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Ansar Shaikh Biography

Ansar Shaikh Biography


Ansar Shaikh was born on 1 June 1994 and turned 29 this year. He is an Indian citizen who is young and smart and who excelled in the UPSC's civil services test. He has achieved a unique feat by passing the UPSC examination at a young age, making him the youngest individual from Maharashtra to do so. He was born to a middle-class family. Ansar never lost up on his ambition despite hailing from a low-income background. Due to their family's financial situation, Ansar's parents were unable to complete their schooling. His father, however, pushed him to look for a job. Ansar was committed to becoming an IAS officer in spite of the challenging circumstances.

Name Ansar Shaikh
Profession IAS
Birth Place Shelhoan, Jalna District, Maharashtra
Father's Name Seikh Younis
Mother's Name Adeela
Age(2023) 29
Caste OBC
Date of Joining 29 August 2016
Rank 361


His parents reside in the Marathawada area of Maharashtra. Sheikh Younis is the name of his father. He works as an autorickshaw driver. Adeela Shaikh, his mother, is a housemaker. Annes, his younger brother, quit school in 7th grade to work in a garage and support his family. He also assisted his older brother in preparing for the IAS exam. Ansar was exposed to both domestic abuse and child marriage as a kid. His sister married when she was fifteen years old.


Ansar put a lot of effort towards realizing his ambition as a young kid who excelled in school. After completing his 10th grade, he went to the 11th grade and chose the arts stream. He had political science, music, Sanskrit, and sociology as his subjects.

Ansar scored 91 percent in his 12th standard and pursued his graduation in political science from Ferguson College, Pune. He secured 73 percent in his graduation. When his graduation started, he lived with his mother in Pune with only two pairs of clothes. When he was doing his graduation, he had no idea that he would become an IAS officer. His father used to send him some money from his savings, while his brother sent him his entire month's salary of 6,000 rupees.

He took coaching for UPSC preparation, and the academy waived his fees after considering his financial conditions. He put in a lot of effort over the course of three years, putting in 12 hours a day of study time to achieve his aim of passing the UPSC test. He achieved a 361 All-India Rank. He passed his exam in 2015 at the age of 21 on his first attempt. Ansar worked hard in school and graduated despite coming from a middle-class family and eventually became the nation's youngest IAS officer.


He married Waiza Ansari when he was 25 years old. She holds a master's degree in arts (physics). He has a good and honest connection with Waiza, who is also his girlfriend. They married on 31 March 2019.

Ansar Shaikh Biography

His Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam

  • He focused on studying police science for the first 6 months of his preparation, which was his optional subject.
  • Then he started preparing for the general studies paper during the second six months of his preparation.
  • In the next three months, he finished his revision and also prepared for the UPSC mains papers.
  • He spent the next 9 months studying for the preliminary exam.
  • After the preliminary exam, he spent 100 days preparing for the UPSC mains exam.
  • Finally, he spent 40 days preparing for the UPSC personality test.
  • During his UPSC preparation, he studied for 12-14 hours per day.

His Inspirational Journey

Ansar Shaikh, India's youngest IAS officer, surpassed all prior records by passing the most difficult test on the first try and at such a young age. His commitment and hard effort set him apart from the throng.

He is very active on Instagram, where he is frequently seen providing inspiring and instructive articles that help young aspirants stay motivated. This motivational journey shows how goals may be achieved with some effort and a willingness to work harder.


Ansar Shaikh's incredible journey from a middle-class family to become India's youngest IAS officer demonstrates the power of desire and hard effort. Despite financial difficulties and constant support, he attained an incredible All-India Rank of 361 in the UPSC test at the age of 21. His story serves as an example to innumerable aspirants, demonstrating that greatness can be achieved and a beneficial influence on society with commitment, fortitude, and a solid support system.

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