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Shraddha Walker

Shraddha Walker

Shraddha Walker, a 27-year-old Maharashtrian Indian woman, suffered a horrible end in 2022 when she was murdered in a horrifying manner. Her life narrative depicts both sadness and aspiration.

Early Life and Career Path

Vasai, Maharashtra, is the place of Shraddha Walker's 1995 birth. She was of the Koli caste and came from a Hindu family. She lost her mother, Suman Madan Walker when she was a young child and was raised by her father, Vikash Madan Walker, and her younger brother, Shreejay Walker.

In April 2017, Shraddha Walker began her professional career by working as a customer service representative for a company in Mumbai. While she was employed as a sales Manager at a retail sports store in Dahisar, Maharashtra, from 2018 to 2020, her career took a number of unexpected turns. She made the decision to concentrate on her studies and set out to pass the final examinations for her public media program despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. She then changed jobs, joining an IT company where she quickly rose through the ranks to become a team leader.

Education and Employment

Shraddha attended the VIVA Institute of Technology in Virar, Maharashtra, where she studied public media, but she left during her final year. She held a number of positions at a retail sports store, including those of Sales Manager and Customer Service Representative. Later, she worked for an IT company, where she eventually became a team leader.

Love and Loss

In 2018, Shraddha met Aftab Poonawala on the dating app "Bumble," and her life took a sad turn. As their romance developed, they ultimately decided to relocate to Delhi in March 2022, settling in the Chhatarpur neighborhood. There are many stories regarding why they moved; some say it was because of family opposition, while others say it was because of Aftab's job. But as Shraddha's friend disclosed that she had told them about Aftab's aggressive tendencies, alarming indications started to surface. She was stuck in a bad relationship despite her wish to leave it.

Relationship with Aftab Poonawala

When Shraddha connected with Aftab Poonawala in 2018 via a dating app, her life took a tragic turn. Aftab, an Indian cuisine blogger who had previously worked as a graphic designer, started dating Shraddha. In order to avoid their parents' displeasure, the pair moved to Delhi and started living together.

A Dreadful End

When Aftab strangled Shraddha in a fit of rage on May 18, 2022, under pressure to marry her, their relationship took a terrible turn. Aftab committed an even more horrible deed by sawing her body into 35 pieces and keeping the fragments in a refrigerator he had purchased. He then scattered the remains of the victims about the city. Disputes between them apparently included disagreements about the cost of living and the weight of obligations.

Search and Justice

In September 2022, one of Shraddha's friends raised the alarm, which prompted her father to report her missing in Vasai, Maharashtra. After finding the last known location there, the case was moved to Delhi. On November 11, 2022, Aftab was taken into custody and charged with murder and destruction of evidence. In order to avoid suspicion, it was discovered that Aftab had kept up Shraddha's social media accounts and paid her credit card bills.

Impact and Investigation

Vikash Walker, Shraddha's father, expressed doubts about Aftab's complicity and even suggested a "love jihad" perspective, illuminating the nuanced feelings surrounding the case. Further inquiry revealed that Shraddha had earlier complained in November 2020 about her continued abuse by Aftab, expressing her worries about being hurt by him.

Legal Actions

Aftab was charged with murder on May 9, 2023, in Delhi, based on proof of his deeds and motives. The severity of the act and its repercussions were reflected in the court's decision, as Aftab was charged with murder as well as trying to destroy evidence by dismembering Shraddha's body.

The short life and tragic death of Shraddha Walker serve as a solemn reminder of the challenges and perils that can arise in relationships, pushing us to address and stop such tragedies from happening in the future.


The tale of Shraddha Walker serves as a sobering warning of the risks that can exist in relationships that appear to be normal on the surface. Her terrible demise serves as a wake-up call to the prevalence of domestic abuse, the need to seek assistance when faced with such circumstances, and the necessity for society to establish surroundings that are safer for women.

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