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Rakesh Yadav Sir

Rakesh Yadav Sir

Imagine a world where learning is like a fun adventure, and even the trickiest subjects are easily understood. Welcome to the world of Rakesh Yadav, Sir, a name that shines in the field of education. He is loved and respected by many students because of his passion for teaching and dedication to helping aspiring learners.

Imagine a world where learning is like a fun adventure, and even the trickiest subjects are easily understood. Welcome to the world of Rakesh Yadav, Sir, a name that shines in the field of education. He is loved and respected by many students because of his passion for teaching and dedication to helping aspiring learners.

Rakesh Sir's coaching institute is located in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, which we all know as an educational hub. Many students come here with hopes and aspirations to succeed in different competitive exams. Over the years, Rakesh sir has gained a lot of respect and reputation because of his way of teaching. His way of making complex topics easy to understand for the students shows how exceptionally talented he is.

Students from all over India come to the coaching center of Rakesh sir, and his fame as an outstanding educator has spread like wildfire. Many students of Rakesh Sir have achieved their goals with his guidance, proving his hard work and expertise are helping his students achieve their goals.

When you enter the world of competitive exams, you will find many concepts or languages very difficult. However, Rakesh sir's teaching method will make it very simple and clear for the students to understand concepts, making him different and stand out. His ability to break down tough and complex problems in easy-to-follow steps enhances students' confidence, making them capable enough to face and overcome any problems that come their way.

As we explore Rakesh Yadav Sir's life and achievements further, we will discover a man who has dedicated himself to shaping the futures of young minds, making the seemingly impossible possible. His story is an inspiration and inspires the students because of his unwavering commitment to making the world full of knowledge-rich people.

Early Life and Education

Rakesh Yadav Sir was born on 24 September 1971 in a small village of Haryana named Rewari. His father is a retired police officer, whereas his mother is a housewife. Rakesh Sir's mother was good at mathematics, too, and contributed a lot to Rakesh Sir's life in his childhood. She made him fluent in mathematics since childhood, which is his biggest identity today.

Rakesh sir's early education was completed in a government school in his village. Right from the beginning, he had a keen interest in studies and was known for being curious and inquisitive about various subjects. As Rakesh Yadav Sir progressed through his schooling from a government school in his village, his dedication to education grew stronger. He performed very well in his exams from the start and participated in various curricular activities.

After schooling, Rakesh Yadav Sir pursued higher studies at the University of Haryana and pursued 'B.Sc. (Math's Honors)' there, he continued to excel academically and gained valuable knowledge and skills to shape his future career.

Throughout his academic journey, Rakesh Yadav Sir's hard work and determination led to numerous achievements and accolades. His strong educational background and passion for teaching became the pillars of his success and made him a renowned educator. After completing his studies, he got his first job as a math teacher in a Delhi Government College.

Reason to Become a Teacher

Rakesh Yadav Sir was inspired to become a teacher because he loved helping others learn and grow. He wanted to share his knowledge with the students and see them succeed.

When Rakesh Yadav Sir started teaching, he had to face some challenges. Simplifying complex topics for students was not always easy. But he didn't give up. He worked hard to find better ways to explain things and connect with his students.

After gaining experience and refining his teaching skills, Rakesh Yadav Sir established his coaching institute in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. He wanted to create a place where students could get quality education and guidance to excel in competitive exams.

The coaching institute soon became popular among students from all over the country. Rakesh Yadav Sir's dedication and unique teaching methods earned him a reputation as a reliable and successful teacher.

Introducing CareerWill App: Learn from Rakesh Yadav Sir Anytime, Anywhere!

If you're preparing for SSC CGL or any other general competition and wish to learn from Rakesh Yadav, Sir, you can access his online classes through the CareerWill App on your mobile phone. It's as simple as downloading the app and starting your learning journey from home.

Rakesh Yadav Sir

The CareerWill App was launched about four years ago, in 2018. Since then, it has gained immense popularity, with more than 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. This app has become a trusted platform for students seeking quality education and guidance for competitive exams.

With CareerWill, thousands of students have already achieved their dreams of securing government jobs. The app's user-friendly interface and Rakesh Yadav Sir's expert teaching have proven to be a winning combination for exam success.

No matter where you are or what your schedule looks like, CareerWill App allows you to access Rakesh Yadav Sir's teachings anytime and anywhere. So, if you aspire to excel in your exams and aim for a bright future, take the first step by downloading CareerWill App today. Join the ranks of successful students who have made their way to government jobs with the help of this fantastic online education platform.

The Story of How Rakesh Yadav Sir's CareerWill App Began

One day, Rakesh Yadav Sir was parking his car before heading to the coaching class. As he was doing so, he noticed a young child riding a whitewashed cycle toward him. The child's cycle looked dirty, so Rakesh sir asked why it was in that condition.

The child shared his heart-touching story with Rakesh sir. He said his parents had passed away, and he had come to Delhi with his younger brother. He was caring for his little brother and ensuring he went to school. However, life was tough, and he had no one to help him.

The child humbly said that he wants to study in Rakesh Yadav sir's coaching center during day time, but he cannot study due to long distances and some other problems. This touched Rakesh sir's heart deeply, and he realized that many more children, like this young boy, face similar struggles. After that, he started giving online classes.

Driven by compassion and a desire to help such students, Rakesh Yadav Sir came up with the idea of starting an app that could reach out to students all over the country. He wanted to provide quality education and support to those who most needed it.

So, that's how the CareerWill App was born. Rakesh Yadav Sir's vision to create a platform that would empower students and offer them a chance to build a better future became a reality. The app has since become a beacon of hope for many aspirants, guiding them on their journey toward success.

Through the CareerWill App, Rakesh Yadav Sir has touched the lives of countless students, just like the young boy he met that day. His dedication to education and compassion for students in need has made a significant difference in shaping the dreams of many aspiring minds.

Rakesh Yadav Sir Book List: Your Ultimate Guide to Government Job Preparation!

If you're preparing for government jobs, Rakesh Yadav Sir's books are a valuable online and offline resource. These books cover various subjects, making your preparation easier and more effective. Let's explore the books by Rakesh Yadav Sir that you can use to excel in your competition.

1. Rakesh Yadav Math Book

Rakesh Yadav Sir's Math Book is a perfect choice for general competitions involving math. This book provides clear explanations and easy-to-understand examples, helping you master math concepts for the competition.

2. Rakesh Yadav Advance Math

If you're seeking an advanced mathematics book, Rakesh Yadav Sir's Advance Math book is what you need. You can easily order it online through platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, which will be delivered to your doorstep.

3. Rakesh Yadav Reasoning Book

When preparing for general competitions, having a good reasoning book is essential. Rakesh Yadav Sir's Reasoning Book is a great option, and you can find it easily at any nearby offline shop. This book will help you prepare thoroughly for the reasoning section of the exam.

4. Rakesh Yadav Arithmetic Book

Rakesh Yadav Arithmetic Book is an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive arithmetic book. This book covers all the essential topics in arithmetic, making it easier for you to prepare and score well in this section.

Whether you prefer online shopping or browsing through offline bookstores, you can find these books and confidently start your preparation journey. Rakesh Yadav Sir's books have helped numerous students succeed in government job exams, and with the right guidance, you can achieve your dream job. So, pick up these books and hit the road to success!

Rakesh Yadav Sir's Net Worth, Income Sources, and Luxurious Lifestyle

Rakesh Yadav Sir has several sources of income that contribute to his financial success. He earns money through teaching, creating YouTube videos, selling books, running a coaching center, and participating in paid promotions, among other things. All these income streams add up to a good amount of money.

According to sources, Rakesh Yadav Sir's estimated net worth is approximately INR 7 crores. This impressive figure reflects his hard work and dedication to education. His teachings and study materials have helped countless students, and his popularity has grown significantly.

With such financial success, Rakesh Yadav Sir leads a lavish lifestyle. He enjoys the comforts of life and has access to various luxuries. His success has allowed him to surround himself with all the things he desires.

Rakesh Yadav Sir's Social Media Platforms: Stay Connected and Inspired!

If you want to stay updated with the latest educational news, tips, and insights from Rakesh Yadav Sir, you can easily connect with him through various social media platforms. Here are the links to his official accounts:

  • Facebook - CareerWill


CareerWill's Facebook page provides valuable information about competitive exams, study techniques, and success stories of students who have achieved their dreams with Rakesh Yadav Sir's guidance.

  • Instagram - CareerWill App


Follow the CareerWill App on Instagram to get daily inspiration, motivational quotes, and updates on upcoming coaching sessions or online classes by Rakesh Yadav Sir.

  • YouTube- Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication


Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of educational videos. You can watch informative lectures, problem-solving techniques, and valuable exam preparation strategies from Rakesh Yadav Sir himself.

You can join a vibrant educational community by connecting with Rakesh Yadav Sir on these social media platforms. You'll receive regular updates and helpful study materials and be inspired by the success stories of students who have achieved their goals with Rakesh Yadav Sir's guidance.

So, take advantage of internet connectivity to learn and grow with one of the most respected educators in the field. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to embark on a journey of knowledge and excellence.

Fascinating Facts about Rakesh Yadav Sir: Discover the Man Behind the Success

  • Live Sessions and Free PDF Notes: At CareerWill App, Rakesh Yadav Sir goes the extra mile for his students. He provides live sessions where students can interact with him directly and get their doubts clarified. Additionally, he generously offers free PDF notes, making it easier for students to access valuable study material.
  • Inspiration from APJ Abdul Kalam: Rakesh Yadav Sir considers the former President of India and renowned scientist respected Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as his inspiration. Dr. Kalam's dedication and love for education have motivated Rakesh Yadav Sir in his journey as an educator.
  • Interviews with Popular Journalists: Rakesh Yadav Sir's expertise and success have caught the attention of journalists all over India. He has appeared in interviews with various prominent journalists, where he shares valuable insights and tips for exam preparation.
  • Spiritual Journey to Kedarnath: In October 2022, Rakesh Yadav Sir embarked on a spiritual journey to Kedarnath, a revered pilgrimage site in the Himalayas. This journey reflects his connection with spirituality and his pursuit of inner peace.
  • Cricket Enthusiast and Vlogger: Beyond academics, Rakesh Yadav Sir is a cricket enthusiast. He enjoys playing cricket and even creates cricket vlogs to share his passion with his followers.
  • Interview with Journalist Richa Aniruddha: In March 2022, Rakesh Yadav Sir had an insightful conversation with journalist Richa Aniruddha. He shared his experiences and thoughts on education and success during this interview.
  • YouTube Recognition: Rakesh Yadav Sir's YouTube channel has garnered immense popularity, earning him both the Silver and Gold Badge from YouTube. This recognition highlights the impact of his educational content on his viewers.
  • Wanderlust on Royal Enfield: Rakesh Yadav Sir loves exploring new places and experiences. He fulfills his wanderlust by riding his Royal Enfield bike, enjoying the freedom of the open road.


Rakesh Yadav Sir's journey has been truly inspiring. From his humble beginnings to becoming a renowned educator, he has significantly impacted countless students' lives.

His CareerWill App, live sessions, free PDF notes, and books have empowered students in their exam preparation. His dedication to education and admiration for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as his inspiration have shaped his teaching approach. His diverse interests, like his love for cricket and travel, make him a well-rounded role model.

Through his teachings, he has imparted knowledge and instilled confidence and motivation in aspiring learners. Rakesh Yadav Sir's contributions have been invaluable in shaping the futures of many aspirants, paving the way for their success in various competitive exams.

His journey reminds us that with passion, dedication, and a commitment to education, we can achieve our dreams and positively impact others. Rakesh Yadav Sir's role in education is truly significant as he continues to inspire and guide students toward a brighter future.

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