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Kavitha Ramu IAS

Kavitha Ramu IAS

Kavitha Ramu: She's the Inspiration You Need

Kavitha Ramu is an IAS official from the 2014 batch. She was born in Madurai's beautiful temple town and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. She consistently displayed dedication and desire, even as a small child. She has drawn a lot of inspiration from her father, an IAS officer. Her UPSC rank was another impressive life milestone that she accomplished. She followed in her family's footsteps, pursuing a higher education and expanding her skill set across multiple fields because her family was well-educated. She was a dedicated and motivated student all the time.

With great effort and serious study, the honorable IAS officer passed her 12th-grade exam with a score of 93.4%. She believes that having an education helps you become a decent and wise person in the world. You have to put in constant effort to advance your knowledge and seek out superior guidance. She started attending dancing lessons when she was four years old. Nothing and no one could stop her from accomplishing her objectives. Her life is an endless source of inspiration for everybody who aspires to achieve their goals, not only CSE candidates but also everyone else.

Power of Dreams

Kavitha Ramu's father, IAS M Ramu, was an IAS official who made remarkable services to the country. Kavitha was the best student in the school and obtained a master's degree in economics. On her campus, she came in sixth place. She has put in so much effort that she has succeeded in every way wherever she has worked. She ended up going to 10 different schools as a result of her father's relocation.

Nothing is known about her optional subject. Her constant moving has allowed her to see the world from several angles, allowing her to observe everything from working to nature, beauty, education, and behavior. She says you can learn a lot by paying attention to the small details around you, and you don't need someone else to inspire you. At Manimegalai University, her mother used to teach economics. Football and travel are two things that IAS Kavitha loves to do. Her spouse has been designated to a particular position as well. She says your will to succeed sets you apart from being simple and average.

IAS Kavitha Ramu?s Career In Dancing

IAS Kavitha started taking traditional dancing lessons when she was barely four years old. She had been a professional Bharatanatyam dancer for twenty years when she decided to go after her dream of becoming an IAS official. In the past, she had learned dancing under Guru Neela Krishnamurthy. When she was just eight years old, she gave her first noteworthy performance at the Fifth World Tamil Conference in Chidambaram. She was highly regarded and praised for it.

She learned Nattuvangam, a rhythmic cymbal play that commands and coordinates the dance, from the renowned Guru Smt. Indira Rajan. She never tried to give up on anything. She has always aimed for excellence in all that she does. After being appointed to the IAS, she began instructing children in dance and continued to learn whenever she had the chance.

IAS Kavitha Ramu's Amazing IAS Experience

The exceptional IAS first became interested in the IAS profession after seeing her father, who devoted his life to serving the nation. She wanted to do the same for her country. While preparing for the exam, she traveled to the USA and Canada to play the lead role of Annamayya in a highly appreciated performance choreographed by the famous dancer Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. She was employed as a revenue divisional officer at Vellore. While in the prestigious position, she completed a lot of goals.

She was the Assistant Commissioner of Civil Supplies for Chennai. As the Joint Commissioner for Relief and Rehabilitation and the Consumer Protection Department of the Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project (TNRSP), she has successfully displayed her abilities and service. In every aspect, she is the one who works hard and effectively. All of us could use her as our perfect example or role model in this circumstance. She works with Tamil Nadu State Tourism Development Corporate as a General Manager. Her overall growth shows that she is dedicated to reaching her objectives.

There is a famous quote in which Kavitha Ramu believes, "Where There is a Will, There is a Way.? IAS Kavitha Ramu believes that if you put your mind to something, you may achieve tremendous success. Along with reading, traveling, watching movies, and other hobbies, she followed a career in dancing, was appointed as an IAS officer, and is still a yoga and fitness enthusiast. She says dancing has given her stress management skills, and her life experiences have taught her discipline. Her two careers don't cause her any stress or difficulty balancing them. However, she claims that despite their differences, she still feels a strong emotional connection and fondness for them both.

She has served in this position for more than ten years. The esteemed television network Doordarshan has appointed her as an A-grade artist and an enrolled artist with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). She has been awarded many titles and honors, such as "YevakalaBarathi" and "Nadanamamani," in addition to the renowned Balasaraswati Endowment Award. Everyone has to learn from their experiences and strive for higher goals and levels of understanding.


It is now evident to all that women are breaking records in every industry in which they participate. In the past, it was challenging for women to work toward their goals in a developing country like India. The evidence and statistics that have been presented make it abundantly clear that those who are passionate about achieving their goals, regardless of gender, are the ones that succeed in doing it. For all the young aspirants in the country, IAS Kavitha Ramu is an actual role model and a source of courage to pursue their ambitions. The UPSC is India's most esteemed, challenging, well-respected, and impartial examination system, providing candidates with an extensive number of respectable career paths after passing.

She has shown what a great asset and advantage it is to be a responsible and ambitious individual. She is an inspiring individual because of her diverse personality. A candidate for CSE needs to possess particular traits and a plan. One must continue to strive for their objectives and have faith in oneself. She believes that she can achieve what appears to be impossible and tries to put her total self into whatever she does, and every individual should do that too.

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