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Shafiq is the true name of Chhotu Dada. He is a Famous Indian comedian, social media influencer, and YouTuber. From 2006 on, Chhotu Dada began acting. Before moving to YouTube, he had his televised debut. Safiq Chhotu is from Malegaon, Maharashtra, and as of 2023, he is thirty-one years old. More than 33.5 million people subscribe to his Khandeshi Movies YouTube channel. Chotu Dada is well known for his comic flicks and short subjects. Many people enjoy his material and he frequently uploads amusing films on YouTube. Due to his dedication and hard effort, Chhotu Dada has amassed a great deal of popularity and notoriety today. He has also served as an inspiration to others by demonstrating that height and physical appearance is irrelevant if one is passionate about something.

He is extremely well-liked on YouTube, with films that reach one million viewers in less than a day. He has also produced a number of great and humorous videos that have amassed a total of over fifty million views, which is a big accomplishment for any YouTuber.

Shafiq Chhotu, also known as Chhotu Dada, says that many Indian YouTubers have become quite well-known as a result of the internet.

Chhotu Dada Early Life

On November 25, 1991, Shafiq Chhotu had been born in Malegaon, India's Maharashtra state. In Malegaon, Maharashtra, Chhotu Dada accomplished his education at a government school. And Chhotu Dada comes from a family that is middle class. He continues to reside in the exact same village now. In the home of Chhotu Dada are his parents, two sisters, and four brothers. About his parents, nothing is known. They were unable to study after it. When it comes to Chhotu Dada's marital status, he is wed. he was married in 2019. While there is currently no information about his wife, a new visitor has lately moved into his home in the form of a male youngster. Chhotu Dada was forced to endure listening to a lot of stories regarding his physical impairment. He used to be the target of frequent teasing. But Chhotu Dada continually made an effort to live his life in a way that the residents of his community would appreciate and regard him like a normal person.

Videos And Subscribers

Total Videos on his channel are more than 219. With 33.5 million or more subscribers overall, Chotu Dada has received the Silver Play button, Golden Play button, and Diamond Play Buttons in recognition of his work. The Silver Button was obtained by Jkk Entertainment from YouTube on September 6, 2018. The Golden along with the Diamond Button from YouTube was also awarded to Jkk Entertainment in 2018.

Physical Appearance

Chotu Dada Height is 4' 1", weight is 38 kg, the colour of hair is dark brown, eye colour is black, and body measurements are 30 for the chest, 22 for the waist, and 11 for the biceps

Youtube Carrier

Shafiq wanted to achieve something with his life, but he was unable to discover a means to do it. However, Chhotu Dada later runs into Mr Wasim, a local YouTube video director who lives in his village. He asked Mr Wasim for a job, and Mr Waseem gladly gave Shafiq a role in a YouTube video. As a result of his diminutive stature, everyone calls him Chotu, and he thus acquires the moniker Chotu Dada.

From 2006 on, Chhotu Dada began acting. He didn't do a very good job acting earlier. After gradually picking up acting skills, he is now a well-known comic. Before Chhotu Dada YouTube, he had his first television appearance. Television comedies served as the platform for Chhotu Dada's acting debut. He still did not receive much praise, although labouring for several days. Following his departure from television, Chhotu Dada began creating videos on YouTube, where he quickly found popularity and notoriety. As time went on, Chhotu Dada collaborated with several projects, and a large number of people began to enjoy his films.

The Chhotu Hulk persona was given to Shafiq Natya on Mr Wasim's YouTube channel when he began producing comedic videos on February 10. The most well-known and popular comedy video on YouTube, "Chhotu Ke Golgappa" and "Chhotu Dada," features Shafiq in the role of Chhotu Hulk. Shafiq's work was well received, and Chhotu Dada went on to appear in a number of films that were short and comedic videos. He quickly rose to fame on YouTube, where each of his movies now quickly surpasses millions of views thanks to the popularity of Shafiq.

His name was added to the Guinness Book of World Records as a result of this video. Chhotu Dada's video received a lot of views as well as likes, according to the initial upload on Wasim's channel. As a result, the entire Khandeshi Movies YouTube channel crew engaged Chhotu to take part in their movies, and Chhotu has continued to do so ever since. There are other additional Chhotu channels where videos are consistently available.

Chhotu Rickshawala, Chhotu Dada Bike Wala, and Chhotu Ki Ice Cream are some of Chhotu Dada's other well-known videos. Additionally, Ramzan Shahrukh, a close buddy of Chhotu Dada, may be seen in all of his videos. In the future, we may be able to catch him in Bollywood films as well because several filmmakers have given him roles in their productions.

Income Source

Chhotu Dada has a monthly income of between 3 and 4 lakh rupees and a net worth of about 2 crore rupees.

Rumours About Death

People used to think that Chhotu Dada passed away in an automobile accident.

Chhotu Dada really experienced a vehicle accident in the month of November in the year 2020, which led to his hospitalisation. He was severely injured as well.

People who shared the news on social networking sites said that Chhotu Dada was no longer with us, while in reality, he had just done it to garner attention by including a picture of the automobile involved in an accident as the thumbnail for his movie.

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