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Nisha Rawal

Nisha Rawal

Nisha Rawal is a multi-talented Indian personality who was born on November 18, 1980, in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. Her journey in the entertainment world began as a model, but her true calling emerged in acting. Nisha's claim to fame came through her remarkable portrayal of Soumya Diwan in the immensely popular Indian TV series "Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki," aired from 2011 to 2012. Her captivating performances and charisma endeared her to nationwide audiences, firmly establishing her as a household name.

In addition to her acting prowess, Nisha Rawal is a versatile artist who has ventured into music. She graced the music scene with her album "Caramel" in 2016, showcasing her multifaceted talent and creative expression.

Beyond her acting and musical endeavors, Nisha has also ventured into reality television, appearing on shows like "Nach Baliye," where she partnered with her husband, the accomplished actor Karan Mehra. While her professional journey has been marked by success, Nisha's personal life, particularly her marriage and her challenges, has garnered significant public interest and attention. Nisha Rawal continues to shine as a prominent figure in Indian television, celebrated for her talent, versatility, and resilience in life's ups and downs.

Early Life

In college, Nisha Rawal studied science. But, ever since she was a kid, she loved singing and even took lessons from a singing expert named Pandit Sanjay Mishra as a teenager. While in college, her family and friends kept telling her to try modeling because they thought she could do well. So, when Nisha was about 16 or 17 years old, she had her first professional photo shoot to kickstart her modeling journey. These early experiences show that Nisha had various interests and talents that eventually led her to a successful career in the entertainment industry.


Nisha Rawal's career began in modeling, where she was featured in TV ads for brands such as Sunsilk, Coca-Cola, Fem Bleach, and Lacto Calamine. She also appeared in music videos, like Sonu Nigam's "Chanda Ki Doli Mein" in 2011.

Her TV journey started in 2001 with the show "Aane Wala Pal." She continued with the role of 'Binita' in the TV series "Kesar" in 2002. However, her portrayal of 'Soumya Diwan' in "Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki" in 2011 brought her widespread recognition.

Nisha Rawal

In 2012, Nisha and her husband, Karan Mehra, took to the dance floor in the reality show "Nach Baliye: Season 5." The following year, they joined "Nach Baliye Shriman v/s Shrimati." In 2020, she played 'Chanda Rathore' in the TV series "Shaadi Mubarak."

Nisha's foray into the film world began in 2008 when she appeared in the Bollywood movie "Rafoo Chakkar," taking on the role of 'Milli.' These experiences show her diverse journey in the entertainment industry.


Nisha Rawal and actor Karan Mehra first crossed paths while working on the Bollywood movie "Hastey Hastey" in 2008. They soon fell in love and began a romantic relationship.

Karan took a special step to propose to Nisha; he knelt in front of their families and close friends during Nisha's birthday party in Mumbai. The couple dated for approximately six years before deciding to tie the knot. They exchanged their wedding vows on November 24, 2012, at Karan's residence in Noida. Their love story continued to flourish, and in June 2017, they welcomed their son, Kavish Mehra, into their lives. Their journey together as a family has been filled with love and happiness.


In 2021, Nisha Rawal accused her husband, Karan Mehra, of pushing her into a wall and causing her to get hurt during a fight. Nisha went to the police station in Goregaon to report this, which led to Karan's arrest. Later, he was let out on bail.

Nisha Rawal

However, Karan had a different story. He said Nisha entered his room and started yelling and spitting at him. He explained that the big argument happened because he didn't want to give her a lot of money as alimony, which she was asking for. Karan also mentioned that he didn't physically hurt Nisha. Instead, he claimed she banged her head against the wall and threatened to harm his reputation. These different versions of events caused a lot of attention and discussions in the public.

Net Worth

Nisha Rawal has a total net worth of approximately ?7 crores. Her main way of earning money is by acting in TV shows. She also participates in reality shows as a contestant and earns more than lakhs of rupees weekly. In 2022, she was on a digital show called Lock Upp, making about ?4 lakh per week. Additionally, she owns a BMW car.


Nisha Rawal has had a diverse and challenging life in showbiz. She began as a model and later became famous for her roles in TV shows, like "Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki." Her personal life, especially her marriage to actor Karan Mehra and their publicized disagreements, has been widely discussed. With a net worth of about ?7 crores, Nisha has made her way through TV, reality shows, and online content, showing her strength and various talents in the Indian entertainment world.

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