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Sumit Goswami

Sumit Goswami

On November 18th, 1996, Sumit Goswami was born, and on November 26th, 2023, he'll be 26. He was raised in a middle-class family in the small village of Datauli in the Indian state of Haryana, where he was born and grew up.

He is currently a singer, composer, and guitarist who works out of Delhi, India. He has always had a passion for music and singing and has desired to succeed as a singer in the music industry and achieve notoriety and celebrity. He belongs to the Indian nationality and believes in Hinduism.

Some Unknown Information about Sumit Goswami

  • Sumit Goswami is a well-known Indian lyricist and vocalist who mostly writes, performs, and creates music in the Haryanvi language.
  • Since he was young, he has been passionate about singing and started writing songs in school. However, his family did not offer much support. His father disapproved of his singing and urged him to pursue a career in engineering instead. Whenever he expressed his desire to become a singer, his father would mock him by calling him "Sheikh Chilli," a term that means "daydreamer" or "impractical person."
  • Sumit saw it as a challenge and assured his father that singing would make him wealthy. While he did not defy his father and accepted admission to a college, his passion for music never diminished. In an interview, he claimed to be an excellent student and a tipper at his school. He used to take part in numerous events while still in high school and college and had a large following.
  • He began working at a private firm where he was required to perform night shifts after graduating from college. He used to balance his career with his love of singing. He used to write songs during the day and work at the office at night.
  • He did not inform his family before releasing his debut single, "Karobaar," 2018. Even though the song had a little view, his parents began to back him.
  • His following single, Gangwar with Bawli Tared, was launched, and its audio quickly became quite well-liked. Later, he posted the song's music video on YouTube, which features Vicky Kajla. His fame as a performer in Haryana skyrocketed thanks to this song.
  • He directed and created the soundtrack for the 2019 Haryanvi music video "Yaar Ki Shaadi."
  • In addition to Yaar Ki Shaadi (2019), Tora (2020), Raaj (2020), Yaara (2021), and Pyar Mera (2021), he appeared in other Haryanvi music videos.
  • In addition to Red Eye (2019), Feelings (2020), Jaane Meri (2020), Sample Yaara Ke (2021), and Haryanvi Swag (2022), he also wrote the soundtrack for these videos.
  • Sumit's grandpa, who composed Raagini as a child, taught him how to sing.
  • To express his gratitude for the assistance he has provided him throughout his singing career, Sumit frequently thanks his cousin Shanky by name in his songs.


When a Delhi-based entrepreneur posted a video on the social media platform Instagram claiming that he and his girlfriend used to abuse and extort money from him, Sumit got into a tussle. He further stated that he felt compelled to take action because they had caused him so much distress.

The businessman committed suicide on September 29, 2020. Following this, a protest was held against Sumit, alleging that he was responsible for the deceased businessman's death. However, sources have reported that Sumit has not officially responded to the allegations against him.

Net Worth, Zodiac Sign, and Education

Sumit Goswami's net worth is $1 million. Sumit Goswami's Zodiac sign is Scorpio, and his high school was a Local High School in the Haryana state of India. He also completed his graduation from Local University in the state of Haryana.


Sumit Goswami started his singing career in 2018 with his first song bawli tared ja jile jindagi on YouTube. It became a huge hit with young people in Haryana and all over the world. He got a lot of fans and became really popular on social media.

Sumit Goswami then went on to sing approximately ten more songs and post them on YouTube. Recently, he has performed two new songs titled "Private Jet" and "Parindey" which gained immense popularity on social media platforms. Additionally, a new song titled "Bhartar" has been released.

Sumit Goswami's song Bholenath has been watched by more than 60 million people on YouTube. Also, the female models he used in his music videos are also big fans of his.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of Sumit Goswami are impressive. He has a charming personality and is a well-groomed man. He is well-gifted in terms of makeup, physique, and body shape. His height is 5 feet 5 inches and his weight is approximately 60 kg. He has a beard, black hair, and mesmerizing black eyes, which contribute to his charisma. He does not have any tattoos on his body.

Family, Girlfriend, and Relationships

Ram Kishore Goswami and Pushpa Devi are Sumit Goswami's parents. Ram Kishore Goswami is his father, and he is a farmer by trade. Pushpa Devi is the name of his homemaker mother. Ankit Goswami is the name of his brother.

The marital status of Sumit Goswami is single. He is dating Neha Jindal, a Delhi-based woman who works as his video coordinator. Since two years ago, the couple has been dating.


Sumit Goswami, a 26-year-old Indian singer, composer, and guitarist, is a rising star in the Haryanvi music industry. Born in 1996 in Datauli, Haryana.

Goswami's family includes Ram Kishore Goswami, Pushpa Devi, and Ankit Goswami. Sumit Goswami's family disapproved of his singing career, but he persevered and pursued it. He began working at a private firm and balancing his career with singing. Sumit Goswami's debut single, "Karobaar," gained popularity in 2018 and has since released several Haryanvi music videos, including "Yaar Ki Shaadi" and "Red Eye." He also composed Raagini as a child and received support from his cousin Shanky. Goswami's net worth is $1 million, and he graduated from Local University in Haryana. His music videos have gained over 60 million views on YouTube.

Questions and Answers on Sumit Goswami

Question 1: Sumit Goswami's age.

Answer: The age of Sumit Goswami is 26.

Question 2: What is Sumit Goswami's height?

Answer: Sumit Goswami stands at 5' 5" in height.

Question 3: What is Sumit Goswami's net worth?

Answer: Sumit Goswami is worth $1 Million.

Question 4: From what country is Sumit Goswami?

Answer: Sumit Goswami comes from Datauli Village in India's Haryana province's Sonipat District.

Question 5: Where does Sumit Goswami now reside?

Answer: Sumit Goswami is an Indian resident of Delhi.

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