kartik completed his primary education at the Bhartiya Vidhyarthi School in Baijnath and thereafter at the Army School in Sujanpur Tihra. Later, he pursued a B. Tech. He picked the IAF because he had always yearned to fly through the skies like birds, whereas Kartik, who had won the M. Sc. computer competition from DU, declined a career worth millions of dollars in order to serve his nation.

After completing the Combined Defence Services (CDS) test, and was enlisted in the Indian Air Force. He was now in training. His last trip to his home in Lahla was six months ago while he was stationed in Hyderabad.

About Family

Let us inform you that Kartik Thakur left his family members, including his parents, behind. His mother's name is Lata Thakur, and his father's name is Pravinder Thakur. He decided to join the military after being inspired by his father, ultimately becoming an Air Force Pilot. Kartik's father, Parvinder Thakur, was a Sub Inspector for the Border Security Force. His mother spent her entire life working as a homemaker.

Kritika Thakur is another sister of Kartik. His sister was enrolled at Pavta Sahib's BDS programme when he passed away in 2018. In addition, Shri. Amar Singh, Kartik's grandfather, was a former DSP for the Himachal Police. Grandmother Smt. Kamla Devi is the head of the Mathehar Panchayat.

Fans of the Indian Air Force still think about him despite his passing four years ago. Since he was a soldier who worked hard for the advancement of his nation, every new Indian Air Force pilot showed respect to him.

Kartik Thakur passed away at the age of just 24. He dreamed of getting married and living a happy life with his future spouse. But his ambition to have children and to be a spouse was curtailed by his passing. It's unclear if he had romantic ties to any of the stunning women. After his passing, no woman publicly acknowledged having a connection with Kartik Thakur.

Salary & Earnings

For his duties in the Air Force, an Indian Air Force pilot typically earns between 1 and 3 lakh INR. Kartik served three years in the Force. He therefore makes between 1 and 1.5 lakh Indian rupees. Additionally, he would have left his family with a net worth of almost 2 crores INR in the case of his passing.

After passing the SSB (Services Selection Board) exam, Kartik Thakur was set to begin his career as a Pilot in the illustrious Indian Air Force. His exceptional performance on the CDS 2 2015 Final Merit List for Course No. 200/16F/SSC (M&W) earned him a spot in the top 13 among the selected candidates. Kartik's AFCAT number, 199742, served as a distinctive identity for his application throughout the selection process.

What Happened to IAF Officer Karthik Thakur?

The untimely passing of Flying Officer Kartik Thakur was published on September 18, 2018, by On September 15, 2018, he, unfortunately, departed suddenly while traveling to Kolkata for additional Air Force training. He had been stationed in Hyderabad before his unfortunate demise, but for training purposes, he had been temporarily transferred to Kolai Kanda, close to Kharagpur in Kolkata.

According to reports, Kartik Thakur died in an accident at the Kolai Kanda swimming pool. He had a brain injury while swimming, which caused him to tragically drown in the pool. His burial was held in his homeland of Himachal Pradesh after this terrible incident, where he was honored by a large number of supporters, including Ministers Ramswaroop Sharma, Prakash Rana, Mulkh Raj Pemi, and others.

Kartik Thakur

Kartik Thakur was an Indian national who had a strong sense of Hinduism as his faith. His astrological sign was Aries, which is frequently associated with qualities like vigor and resolve. He was a living example of these traits, especially in his brave pursuit of a career in aviation, where he accomplished amazing exploits in his very brief life.

Kartik Thakur's Interesting Facts

Kartik Thakur, a fascinating individual, rose to fame across the world for his gripping performances in the Breaking Point series on the Discovery Channel. Kartik was one of the flying officers who showed his exceptional abilities and bravery throughout the performance. He participated in several difficult episodes throughout the series with a number of other flying officers, providing the viewers with exciting and insightful information.

While at Breaking Point, Kartik Thakur worked closely with Mr. Harshavardhan, an aeromedical training officer. The expertise and counsel of Mr. Harshavardhan was crucial in ensuring the health and safety of every participant throughout their daring endeavors. Kartik received the knowledge and instruction necessary to succeed in his aerial endeavours from P. Sajini, who also acted as his ground training instructor.

Despite his outstanding performance on the show, Kartik Thakur is in for a catastrophic turn in his life. His terrible demise and declaration of death at Kolkata's Command Hospital left his loved ones and supporters grieving. His untimely passing was deeply lamented by both the aviation community and Breaking Point viewers.

On June 4, 2018, the captivating Discovery TV programme Break Point debuted. It highlights Kartik Thakur's fearless approach. Viewers were able to see the bravery and tenacity of flight officers like Kartik because to the show's unique and thrilling perspective into aviation.

Outside of his appearances in the media, Kartik was a multi-talented and multi-interested person. In addition to his passion for airplanes, he participated in sports, showing his dedication to physical fitness and endurance. Kartik's love of riding in his leisure time was a reflection of his fearless and ardent character.

Through his efforts to the Breaking Point programme and the inspiration he gave to aspirant aviators and adventurers alike, Kartik Thakur left a lasting legacy. He leaves a lasting impression on both those who met him and those who followed his trip from a distance because of his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aviation as well as his wide range of interests and love of life.

Other Facts About Kartik Thakur:-

At the Sainik School in Sujanpur, India, where he first attended school, Kartik built a solid foundation for his future endeavours. He undoubtedly became the person he is now as a result of the discipline and morals he was taught at Sainik School.

After completing high school, Kartik pursued his studies at Delhi University's Rajdhani College. The beginning of his route to becoming a flying officer was distinguished by his academic pursuits, which matched his passion to serve his country.

Kartik Thakur spent his whole career in the Indian Air Force with a high level of dedication to his vocation. He earned the admiration and esteem of his fellow Flying Officers and the country by displaying unwavering bravery and fortitude. Kartik's caste is unclear, but his contributions to the Indian Air Force and the country transcend all categories since he dedicated himself to the greater good.

Numerous young people who want to serve their country and have an impact that endures in the fields they choose are inspired by him because of his accomplishments, temperament, and unrelenting resolve. As his story develops, Kartik's influence will definitely endure, inspiring future generations.

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