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Urvi Singh

Urvi Singh

In the ever-evolving realm of Indian entertainment, new talents continuously emerge, captivating the eyes of the audience with their raw potential and authentic performances, giving an audience a star watching movie.

Among these rising stars Urvi Singh shines bright after making her mark in the industry with her comparing and pro-active acting prowess.

The great actress was born on September 2, 2002 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Urvi's journey in the world of entertainment has been a remarkable one filled with promising rules and boundless potentials giving a star a new rise in the industry.

Urvi Singh a young actress was first caught the spotlight with her portrayal of Meenal Parekh in TVFs widely acclaimed web series known as the Kota Factory in 2019. The series has a captivating blend of comedy and drama, showcased her equality to effortlessly immersed herself in the intricacies of a character.

The young actress further solidified her presence on the screen with her parents in various television series like Butterflies, and Hamari Bahu Silk. Harvest charity and the ability to adapt to different roles-her dedication to her craft and her commitment to delivering impactful performances.

Even at this young age, this actor is able to develop herself into the roles of each related aspects, giving her a star in her own acting skills. Due to her versatility, people are able to showcase her into various sort of serials that are not only meant for her age group, but also are delivered or showcased to the mature group.

Physical Features of Urvi Singh

The 21 year old girl standing at5 feet 4 inches tall, Urvi's physical presence is matched by her roles. Her weight of 55 kg says testament to her delegation to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With figure measurements of 36 26 and 30 she embodies the essence of grace and elegance with her body language.

Urvi Singh

Her striking green eyes and dark brown hair add to her distinctive and captivating look. Due to her features, she is also able to do the roles that are for the serials who want to show the girl as married.


Beyond her on screen achievements by doing acting, movies, interests, and hobbies provided glimpse into her multifaceted personality. Dancing and travelling are 2 of her passions, reflecting her desire to explore and express herself through the movement.

Urvi Singh

Her love for reading, and photography, discourse her appreciation for creativity and storytelling in all forms art.

Relationship Status

As of now, Urvi Singh remains unmarried focusing on her career and personal growth. While her romantic involvement has been kept private. Her dedication to her craft takes centre of attraction.

Her commitment to honing her skills and delivering impactful performances reflects her unwavering determination to leave a lasting imprint on the entertainment industry.

Early Life of Urvi Singh

Urvi, a young individual with a bright future, was born on the 2nd September,2002, making her 21 year old in the year 2023. Her journey through life began in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, often referred to as the "City of Dreams" or "Sapno ki Mahanagri."

Urvi Singh

Mumbai's vibrant culture, diverse population, and energetic atmosphere played a significant role in shaping Urvi into the person she is today, and also helped her build her personality in a unique manner.


Within this dynamic city, Urvi's family provided a stable foundation for her growth. Her father (Name Unknown), an investor, instilled in her the values of diligence, risk assessment, and a keen understanding of financial matters.

Urvi Singh

Her mother, Nidhi Singh, a homemaker, contributed to her upbringing by nurturing a sense of warmth, care, and the importance of a loving family environment.

Additionally, Urvi has an elder brother who has chosen the path of education, imparting knowledge and shaping young minds. This family support system was instrumental in Urvi's development, fostering a well-rounded perspective and a sense of ambition.


Education played a pivotal role in Urvi's Journey. Her academic journey commenced at JB Petit High School for Girls, an institution known for its academic excellence and holistic development approach. This phase of her education not only equipped her with knowledge but also honed her social skills and character traits that would serve her well in her future endeavours.

Urvi Singh

Continuing her love for education, Urvi graduated from one of the most well-known University in Mumbai- University of Mumbai. The university's enriching educational environment provided her with a broader understanding of various subjects and perspectives. It was during her time at the university that she began to crystallize her aspirations and identify her passion.

Upon completing her degree, Urvi embarked on the exciting journey of launching her career in acting and social media. Drawing inspiration from the rapidly evolving digital landscape, she chose to take her first steps through an online platform. Armed with the knowledge she gasped through her education, and the values that her family had grown into her, she ventured into uncharted territory with determination and enthusiasm.

Urvi's Social Media Presence

In the vast and widely spread realm of the internet, Urvi carved out her own genre. She utilized her social media presence as a canvas to express her creative side, over her online page, she was known for portraying her insights, and was able to get the eye of the global audience. Urvi currently has 918k Followers on Instagram.

Her content resonated with like-minded individuals, sparkling discussions, and creating a community around her interests. Through consistent effort and a genuine passion for her selected field, Urvi's online presence began to flourish and she was able to get good number of followers and subscribers on her page.

Her journey reflects the modern path that many young individuals are taking in today's digital age. The ability to leverage online platforms for education, networking, and self-expression has opened doors to countless opportunities.

Urvi's story is a reality check to the power of combining traditional and homely values with contemporary online tool, resulting in a good personality and also led her path to a unique and impactful journey.

Breakthrough Of Urvi Singh

Urvi Singh, a name that rose to prominence in the Bollywood industry, experienced a remarkable breakthrough in 2019. It was within this year that she was able to capture the attention of the audiences at a good scale, making her debut appearance in the Ott series "Kota Factory," produced and showcased on the renowned Indian channel TVF, and the series gained a lot of profit.

This marked the inception of her journey into the realm of web shows, a journey that would soon establish her as a significant figure in the world of Indian entertainment.

"Kota Factory," the drama series that served as Urvi's debut, encapsulated the essence of Kota, a city famed for its education factories that churn out engineers. This series provided an ideal platform for Urvi's talent to shine. Portraying the character of Meenal, a role that demanded depth and complexity, Urvi was able to showcase her acting ability in the series, simply by taking her character's persona to a whole new level.

Urvi Singh

The success of the series catapulted Urvi into the limelight of various platforms, opening her a big door of opportunities. With each project, she further cemented her reputation as a versatile and accomplished Indian entertainer.

She got into a serial "Hamari Bahu Silk," which led her debut in the television drama series, and it also marked another milestone in her career. The industry recognized her potential, leading to subsequent appearances in series like "Butterflies," and later on she was also seen in "Crushed" Season 1, the first six episodes of which are available on Amazon MiniTV.

Music Videos

After coming into various platforms, Urvi didn't stopped herself only at dramas, she also got a chance in various Music Videos. She was seen in music videos such as "Leh Le Meri Jaan," "Khudara Aakar," and "Pagal Na Ho Jawa," as a lead. Beyond this, she has lent her charm to television commercials, becoming the face of famous brands like- MAAC and Malabar Diamonds.

Urvi's influence extends beyond her acting and modelling ventures. Her presence on social media, especially Instagram, has garnered a substantial following. Her Instagram reels and TikTok videos have managed to capture the heart of her fans, establishing her as an influencer in her own right.

As she stepped into 2022, a remarkable year for her career, she continued to amplify her artistic endeavours. She ventured into the world of music albums, embracing lead roles in tracks like "Dil Farebi," "Haule Haule", and "Ishq Na Hove." Her steps didn't stopped there; she ventured into the realm of production, launching the official trailer for the music album "Kitna Payara Naam Hai Trea," a project that featured the multi-talented; Randeep Rai.

Urvi Singh

She was also into collaborations. Collaboration has been a key aspect of Urvi's journey. Joining forces with Girliyappa, a prominent YouTube channel, she teamed up with Saloni to create content that resonated with their audience, showcasing their creative synergy.

Urvi Singh's breakthrough story is one that underscored the transformative power of seizing opportunities, the importance of versatility, and the significance of carving one's unique path in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. As the chapter of her career continues to unfold, one thing remains permanent- Urvi Singh is a young artist whose star is destined to shine even brighter as she continues to grow in the power pact acting industry.

Offscreen Personality

Urvi Singh's offscreen persona is a testament to her captivating charm and remarkable versatility, establishing her not only as a prominent model but also as a burgeoning influencer. With a multifaceted skill set that spans the spectrum from flawless lip-syncing to dynamic dancing and compelling acting, she embodies a youthful dynamism that sets her apart.

Urvi as a Style Icon

As a model, Urvi's versatility is a defining trait. Whether she's channelling the latest fashion trends, donning traditional attire, or exuding contemporary chic, she adapts with seamless grace. Her chameleon-like ability to transform while retaining her unique essence is what makes her an icon of style. This very trait has armed her with various collaborations with well known brands, solidifying her as a prominent name in the world of fashion.

Urvi Singh

Urvi's Love for Dance

Dancing is another realm where Urvi's star shines brightly. Her fluidity of movement, combined with her boundless energy, makes her a mesmerizing performer. From graceful classical routines to groovy contemporary choreography, she effortlessly showcases her versatility as a dancer. Her videos are a celebration of movement, rhythm, and self-expression, earning her admiration from dance enthusiasts worldwide.

Conclusion- Urvi's Overall Journey

Radiating vitality and exuberance, Urvi's spirited nature infuses every facet of her life, particularly her career trajectory. Right from the outset, her unwavering enthusiasm has been the driving force propelling her towards excellence.

A journey that began with her sight set on web shows and film, she embarked on a path marked by resonate determination and unyielding dedication. It was her relentless perseverance that ultimately bore fruit in the form of a pivotal role in the acclaimed web series, Kota Factory.

Urvi Singh

Delving into the layers of her offscreen personality, Urvi Singh's allure lies in her natural charm and her ability to effortlessly connect with audiences. Beyond her stunning physical features, it is her genuine passion for her craft that truly captivates.

Her magnetic presence is a fusion of talent and charisma, creating an undeniable aura that draws people towards her. This innate ability to establish a profound connection is what lays the foundation for her success as an influencer.

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