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The Humane Sagar family has a musical background. His dad was a vocalist who served on radio programs, and his mom was a skillful musician and lyricist. His grandfather was a Music Director for folk songs. Since childhood, he has been interested in singing and has participated in several state-level contests, always gaining a foremost place.

He afterward entered and won the reality TV show "Voice of Odisha" on Tarang TV in 2012. Humane Sagar, also called "Human Sagar," is an Indian playback singer who mainly functions in the Ollywood Industry. In 2012, he won the reality singing contest "Voice of Odisha Season 2."

Human Sagar Net Worth

Human Sagar is a popular Indian playback singer with a perennial revenue of around 50 lakh and a monthly revenue above 4 lakh. Sagar's net worth is 9 crores as of 2023. Sagar is the most prosperous individual in his domain, significantly benefiting from his occupation. His net worth continues to develop rapidly due to numerous hours of struggle and devotion.

Sagar is acknowledged internationally and can anticipate a 40% boost in net worth over the next 3 years. Mr. Sagar has obtained numerous accolades for his work, demonstrating that triumph demands long-term commitment and hard work, containing rejections.

Name Human Sagar
Profession Indian playback singer
Yearly Income 50 Lakh +
Monthly Income 4 Lakh +
Net Worth (2023) 9 Crores

Human Sagar Biography

Human Sagar, a famous musician in the Odia Film industry, was born on November 25, 1990, in the beautiful city of Balangir. Impacted by his dad, who served on the radio, and his talented lyricist and vocalist mom, Human Sagar started practicing music at home and has since sung countless songs on radio stations to engage listeners.

Humane initially sought an MBBS degree after scoring excellently on the medical entry exam. Nevertheless, he dropped out in the first year as he realized it was not his actual calling.

Full Name Humane Sagar
Nick Name Sagar
Date of birth November 25, 1990
Birthplace Balangir
Nationality Indian
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 1.76 m
Weight 75 Kg
Education Graduate
Parents Mr. Ravi Chandra Sagar
Siblings N/A
Profession Indian playback singer
Net Worth 9 Crores

Human Sagar Career

In 2012, Human Sagar participated in "Voice of Odisha," a reality show on Tarang TV. He won the competition and captured the hearts of the Odia people with his voice. Human Sagar gained popularity after a show and became a playback singer in the movie "Ishq Tu Hi Tu." His songs are now successful on YouTube and considered the most searched on Google.

In 2019, he joined the BJD party after being inspired by Mr. Naveen Pattnaik, CM of Odisha. Although he did not receive a ticket for the election, he still supported and promoted the BJD through his song "Ame Naveena nka Fan," which was appreciated by Mr. Naveen Babu.

Human Sagar: Relationships and More

Many people say Human Sagar sings sad songs because he had a heartbreak. But the truth is, he loved and married a girl named Shriya Mishra, and now they are very happy together.

In an interview, he shared his love story. They met on a reality show and became friends. When he advanced to the final round, she didn't make it. She encouraged him and predicted his victory.

After winning, he couldn't find her, but they eventually became close friends and fell in love. They got married in 2017 and had a baby girl in 2018.

Affairs N/A
Girlfriends N/A
Bestfriend Married
Spouse Shriya Mishra
Divorce N/A
Children 1 Daughter


Human Sagar is a highly trained Indian vocalist recognized for his soulful voice and capacity to bond with audiences. His universal singing style spans several genres, involving romantic ballads, devotional songs, and folk music. With each performance, Sagar exits an enduring impact on listeners through his heartfelt devotion to his craft. As he continues to develop as an artist and analyze new musical territories, it is obvious that he will make a noteworthy mark in the world of harmony for years to come.

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