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Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti

Actor (Hero) and actress (heroin) play important roles in any film. Almost everyone likes to watch movies. If there is an actor or actress we like in the film, it is more fun to watch that film. There have been many successful heroes and heroines in the history of Bollywood. However, some such heroes and heroines become quite popular and successful in a very short period. So, in this article, we will talk about an actress or heroine who became very successful and popular in a very short span of time. In this article, we will talk about Superstar Divya Bharti.


Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti was a well-known actress in the Bollywood industry. She was counted among some of the best actresses in Bollywood and the south film industry. Divya Bharti is a very big name in the history of Bollywood and was considered the most beautiful actress of the early 90s. She became popular very soon in the Bollywood industry and has worked not only in Bollywood Films (Hindi Films) but also in Telugu Films. Apart from superb acting, Divya Bharti was also known for her versatility. Divya Bharti became one of the top paid actresses in Bollywood at a very young age of 18.

Early Life

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti was born in 1974 on 25 February in Bombay, Maharastra. Her parents' name was Om Prakash Bharti and Meeta Bharti. Her father was an insurance officer, and her mother was a businesswoman. Divya Bharti also has a younger brother and a half-sister. Her younger brother's name is Kunal, and her half-sister's name is Poonam. Poonam was the daughter of Divya Bharti's father, Om Prakash Bharti, and his first wife.

Moreover, she also has a cousin named Kainaat Arora, who is also an actress. Divya Bharti had a great command over languages like Hindi, English, and Marathi, and she spoke these languages very well. Divya Bharti was one of the most beautiful actresses. When she started working in Bollywood, she was also known for her doll-like looks and her bubbly personality.

Educational Career

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti wanted to become an actress right from her childhood. She did her schooling at a school in Mumbai. The name of her school was Maneckji Cooper High School, located in Juhu, Mumbai. She completed her studies from here till class 9. Then, after studying till class nine, she wanted to pursue her career in acting.

Filmy Career

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti started working in the film industry from a very young age; that's why she started getting offers for films at the early age of 14. Divya Bharti made everyone crazy with her acting and beauty in a few years.

When Divya Bharti was studying in 9th standard, well-known producer Nandu Tolni caught sight of Divya. Seeing her beauty and bubbly style, he offered her a film. So, she got her first film offer in 1988; at that time, Divya Bharti was only 14 years old. Signing a film at such a young age was a big deal. The name of the movie she signed was Gunahon Ka Devta. However, due to some reason, her role was removed from this film, and in her place, Sangeeta Bijlani did this role.

A few days later, superstar Govinda's brother Kriti Kumar caught sight of Divya and decided to cast Divya Bharti opposite Govinda in his film. This movie was Radha Ka Sangam, but unfortunately, like the previous film (Gunahon Ka Devta.), Divya Bharti was also dropped from the film Radha Ka Sangam.

Instead of Divya Bharti, Juhi Chawla acted in this film opposite Govinda. So, despite signing for two films in a row, she could not act in a film due to some reason.

South Film Industry

Divya Bharti

When Divya Bharti did not get work in Bollywood movies, D. Ramanaidu, a Telugu film producer, offered Divya Bharti a lead role in a Telugu film opposite Daggubati Venkatesh. The name of this movie was Bobbili Raja, and this film was released in the year 1990. The role and acting of actress Divya Bharti in this film were well-liked by the audience. This film, to date, holds a special place in the audience's heart since this was Divya Bharti's first film.

Then a year later, Divya Bharti also acted in a Tamil film called Neela Penne; actor Anand was in the lead role in this film, and Divya Bharti was opposite him. However, this film was not liked by the people and flopped.

After this film (Neela Penne), Divya Bharti worked in films like Roday Alludu, Assembly Rowdy, and Dharma Kshetram. These three movies were well-liked by the audience. Divya Bharti worked with veteran actors like Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu in films like Roday Alludu and Assembly Rowdy.

In an acting career of just 1 to 2 years, Divya Bharti gave huge competition to actresses like Vijayshanti, referred to as The Lady Superstar, and Lady Amitabh in South Indian cinema.

Hindi Film Industry

After doing some South Indian films, Divya Bharti became quite popular; not only directors or producers from the Tamil and Telugu film industries wanted to take her in their films, but also some directors or producers from Bollywood wanted to cast Divya Bharti in their film. Rajiv Rai, who is one of the famous directors of Bollywood, signed Divya Bharti in one of his films, Vishwatma.

Divya Bharti

Vishwatma was Divya Bharti's first Bollywood film. This film proved to be very good for Divya Bharti. Due to this film, Divya Bharti became very famous in Bollywood. A song in this film named Saat Samundar further rosed Divya Bharti's fame and popularity.

After working on the film Vishwatma, many offers of Bollywood films started coming to Divya Bharti. After Vishwatma, she worked in Lawrence D'Souza's film Dil Ka Kya Kasoor, but the people did not like this film. However, the music of this movie was well-received by song lovers. Then came the film Shola and Shabnam, which was released in 1992.

Divya Bharti

Govinda was also in this film. People liked this film very much, and through this film, Divya Bharti became more popular. After the release of Shola and Shabnam, the film Deewana was released in the same year, i.e.1992. Deewana also proved to be one of the biggest hits of Divya Bharti's career. In this film, Divya Bharti worked with veteran artists like Rishi Kapoor, and Deewana was the first film of today's Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. SRK did his first Bollywood film with Divya Bharti.

After the release of Deewana, many other films of Divya Bharti were released in the same year and a year later, such as Jaan Se Pyaara, Geet, Dushman Zamana, Balwaan (Suniel Shetty made his Bollywood debut in Divya Bharti's film named Balwaan), Dil Aashna Hai, Chittamma Mogudu, and Kshatriya. Some of these films were very successful at the box office.

Divya Bharti

Not only this, but Divya Bharti also has a list of many such films in which other actresses replaced her for some reason.

Not only this, but Divya Bharti also has a list of many such films in which other actresses replaced her for some reason.

Mohra, Kartavya, Vijaypath, Dilwale, Andolan, Laadla, Gunahon Ka Devta, Radha Ka Sangam are some movies that Divya Bharti earlier offered. Still, for some reason, Divya Bharti could not do these films.

Bobbili Raja, Rowdy Alludu, Assembly Rowdy, Shola Aur Shabnam, Deewana, Balwaan are some best movies of Divya Bharti's career. After Divya Bharti's death, her three movies were released. Rang, Shatranj, and Tholi Muddhu.

Marriage and Children

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti met the famous director and producer Sajid Nadiadwala through Govinda on the sets of Shola Aur Shabnam. Soon, they started liking each other and got married on 10 May 1992. This marriage took place in the Tulsi Building residence of Nadiadwala. This marriage was done in a very secret way so that other people do not know about this marriage. The main reason for hiding this marriage from other people was there would be no effect on Divya Bharti's film career. Moreover, it is also said that Divya Bharti converted to Islam before getting married. Divya Bharti has no children.


Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti left this world at a very early age. She died when she was only 19 years old. Her death was not natural but an accident. On 5 April 1993, Divya Bharti died after falling from her fifth-floor apartment. After Divya Bharti fell from the building, she was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, she died in the hospital. However, she was cremated at the Vile Parle crematorium on 7 April 1993. Divya Bharti's death is still a mystery; some people believe it was an accident, and others believe it was a pre-planned murder.


Divya Bharti was one of the best and most beautiful actresses in the Bollywood industry. She worked in more than 20 films at a young age, which was a very big deal. Also, she was one of the topmost paid actresses in Bollywood and the South film industry. All the actors and actresses who worked with Divya Bharti say that there will hardly be any other talented actress like Divya Bharti in the film industry. Even though Divya Bharti left this world at a very young age but what Divya Bharti has done at such a young age, hardly anyone else can do it.

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