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Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis is a rising television personality, social media star, model, actress, entrepreneur, singer, health coach, and social activist. She was born on 16th August 1992 in Chicago, USA. She is African- American. She has two brothers Jacky and Jordan Davis. She was brought up in a Conservative Christian based family of catholic parents. After completing a course at Pivot Point Cosmetology School in Illinois, Jasmine enrolled at the University of California. She graduated with a BA majoring in Sociology and minoring in Gender studies.


Jasmine's acting career debuted in 2015 through a short film titled Downward Doug, where she played the role of Kia. Since then, she has appeared in several other movies and TV shows such as Abortion, The Choice, and Deviants. She came into the spotlight for her transgender role in the TV Series named 'The Chi'. During its second season, The Chi was quickly on its way to becoming one of the best shows on Showtime. However, after one of the main actors, Jason Mitchell, was fired, viewers weren't sure what to expect.

However, the show's creator, Lena Waithe, promised that season 3 would be full of surprises, and she didn't lie. In the very first episode of the season, we were introduced to a new character named Imani, portrayed by Jasmine Davis. By the second season, we learn that Jasmine's character is trans, and it's clear there are a lot more details about her life that will be unpacked over time. Now, people are just as excited to learn more about Jasmine as they are about Imani. Continue reading for 10 things you didn't know about Jasmine Davis from The Chi. Prior to The Chi, she only had a handful of acting credits. Based on the way she's brought Imani to life so far, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Jasmine in the future.

Trans Community

Jasmine is a proud member of the trans community although, like Imani, she is often able to pass as a cis gender woman when she's out in public. In fact, in real life, Jasmine just came out as trans about a year ago. She almost didn't even read for the role because she didn't want to be typecast as a trans woman who could only play trans characters.

Jasmine Revealed:

"Coming out during a pandemic had its pros and cons. On one hand, I was able to stay in the house and feel safe. However, on the other hand, hateful internet trolls had a lot of time on their hands to send hate mail and leave negative comments on social media. I've always been open with my close friends or any lover that I had. But as far as general society was concerned, it was like, it's not your business."

"I'm glad that I am living my truth. I'm glad that I can inspire others to be whatever they want to be. I'm glad that I can represent my LGBTQ+ community and just my Black community in general."

Jasmine was raised in a conservative Catholic family where being a trans person simply wasn't accepted. As a result, Jasmine's gender identity drove a wedge between her and her family. This is part of what kept Jasmine in the closet for so long. Fortunately, though, her relationship with her family has improved.

Jasmine has also been working as a model for several years and has gotten the opportunity to work with several brands. She has even campaigned for a spot on the cover of the infamous Maxim Magazine.


Jasmine is all about staying healthy and fit. She loves to workout as often as she can and she sometimes shares her exercise routines with her followers on social media. Not only does regular exercise keep Jasmine's body looking good, but it's also a good way to stay positive. The actress is 5 feet 6 inches tall, equivalent to 168 centimeters, and weighs 127 lbs, approximately 58 kilograms. She has black eyes and black hair, and her body measurements are 32-24-35 inches.

Net Worth

Jasmine Davis is earning decent amount from her emerging acting career. She has also stepped into the business of clothes. An Estimation of Jasmine's net worth is around 3-4 million USD approximately.

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