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Deepali Das

Deepali Das

Deepali Das is a well-known Jharsuguda assembly constituency Member. She won this position by the ruling party Biju Janata Dal (BJD), on the place of her father. Deepali is very popular in the state of Odhisa due to her great efforts and is loved by people as a social worker and also because of is the daughter of their favourite politician. She won against her rival politician Tankadhar Tripathy Of the Bharatiya Janata Party by almost a margin of 48000 votes.

Who is Deepali Das?

We can say that Deepali Das is one such human being, who doesn't just adjust to society but wants to do something good for it. A fact to notice is that Deepali is the daughter of the late Health and Welfare Minister Mr. Naba Kishore Das who unfortunately was murdered by his security guard in early 2023. Deepali kept working as a social worker and worked very well in the field of Health Care as well. She recently in one of her interviews said that in her oath she decided to keep serving the people of her constituency without breaking any rule and will follow every constitutional principle. Even in the work of Deepali, you can see her devotion and determination to make some positive changes in the world.

Deepali frequently visits different social and health events like the induction of various departments in the hospital as well as the launch of other technologies and applications for the improvement of welfare as well as the health of the common public. Even a few days ago, she was part of the Bhumipujan of the Vedanta Pathology Centre with the help of digital screening.

Deepali keeps sharing all the essential details and news about health as well as the safety of people. For example, throughout the entire COVID period, Deepali stayed active on each and every social media stage such as Instagram, and Twitter to request people to take some inhibitory actions to stop or at least prevent the spread of the virus. She mainly lists out a good series of excitable solutions as well as rules and regulations that someone can pursue to stay safe as well as stop the spread of the virus.

She is as well as kept giving much weight to good immunity and said that one can only rely on immunity and a healthy body. She mostly talks about the amount of food and vegetables a person should eat in their daily life especially when something like COVID or other epidemics is all around the world. Even if you check her Instagram or Twitter account, you will find out that she kept posting about such important facts which are told by experts and also given after checking out various resources and research.

Birth and Personal Life

Deepali was born in 1997 in Odisha India which also means she is currently (as of 2023), 26 years old. Her primary schooling was done at DAV Public School Burla and later for her 12th, she went to Mody School in Lakshmangarh. She graduated with from K.C. College, Mumbai in 2018 and later did a master's in Business Administration from EU Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

Talking about her family, She is the daughter of a famous politician and Health and welfare minister Odhisa Naba Kishore Das. The name of her mother is Minati Das and her brother is Bishal Das. Due to the popularity and background of her father, people already knew her for many years before she joined politics and due to a lot of love and support, she is representative of her Father even after his death.

Who was Naba Kishore Das?

Naba Kishore Das was born on 7 January 1962 and died on 29 January 2023, He was a popular politician, who served as a member of the Odisha Legislative Assembly from 2009 to 2023, for the state of Jharsuguda. In his initial days, he was a part of the Indian National Congress, he later joined BJD.

He was elected to the 14th Odisha Legislative Assembly with a vote count of 62,663 votes and later he was again elected to the 15th Odisha Legislative Assembly for the second time and even for the third time, he continued to be elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly. Even when Das died, he was in the position of Minister of Health and Family Welfare in the state of Odhisa.

Das was a loved politician by the public but unfortunately, most loved people also have huge numbers of haters as well. On the unfortunate day of 29th January 2023, an Assistant Sub-inspector of the Police force, shot around four or five bullets at him when he was going for a meeting at Brajarajnagar, Jharsuguda district. As soon as Das came out of his car, The ASI shot him. He was immediately taken to the Hospital but unfortunately died while in treatment at Apollo Hospital in Bhubaneswar. Although the government asked for an inquiry by the police department and it is still under process Das was killed.

There was an official notice for 3 days of mourning for him in the entire state where the national flag was half-mast and no work was going on until his funeral was done by the government of Odhisa.

Her Father's Death and Election

In Early 2023, Deepali's family went through a very big loss when her father Naba Kishore Das was murdered by his own Security Guard, at that time he was the minister and member of the Jharsuguda assembly constituency and the entire state of Odisha, was in a sock and sadness.

People were trying to know about him a bit more but After his death, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) picked Deepali Das as the representative of her father. After some time, she actually won by a very big margin of almost 48k votes in the Jharsuguda by-poll election where her competition was BJP candidate Tankadhar Tripathy.

In this election, Deepali got overall 1,07,198 votes, whereas BJP's Tankadhar Tripathy got only 68,477 votes and unfortunately Congress candidate Tarun Pandey only got a total of 4,496 votes according to the calculation of the Election Commission.

As soon as she took oath as MLA of Jharsuguda, she told everyone that that was an emotional moment for her because the date of her oath ceremony and her father's birthday were the same. She also promised the current Chief Minister (Naveen Pathak in 2023) that she would serve the people of Jharsuguda. As well as she promised that she would not break any rules and principles of the Indian Constitution during her working period.

The Career of Deepali Das

Currently, Deepali is a popular social worker, and a member of the BJD party, She also became an MLA of Jharsuguda from the same party and received a huge amount of votes as well. She also sometimes spreads awareness on her social media about health and welfare and focuses more on such things.

Final Words

Deepali was born in Odhisa and since 2019, she has been working as a social activist and is getting public attention. She is also one of the most loved children of her father and thus in October previous year, Naba Das himself made her the leader of Jharsuguda. As soon as her father died, she took all the responsibilities of her dad and worked well for the welfare of the people of her region. Even when her father was alive, they both used to be seen on the political Forums for different events and even today, she keeps taking part in social events.


Question 1. Who is Deepali Das?

Ans. Deepali Das is a member of the BJD party, MLA of Jharsuguda, and daughter as well as representative of Odisha Health and Welfare Minister late Naba Kishore Das.

Question. When is the Date of Birth of Deepali Das?

Ans. Deepali Das was born on 27th January 1997, in Odisha.

Question. Is Deepali Das an MBA?

Ans. Yes, Deepali did her highest degree in an MBA course from Spain.

Ques. What is the Instagram and Twitter ID of Deepali Das?

Ans. Her Insta ID is deepalidas. Jsg.

Ques. From Which Political Party Deepali Das Belong?

Ans. She is member of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) Party.

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