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Ileana D Cruz
  • Indian actress and model Ileana D'Cruz have acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi-language movies. She was born on November 1, 1987, to Ronaldo D'Cruz and Samira D'Cruz in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ileana has a brother named Rhys D'Cruz, a sister named Eileen D'Cruz, an older sister named Farrah D'Cruz,
  • She made her acting debut in the Telugu movie Devadasu, for which she was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debutant. Ileana has acted in some Tamil films in addition to Telugu and Bollywood movies
  • In this post, let's look closely at her personal and professional lives. Ileana D'Cruz was chosen to star in several other mainstream movies, such as the somewhat popular Main Tera Hero, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, and Happy Ending.
  • Ileana co-starred in the 2016 film Rustom opposite Akshay Kumar. An upcoming role was what led to her eventual notoriety. Ileana D'Cruz consistently made headlines with her outspoken remarks and public appearances. She once said that she enjoys having sex and that it gives her much pleasure.
  • The conformist South Indian society did not respond kindly to this assertion. Ileana D'Cruz is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 65 kg heavy, and 34 years old (as of 2022). Her body measurements and proportions are 34-30-36 inches, including her hip, bust, and bra size. Her bra size is 34B, and she has hips that are 36 inches wide and a waist that is 30 inches long. Find out more about Ileana D'Cruz's age, birthday, date of birth, father's and mother's names, family, religion, boyfriend, husband, relationship, and marriage in the bio-data listed below.
  • You can also read about her wiki, salary & net worth, height in feet, body measurements & figures, recent photos, and interesting trivia. When Ileana D'Cruz was 18 years old, she began her career. She has been a fighter and a leader all of her life. She dealt with sadness, put her family first over her work, kept a good relationship with her friends, and rose to become one of the most well-known figures in both South and North India.
  • Ileana started as a model but has subsequently transitioned into acting. After appearing in ads, Rakesh Roshan offered her her big break in the movie business. Despite being a Mumbai native, Ileana D. Cruz had trouble communicating in Hindi.
  • She found it tough to do her Barfi dialogues because of her Goan upbringing. Because of her sweetness, style, and structure, she is one of the first Indian actresses to be paid one crore for a South Indian movie. Despite allegations that she was dating one of her co-stars and an Australian photographer, she never failed to make a name for herself in the audience thanks to her distinctive acting abilities.

Early Life And Career

  • In her family, Ileana is affectionately referred to as Illu. Ileana's mother, Samira, is a designer, while her father, Ronaldo D'Cruz, is a mechanical draughtsman. When she was ten, Ileana and her family moved from Mumbai to Parra, Goa. Ileana finished secondary school at St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School and College in Mapusa, Goa, and then pursued her college studies at the University of Mumbai in Mumbai. In January 2003, she put up her first modeling portfolio, which she now refers to as a "disaster."
  • She first gained notoriety by participating in several photo sessions and ramp walks, which assisted in creating her second portfolio. Three advertisements from Electrolux, Emami talcum powder, and the well-known cosmetics company Fair and Lovely were included in her second portfolio. Ileana made her Bollywood debut in the Anurag Basu-helmed romance film.
  • "Barfi," which became a box office hit and made about 1.75 billion dollars worldwide. Her subsequent Bollywood film, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, had Shahid Kapoor as a screen partner. Despite the movie's underwhelming box office results, D'Cruz earned mixed reviews from the critics, some of whom praised her performance. Ileana made a lasting impression on the audience with her performance in this movie, and the critics agreed.
  • Ileana most recently appeared super-popular Bollywood movie Raid (2018), the Telugu movie Amar Akbar Anthony (2018), and the Hindi comedy-drama Pagalpanti. She is prepared to star in "The Big Bull," a biographical crime movie whose release has been postponed because of Covid-19 regulations. Additionally, she has finished filming the Hindi movie "Unfair and gorgeous," which stars Randeep Hooda. In 2021, both movies will be released on DVD.


  1. Ileana was raised in Mumbai, where she was born.
  2. She comes from a family of Christians.
  3. People perceive her as being very active on social media.
  4. She has a puppy and a cat as pets, and she loves,s animals.
  5. Ileana has graced the cover of illustrious glamour publications like Verve and Man's World, among others.
  6. Her favorite actors include Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. Some of her favorite performers and actresses include Kajol, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, and Salma Hayek. She enjoys reading in her spare time, and Sidney Sheldon is her favorite writer.
  7. The Maldives and Fraser Land in Australia are her favorite vacation spots.
  8. Her favorite colors are white, green, and black.
  9. She enjoys exercising and
  10. Ileana D'Cruz has a smoking addiction. No
  11. Ileana D'Cruz, is she a drunkard? Yes
  12. She was first quite apprehensive about pursuing modeling as a career.
  13. She acknowledged that Marc Robinson's first photo shoot with her was a complete failure.
  14. She previously appeared in a TV ad, and Rakesh Roshan approached her with a promise to help launch her into a lucrative career.
  15. Although Ileana was born in Mumbai and raised in Goa, she worked hard to improve her Hindi language abilities before being cast in her debut film, Barfi.
  16. She became the first Indian actress to receive one crore compensation for a South Indian film.
  17. While filming Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Ileana D'Cruz was said to be seeing Shahid Kapoor romantically.
  18. Ileana is in a relationship with Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone, who they later discovered had similar interests. From his ex-wife, Andrew has three children.
  19. She constantly has mints on her since she has a mint addiction.
  20. Ileana D'Cruz is a Portuguese actress and model born in India and primarily appeared in Hindi and Telugu films. On November 1st, 1987, she was greeted by Ronaldo D'Cruz and Samira D'Cruz in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Farrah D'Cruz and Eileen D'Cruz are her two sisters, while Rhys D'Cruz is her brother.
  21. Her father, Ronaldo D'Cruz, is a Roman Catholic Christian, while her mother, Samira D'Cruz, is a Muslim.
  22. At age 10, her family relocated to Parra in Goa.
  23. After completing her studies at St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School and College in Mapusa, Goa, she received her degree from the University of Mumbai. In the 2006 Telugu film Devadasu, she made her acting debut alongside Ram Pothineni, who was also making his debut. The movie exceeded its $7 crore budget at the box office, grossing $14 crore. Ileana and Ram shared the Best Debut award at the Filmfare Awards South.
  24. After acting in numerous commercially successful films, including Pokiri (2006), Rakhi (2006), and Kick, D'Cruz established herself as a top actress in Telugu cinema (2009).
  25. She made her Tamil film debut in 2006's "Kedi," which also starred Tamannaah and Ravi Krishna. Kedi was a lucrative product.
  26. She co-starred with Vijay in S. Shankar's Nanban in 2012. It was a remake of the Hindi film 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani (2009). The movie enjoyed great success, grossing 150 crores.

Ileana D Cruz's Net Worth

Ileana D'Cruz has a $15 million net worth. She is an Indian model and actress best known for her roles in Telugu and Hindi movies. Her acting prowess has brought her great fame in both fields. Ileana is one of the most well-known actresses in South Indian and Bollywood movies, which is a well-known fact. Her fan base is expanding quickly across the nation. On Instagram, she has more than 13 million fans.

Best Movies


  • With the release of the Anurag Basu-directed movie Barfi!, Ileana D'Cruz debuted in Bollywood. Leading ladies in the film included Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor, and Ileana D'Cruz. Ileana plays the role of Shruti Ghosh, a young Bengali girl who initially falls in love with the naive and deaf boy Barfi but ends up breaking up with him. Because of her performance, the actor also received the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. It is rated 8.1/10 on IMDb, placing it among the top movies with Ileana D'Cruz. Three young individuals learn that love cannot be defined or contained by the socially mandated ideals of normal and deviant.
  • Three young people learn in the novel Barfi that love is not bound or confined by conventional ideals of what is normal and deviant. In a stunning area of India, it takes place in the 1970s. A boy named Barfi, who has trouble hearing and speaking, falls in love with Shruti. Despite her great love for Barfi, Shruti succumbs to pressure from society and her parents to marry a "regular" man and lead a "normal" life. Years later, when their paths cross again, Barfi, now in love with Jhilmil, is attempting to avoid the police.


  • The raid by the Income Tax Department in 1980 served as the basis for the movie Raid. Leading actors Ajay Devgan, Ileana D'Cruz, and Saurabh Shukla were chosen for the film. Ileana played Malini Patnaik, the spouse of the chief income tax officer. The movie debuted on March 16, 2018, and about Rs. 140 crores were earned. IMDb has given the film a 7.4 rating.
  • A daring income tax officer raids the home of the most influential person in Lucknow after being inexplicably directed to the evidence. Based on the actual events of one of the most famous raids the country has ever seen, Raid is an Indian movie from the 1980s that is set in Uttar Pradesh. Amay Patnaik (Ajay Devgn), a straightforward and honest income tax officer, has changed jobs 49 times in the last seven years due to his romantic and brave approach to uncovering tax frauds, which seriously damaged the wallets of many well-known people. The 1980s Sardar Inder Singh income tax raid, carried out by Income Tax Department personnel, is the inspiration for the 2018 Indian Hindi-language crime thriller Raid. The raid was the longest in Indian history, lasting three days and two nights, which marked it apart from previous raids. Under Raj Kumar Gupta's supervision, T-Series and Panorama Studios produced it. In Raid, Ajay Devgn, Saurabh Shukla, and Ileana D'Cruz play the lead roles.

Happy Ending

  • Ileana D'Cruz and Saif Ali Khan featured together in the 2014 film Happy Endings. The film also featured Govinda, Rahul Nath, Ranvir Shorey, and Kalki Koechlin in supporting roles. The film portrays the story of author Yudi, who develops writer's block after his publishers stop promoting him. In the film, Ileana played the role of author Aanchal Reddy. The movie has a 5.4 IMDb rating and came out on November 21, 2014.
  • In the film Happy Ending, Saif Ali Khan deftly reinvents his legendary reputation as a brat who won't grow up. Successful author Yudi, who resides in Los Angeles, is portrayed by Saif. His ex emphasizes how wary of commitment and a new career Yudi is. While his married friend Montu (Ranvir Shorey) is Yudi's party partner, his inner voice is a fat Yogi (Saif) warning him not to ring his "axe." Finances for Yudi suddenly run dry. After rejecting Yudi's allure, his publishers turn to up-and-coming novelist Aanchal (Ileana). Pushy Bollywood superstar Armaan (Govinda) insists that Yudi create a DVD-inspired rom-com as dentist Vishakha (Kalki) pursues him obstinately. How does Yudi wrap up this story?


  • The action-romantic movie Pokiri was written, produced, and directed by Puri Jagannath. Mahesh Babu and Ileana are the main actors. A violent mafia lord named Pandu (Mahesh Babu) will kill anyone for money. He falls in love with Sruthi at first sight (Ileana). Sruthi also feels for Pandu, but she is reluctant to tell him because he is a careless criminal. Despite being a goon, Pandu has strict morals that make him adversaries with Ali (Prakash Raj), the biggest mafia don in the area. He settles his account with Ali for the remainder of the tale.
  • Along with Nassar, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Sayaji Shinde, the movie also stars Mahesh Babu, Ileana D'Cruz, and Prakash Raj. Pokiri, an action thriller released in 2006 in Telugu, was written and directed by Puri Jagannadh. Through their independent production firms, Vaishno Academy and Indira Productions, Jagannadh and Manjula Ghattamaneni produced the movie. The story's main character is a local goon whose deadly instincts attract the attention of a wanted don and the hostility of a corrupt cop and his lover.


  • Ten years after graduating from college, two of the best friends set off in quest of their third buddy with the help of their adversary. Along the road, they learn certain facts. Two friends, Venkatramakrishnan and Sevalkodi Senthil set out to locate their long-lost pal Panchavan Parivendan, also known as Pari. Nerd Srivatsan joins them, and in flashbacks, Pari is described as a brilliant but free-spirited student who, via his magnetism, persuades his two companions to think for themselves, follow their emotions, and approach problems with a positive attitude, saying his mantra: all is good. 2012 saw the release of the Tamil coming-of-age comedic drama film Nanban, which Shankar directed. It is a remake of Rajkumar Hirani's 2003 Hindi film 3 Idiots (2009).
  • The film's cast includes Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, Ileana D'Cruz, Sathyaraj, and Sathyan. The soundtrack and background music for the film was composed by Harris Jayaraj, and Manoj Paramahamsa was in charge of the photography. Gemini Film Circuit made the film. According to the film's premise, two friends go in quest of a forgotten friend who was once a happy and successful student. They reflect on their college days and the special times they had before their lost friend, and they quietly split ways after the conference as they travel.


  • After assisting the police in thwarting a violent heist, a brilliant young guy is forced to flee the criminal leader whose plans he has thwarted. Ravi is a happy person who wants to live a quiet life. He chooses to place a wager one day to make some money, but the police, concerned about the money taken from a reputable bank nearby, halt him while waiting.
  • It was none other than Bittu, who is exceptionally adept at planning, who was the brains behind this robbery. Because Bittu gave Ravi a ride on the same night they first met, Ravi utilizes his razor-sharp wits to have Bittu arrested. S. Radha Krishna wrote, directed, and produced the 2012 Indian Telugu action comedy movie Julayi (Vagabond) for Haarika & Hassine Creations. The film features Allu Arjun, Ileana D'Cruz, Sonu Sood, and Rajendra Prasad. Chota K. Naidu and his brother Shyam K. Naidu handled the photography, Devi Sri Prasad composed the music, and Prawin Pudi edited the video. The movie premiered on August 9, 2012, to positive critical and commercial reception. Nandi Award for Best Feature Popular Film went to the film. The remake's original name in Tamil was Saagasam.


  • In 2006, Y. V. S. Chowdary produced and directed the Telugu romance drama Devadasu. Newcomers Ram and Ileana play the key parts in the movie, with Sayaji Shinde playing a supporting role. When it was released on January 11, 2006, the movie was a critical and financial triumph. Ram and Ileana were both given the Best Debut award at the Filmfare Awards South. The film was remade in Hindi as Loveyatri (2012) and in Bengali as Paglu (2011)
  • Later, the same title was used in a Malayalam remake. Devdas is a low-achieving student, but Bhanumati is a rich NRI girl whose father is the senator of New York, Katamraju. They fall in love as Bhanu travels to India to pursue classical Carnatic music. When Katamraju discovers their love, he comes up with a plan to separate them. He tells his daughter and mother-in-law he will marry them but instead sends them back to the United States. The last part of the story is about how Devdas goes to the USA and manages to win his girl over.

Ileana D Cruz Upcoming Movies

Ileana D Cruz

The upcoming Hindi social comedy film Unfair & Lovely was produced by Sony Pictures Films India and helmed by Balwinder Singh Janjua. The movie's lead actors are Randeep Hooda and Ileana D'Cruz. The focus of the narrative will be India's fixation with pale skin. A "Drama" film is "Unfair and Lovely." Unfair and Lovely will soon be available in Hindi.

Ileana D Cruz's Struggle

  • Bollywood actor Ileana D'Cruz has been outspoken about her struggle with depression and other mental health challenges. The Rustom actor claimed on Sunday that she had been on the verge of committing suicide due to her body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), defined as "a body-image problem characterized by persistent and obsessive preoccupations with a perceived or slight fault in one's appearance." She was delivering a speech at the 21st World Congress of Mental Health in New Delhi when she talked about how consulting a therapist about her BDD, and poor self-esteem helped her deal with the mental and emotional distress.
  • One should learn to accept oneself for who they are because everyone has imperfections. Because you are a human being, it is OK for you to have flaws and imperfections. She remarked that there is much beauty in your personality and your shortcomings. I always felt self-conscious and was teased for my body type; The actress spoke up. I used to be always depressed and miserable, but until I sought treatment, I was unaware that I also had body dysmorphic disorder. All I wished for was universal acclaim.
  • She acknowledged that she occasionally has suicidal thoughts. In the context of her career, she commented, "You may look at us performers and think, "Oh my God, they are so gorgeous, so flawless!" However, that is untrue. To look this amazing and get ready, it takes me two hours.
  • If you are happy within, you are the most attractive person, and your smile is your best feature. Trust me on this. Accept yourself as you are. I am not saying that I had this miracle recovery, but every day is a journey and a step toward healing and improvement, the actress concluded. You are allowed to be flawed and imperfect because you are a person.

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