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Diana Ankudinova

Diana Ankudinova

Diana Ankudinova is a famous Russian singer. She gained attention by winning two seasons of a talent show called "You Are Super!" on Russian TV. This show is for kids who didn't have parents around during their childhood. Diana's performances on the show were put on the TV website and YouTube, and they got millions of views worldwide. She sings in Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Early Life

Diana was born on May 31, 2003. Diana faced a tough situation when she was born, as her biological mother hurt her. At three years old, she was left at a bus stop in the cold with a broken bone. Her aunt saved her but couldn't care for her properly. Eventually, Diana went to an orphanage where she got help.

Children from the orphanage would occasionally visit a sanatorium in Arsenyev to receive care for their physical and emotional well-being. During this time, a massage therapist, Irina Anatolyevna Ponik, employed at the sanatorium, formed a special bond with Diana. Irina Ponik's daughter, who occasionally accompanied her mother to work, was the first to express a strong desire for Irina to adopt Diana.

In 2008, Irina Ponik took the necessary steps to legally become Diana Ankudinova's guardian through the territorial department of guardianship and trusteeship. The newly formed family settled in Arsenyev initially, but in 2012, they moved significantly to Tolyatti, a city in the Samara Oblast of southwestern Russia. This decision was primarily driven by Diana's concerns that her biological mother might try to locate her, cause harm, or even attempt to regain custody. These fears weighed heavily on Diana's mental well-being, making the move to Tolyatti a crucial step in ensuring her safety and peace of mind.

Passion For Singing

When Diana was four and a half years old, she struggled with speech issues, including stuttering. To help improve her speech and vocal skills, speech pathologists suggested she take singing lessons. It was during this time that she discovered her love for singing.

Alexander Varnamov, the leader of the city's brass band in Arsenyev, was one of the first to recognize Diana's exceptional and beautiful voice and her innate musical talent. He predicted a promising future for her as a singer.

Diana's vocal prowess didn't go unnoticed by her mentors either. Alexander Varnamov facilitated an arrangement with Elena Kazantseva, who headed the vocal pop ensemble Zhemchuzhinki (Pearls), to welcome Diana into the group. Additionally, Diana participated in a duet called "Malinki" under Elena Kazantseva's guidance.

Subsequently, Diana enrolled in the Elegance vocal and choreographic school under the guidance of Anna Pekhtereva in Arsenyev. From a young age, Diana actively participated in various vocal competitions. She also embraced opportunities to perform in public settings.

Upon relocating to Tolyatti, Diana continued to seize every chance to perform publicly and engage in vocal competitions. She furthered her vocal education by joining the Melody Circle at the Tolyatti House of Culture, where she received vocal lessons from Svetlana Vovk. Diana's involvement in the arts extended to the stage. In November 2014, she assumed a leading role in the musical production of Teremok, collaborating with the Russian orchestra of the Tolyatti Philharmonic.

Within the theatre and music studio at DKIT, directed by Dmitry Marfin, Diana actively participated in numerous musical projects. She played a role in the production of "Visiting the Fairy Tale" and portrayed Becky Thatcher in the Jazz musical "Tom Sawyer and His Friends." Additionally, Diana took on the character of Muryonka, the cat in the opera "Silver Hoof" at the Tolyatti Philharmonic. Her performances continued with roles in the musicals "Vovka in the Jazz Kingdom" and "New Adventures of Electronics.

The Voice of Russia

Towards the end of 2016, Diana Ankudinova successfully cleared the preliminary auditions for the fourth season of the Russian version of "The Voice Kids," although these initial rounds were not broadcast. Her appearance during the televised blind auditions occurred on February 17, 2017. During this phase, Diana delivered a rendition of "Jodel Time," a song originally performed by the Swiss band Oesch's Die Dritten. Regrettably, none of the judges chose Diana, eliminating her from the competition. However, the judges requested an additional performance before her exit from the stage. This time, Diana sang a segment of the dith Piaf classic, "Non, je ne regrette rien," sung in French.

Interestingly, Diana's televised appearance on Russia's "The Voice Kids" garnered substantial attention from the viewing public. This led to her achieving a remarkable feat - she became the very first individual within "The Voice" projects to surpass one million views on YouTube. This accomplishment was achieved despite her not advancing past the initial televised blind audition phase of the competition.

You Are Super

"You Are Super!" (in Russian, "?? ?????!") stands as a distinctive talent competition broadcast on the Russian NTV television network. The platform is dedicated to children facing disadvantages, particularly those who have experienced a significant portion of their childhood without parental care.

The show's format boasts unique regulations. Four jury members are a constant presence, positioned facing the participating contestants. The initial stage involves face-to-face performances, with the four jurors evaluating the participants. These jurors vote for the advancement of contestants to the subsequent round by pressing buttons. In the first round, securing at least three votes from the jury turns the scene green, signaling progression. If the necessary votes are not obtained, the stage turns red, eliminating the participant.

In the second round, each performer strives to gather a minimum of three votes, which qualifies them to move to the waiting room. At the episode's conclusion, out of the selected participants, each jury member chooses one performer who earns a spot in the semifinals. During the semifinals, contestants proceed to the waiting room only if every jury member presses their buttons in agreement. For all of Diana Ankudinova's performances in both the 2018 and 2019 seasons, all four jury members showed their support by pressing their buttons. The semifinal episodes culminate with each of the four judges selecting another participant, granting them the privilege to proceed to the final stage.

In the climactic final episode, the audience determines the winner through SMS voting. Diana Ankudinova emerged as the victor of the 2018 edition of "You Are Super!" with an impressive 49 percent of the audience's vote. The subsequent 2019 season was aptly termed a super season and was designed to encompass mostly winners and finalists from earlier seasons. As the champion of 2018, Diana Ankudinova received a special invitation to return for the 2019 superseason, which she also triumphed in.

Following her triumph in the 2018 edition of "You Are Super!", one of the jury members, Igor Krutoy, pledged to provide Diana with an apartment in Moscow to support her continued musical studies. This promise was fulfilled, and Diana received the keys to her new apartment on August 20, 2018, where she now resides.

Life and Career After You Are Super

Before and following her victory in the 2018 "You Are Super!" season, Diana Ankudinova received messages from her biological mother and other relatives via social media. Despite these overtures, Diana remained uninterested in engaging with them, as she was already embraced by a caring adoptive family who had nurtured her happily.

Diana Ankudinova enthusiastically participated in the 2018 New Wave Junior international competition, a platform for young pop music talents, held in Artek. Her remarkable performance earned her the Audience Award, a testament to her burgeoning popularity. Her artistic journey has encompassed numerous solo concerts within Russia, and she has showcased her talents across nearby countries such as Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

In a transatlantic connection, on October 18, 2019, Brad Cooney from the United States featured a podcast interview with Diana Ankudinova. In another interview, Diana engaged with vocal coach Emre Ycelen from Turkey, and this insightful conversation was shared on YouTube on August 24, 2019.

The unveiling of Diana Ankudinova's inaugural single took place on January 23, 2020, at Moscow's "Capercaillie's Nest," a bard club. The presentation included tracks like "As Your Voice," "In Your City," "How Are You There," and "On the Waves of Fate".

Notably, on September 10, 2020, the official music video for "Into the Sky" was released, adding to Diana's growing body of work. Furthering her artistic pursuits, Diana was admitted to the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in September 2020, where she commenced her studies.

In a captivating appearance, Diana graced the fourth season of the "You Are Super!" program on October 4, 2020, performing the song "Into the Sky" as a guest star.

Tragedy struck on October 12, 2020, with Diana's voice instructor, Olga Donskaya, passing in Moscow. Later that year, Diana's foster father also departed, marking a period of emotional upheaval. Displaying her entrepreneurial spirit, Diana Ankudinova embarked on a crowdfunding initiative through the Russian platform Boomstarter in December 2020. She aimed to fund her debut full-length music album. The campaign exceeded expectations, amassing 236% of its goal by early 2021. The album, titled "D.A." after Diana Ankudinova's initials, was launched in December 2021, featuring nine original tracks.

Diana Ankudinova


Commencing on September 25, 2021, Diana Ankudinova engaged in the NTV channel's "ShowMaskGoOn" during its inaugural weekly episode. This event spanned nine episodes, constituting a televised vocal competition among nine adept professionals. The grand culmination was set for November 20, 2021, ultimately resulting in Diana Ankudinova's triumphant emergence as the overarching victor across the nine-part series.

"ShowMaskGoOn" stood as a remarkable contest uniting nine accomplished vocalists, all linked to three prominent vocal competitions showcased on the Russian NTV network: "You Are Super," "Mask," and "Superstar." Within this dynamic, the nine participants undertook dual roles as judges and performers, contributing insightful comments and casting votes for each other's renditions. Each of the nine performances corresponded to a distinct song classification, except for one piece personally chosen by the performer. Additionally, each episode featured a guest judge who held the authority to evaluate and offer commentary on participants' presentations, although they refrained from performing themselves.

Throughout the competition, after each episode, participants and the guest judge assigned ratings to their fellow contenders on a scale spanning from 2 to 9 points while refraining from voting for themselves. At the culmination of the final episode, Diana Ankudinova accumulated an impressive total of 468 points, standing 25 points ahead of the runner-up, cementing her resounding victory.

Continued Endeavour

In December 2021, Diana Ankudinova unveiled her inaugural full-length studio album titled "?.?." (pronounced "D.A.") on various digital platforms, in addition to sharing it on her YouTube channel. Remarkably, this release transpired a year after the initiation of crowdfunding efforts to support the album's creation. Notably, the album's production was spearheaded by Brandon Stone.

Starting from February 12, 2023, Diana Ankudinova took part in the weekly television program "?????" (The Masked Singer) broadcasted on the Russian NTV channel. Concealed beneath the guise of the Ermine mask, she showcased her vocal talents. However, Diana was eliminated from the competition in the episode aired on April 9, 2023, prompting her to unveil her genuine identity by removing the Ermine mask. Subsequently, she delivered an encore performance of her song "California Dreamin'," which had initially been featured in the sixth episode of "?????" (The Masked Singer) show.

Awards and Prizes

Diana Ankudinova has been honored with various awards and accolades throughout her journey:

  • In 2010, she was recognized as a Solo Diploma recipient at the 15th regional vocalists competition "Voices of Primorye." She also achieved the 1st-degree Laureate distinction as part of the vocal duet Malinki.
  • In 2011, Diana showcased her talent as a member of the Malinki duet at the Second International Festival of Young Artists' Competition "Planet of Childhood" in Harbin, China, where she secured the gold medal in the pop vocal category.
  • The year 2012 saw her participation in the second Superfinal of the International project "Salute of Talents" in Moscow, where she emerged as a laureate of the Superfinal.
  • 2013 marked her victory of the Grand Prix at the regional competition "Kind Heart" during the Bereginya festival in the "soloists - pop vocal" category.
  • Recognized in 2014 as the Silver Voice of the All-Russian competition festival "Talents of the Land of Volga."
  • In January 2017, she was awarded the 1st degree Laureate diploma and designated a semi-finalist at the International Competition for Children and Youth Creativity "Art Premium." This accomplishment was supported by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and the Government of Moscow City.
  • In April 2017, Diana's talent shone brightly as she secured the gold medal at the XVI All-Russian Youth Delphic Games in the "Variety Singing" category, clinching the first position among 39 participants.


Diana's journey from a difficult childhood to becoming a celebrated singer is inspiring. Despite facing early hardships, she discovered her passion for music and used it to express herself and connect with people worldwide.

Her unique voice and captivating performances have not only won her competitions but also won the hearts of countless fans. Diana's ability to sing in different languages and her passionate delivery makes her music resonate with a wide audience.

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