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Gautami Patil

Quick Introduction

Full Name Gautami Patil
Nickname Gautami
Date of Birth 4 February 1996
Place of Birth Shindkheda Dhule, Maharashtra, India
Age 17 Years
Father's Name Not known
Mother's name Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Current Address Pune, Maharashtra
Profession Dancer, Social Media Influencer, and Content Creator
Languages Multilingual (Hindi, English, Marathi)
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Educational Background Graduate
School Public School, Shindkheda
Net worth 50 lakh (approx.)

About Gautami Patil

Gautami Patil

Gautami Patil is a renowned professional dancer and social media icon. Lavani is a popular dance form performed in Maharashtra, India, and the rhythm is mainly generated through Dholki. Gautami is a 27-year-old woman who belongs to the Marathi community and entertains her audience with this beautiful Maharashtrian dance form. Her determination for passionate dancing has helped her get the tag of "Maharashtrian Dance Queen". She is also famous for her TikTok videos. After so much hard work and persistence, Gautami has gained stardom as a respectable folk dancer in a prejudiced society where it is difficult to survive as a female dancer.

Early Life

Gautami was born on 4 February 1996 in the Shindkheda village of Dhule district located in Maharashtra, India. While she was still a child, her parents got divorced due to her father's alcoholism and acts of domestic abuse. When her father moved away, she only had her mother and grandfather to care for her. Her brother was also living with the family. In this time of despair and hopelessness, her dance remained her constant companion and gave her the strength to sail through the challenges in life. At a young age, she started to take part in social gatherings and functions, voluntarily taking the role of the main dancer.

Her traditional education is limited to 10th standard, which she accomplished at a public school in Shindkheda. When she moved to Pune to become a caregiver for her father, her life took a turn for the better, at least for her dancing career.

In Pune, she was admitted to Rajshree Shahu Vidya Mandir to continue her dance practice and was then honored with the chance to join Vishwakala Dance Academy. Alternatively, at her home, she was trying to help her father rehabilitate so that he could leave the life of an alcoholic person behind him. Unfortunately, even after her long efforts, he remained an alcoholic and lost his job. Gautami's family was broken again, but she and her mother decided to reside in Pune due to her advancing dance routine.

Her mother accepted a job at a mineral water packaging company to support her family as a single parent. At the same time, Gautami kept her complete concentration on her only passion. When they were just beginning a better life together, another setback struck the family. Her mother got into an accident and lost her only source of income, which largely affected Gautami's dreams of becoming a professional dancer. However, she decided to leave the Dance Academy and help her family to get through a hard time.

A New Beginning of a Dream

She was barely 15 when she was offered a chance to present her dancing talent in a performance. She was invited to Akluj Lavani Mahotsav to exhibit her graceful moves in front of the audience. It didn't turn out well for her as she kept missing steps, but it was the commencement of her upcoming success. In her first viral TikTok video, she was seen performing the Lavani dance in the traditional Lugade saree during a DJ show and won the hearts of many viewers. It is an easy presumption that she is a Lavani dancer, but she has gained expertise in other Maharashtrian folk dances as well. Nowadays, she practices different dance forms in roaring DJ shows such as Lokdhara and Kola Dance. Her dance seems thrilling yet exhilarating due to the steady rhythm between the music and her skillful dance moves that fit together very well. Her flamboyant attire provides her with all the needed grace so the audience can't take their eyes off her.

The Fame Game and Controversies

One of the many events that led Gautami to fame was the video of her dance performance at the Dahi Handi Festival, known to be the principal occasion in Maharashtra. The video went viral on the internet, and the public loved her glamorous look and effortless steps. Soon, she had a wide fan following, and the people from Hadapsar, Maharashtra, declared her the area's star.

In other incidents associated with her, people condemned her for her performance, which was not part of Marathi culture and seemed frivolous. However, the humble artist didn't take the criticism to heart and apologized for her actions that were not intentional in any way. She apologized through the means of video by expressing her regret and promised not to repeat her mistake while dancing. The public let her off the hook and, seeing her modest character, supported her talent further so that she would learn from her past mistakes.

Social Media Presence

Another aspect that has played a crucial role in increasing the number of admirers for Gautami is social media. Through Instagram, Gautami has been able to maintain a close connection with her audience, and their comments and messages have been supportive all along. On her official Instagram account, she posts not only her dance clips but also videos of her everyday life. Her fans get the idea of the simple life she lives along with her family and how her persistence has molded her into the successful woman she is today. She is followed by over 500K followers on Instagram. As a social media influencer, she inspires young artists to grow into successful and responsible members of society by sharing her journey. She also discusses efficient ways with them on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so others may start their career in that field. Additionally, she regularly shares her practice and performances, and photoshoot videos on social media. She has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Net Worth

Gautami Patil's net worth is estimated to be 30-35 lakh (approx.) which she earned as a professional dancer and social media influencer.

Personal Life

Even though there is no dearth of Gautami's die-hard fans, she is still single, and there is no news of her being in a relationship. On the contrary, she has expressed her thoughts about the perfect man she desires to meet in the future in an interview. She commented that she desires to get married to someone who understands her and is responsible towards her family as well. According to her, she wants someone who gets the depth of her dreams and supports her anyway to achieve her goals. Wealth and materiality do not interest her if the man lacks character and good nature.

For now, she lives with her mother and wants to focus on her talent and test it to its full potential by participating in new events. She challenges herself to learn something new every day to get better at the dance. There are not many people who come this far at such a young age, but she sets a great example for others.

She is close to her team, friends, and family and shares the credit of her limitless achievements with them. She respects her work team and helps other performers during practice sessions so they wouldn't feel anxious during the performance. They work together to entertain their audience and treat each other equally. Gautami's hard-earned success is proof that a great amount of teamwork is an important aspect of winning against anything. With the right support and understanding, people can achieve anything they desire in life.

Awards and Achievements

She has won many awards and honors for her contribution to the development of the Lavani Dance form. The competition called "Maharashtra Times Shravan Queen and Maharashtra Dance Queen" was organized in 2019, in which Gautami also participated and was titled "Maharashtra Dance Queen". In another event called Marathi Lavani Mahotsav, she won the position of 'Lavani Samragini'. In the national dance event known as All India Lavani Mahotsav, she danced enchantingly and was declared 'Lavani Chakravarti'. These achievements are enough to tell how hard Gautami has worked to reach the pinnacle of her career.

Gautami's latest Marathi song Patlancha was released on 12 February 2023, and it was greatly loved by the audience.

An Inspirational Life Journey

Like any inspiring story, Gautami Patil's journey to prosperity consists of many ups and downs that have molded her into what she is today. India is the country in which many dance forms have been founded, and even during festivals, these dance forms are seen as worship rituals. However, some conservative families still perceive dance as a poor career choice. Along with the unstoppable passion for dance, Gautami also had the support of her friends and family to pass the rough patch of her life. This is proof that with the right amount of motivation, luck, and family support, achieving your goals gets a lot easier.

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