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Ravi Kumar Sihag

Ravi Kumar Sihag

Every year, lakhs of candidates work hard to prepare for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This exam is known to be one of the toughest in the country (India). Achieving success in this exam is a dream for many young people, and when that dream comes true, it becomes a source of inspiration for millions of youths.

One such inspiring story is that of Ravi Kumar Sihag, who hails from a farmer's family and has achieved an impressive All India Rank of 18 (all India rank) in the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2021 despite facing financial limitations. Ravi had also attempted the exam before but didn't get a high rank. However, he didn't give up and continued his efforts, eventually securing the 18th rank in 2021, all while studying in Hindi medium. In this article, we will share the remarkable journey of IAS Ravi Kumar Sihag.

Ravi Kumar Sihag's Early Life and Family Background

Ravi Kumar Sihag was born on 2nd November 1995 in Tehsil Chak 3 B.M., Vijayanagar, District Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. He comes from a middle-class family, as his father, Ramkumar Sihag, works as a farmer, and his mother, Vimla Devi, takes care of the household. Ravi has three elder sisters who play important roles in their respective fields:

  • Poonam Sihag is a dedicated homemaker,
  • Raveena Sihag works as an English teacher in Suratgarh, and
  • Komal Sihag serves as an agriculture supervisor in Raisingh Nagar.
Ravi Kumar Sihag

Despite being from a modest background, Ravi's family has always supported and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Their love and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Ravi's journey towards achieving his goals.

Education of IAS Ravi Sihag

Ravi Kumar Sihag's educational journey started in his village at Saraswati Vidya Mandir, where he completed his early schooling under the guidance of Manmohan Sir. Later, he moved to Anupgarh Sharda School and studied until the 11th grade. For his 12th grade, he attended "New of Senior Secondary School" in Vijayanagar.

After completing school, Ravi pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from Anupgarh's Sharda College. In college, he studied subjects like Hindi, English, Literature, and Economics.

Ravi's commitment to education and his passion for learning played a significant role in his journey toward success. His academic foundation gave him the knowledge and skills to excel in his chosen field and eventually achieve an impressive rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

The Inspiring Journey of Ravi Kumar Sihag

Ever since he was a child, Ravi Kumar Sihag helped his father with farming chores. He took care of all the farming responsibilities until he graduated. Whenever he faced any issues related to farming, irrigation, or anything else, he had to visit the collector's office to get the problems resolved. It made him wonder who this collector was with the ability to solve all kinds of problems. People in his village often teased him, saying, "You will become a collector who can do all these tasks?" But instead of feeling discouraged, these words ignited a curiosity in Ravi's mind.

He became determined to become a collector, no matter how tough the journey. Ravi knew there would be challenges, but his dream was strong, and he was ready to face whatever came his way. His unwavering resolve and determination to make a difference in people's lives led him on a challenging yet inspiring path to success.

Ravi's First Attempt at UPSC

After graduating in 2015, Ravi Kumar Sihag started preparing for the UPSC exam 2017. At first, he felt it would be challenging because he was planning to take the exam in Hindi, and very few study materials were available. Unlike English, Hindi was his stronger language. But Ravi didn't let that stop him. He took notes in English and translated them into Hindi to better understand the concepts.

Despite the difficulties, Ravi remained focused and determined. To everyone's surprise, on his first attempt, he passed the UPSC exam in 2018 with an impressive rank of 337th. As a result, he was selected for the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS). Even though he got a job, he never forgot his ultimate goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Ravi's Second Attempt at UPSC

After joining the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS), Ravi continued to study while working. His goal was to improve his score in the UPSC exam. In 2019, he took the exam again with determination. Although he got a slightly better rank than his first attempt, securing the 317th position, he wasn't entirely satisfied.

This time, Ravi got selected for the Indian Defense Account Service (IDAS). Even though the Indian Railway Traffic Service was considered a better service, Ravi had to make a tough decision. The workload in the Indian Railway Traffic Service was high, and he couldn't find enough time to study for the UPSC exam. So, he resigned from the Indian Railway Traffic Service and chose the Indian Defense Account Service, which offered more time for his studies.

Ravi's decision showed his dedication to his dream of becoming an IAS officer, and he was determined to keep trying until he achieved his goal.

Ravi's Third Attempt at UPSC

After joining the Indian Defense Accounts Service, Ravi Kumar didn't give up on his dream of becoming an IAS officer. He continued his studies while working in his new job. In 2020, he took the UPSC exam again, but he couldn't clear the prelims exam this time. It was a shock for Ravi, and he felt disappointed.

However, Ravi didn't let this setback defeat him. Instead, he decided to learn from his mistakes and work even harder. He knew that success might not come easily, but he was determined to keep trying until he achieved his goal. Ravi's determination and perseverance remained strong, and he was ready to face any challenges that came his way on his journey toward becoming an IAS officer.

Ravi's Fourth Attempt at UPSC

After facing some challenges in his previous attempts, Ravi Kumar changed his study strategy. He realized he needed to focus on the right materials and resources, so he studied the NCERT books thoroughly. He also practiced writing answers more, as he felt it was an area where he could improve.

Even though he faced difficulties due to the lack of study materials in Hindi, Ravi didn't give up on his language and took it as a challenge. In his fourth attempt at the UPSC exam in 2021, he stayed committed to using Hindi as his medium of instruction.

All his hard work and determination paid off when he secured an impressive 18th rank in the UPSC exam in 2021. Ravi proved he could achieve a good rank even through the Hindi medium. His success inspired many, showing that anyone can achieve their goals with the right approach and dedication, regardless of the language they choose to study in.

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