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Indresh Kumar RSS

Indresh Kumar RSS

Quick Introduction

Full Name Indresh Kumar
Date of Birth 18 February, 1949
Age 74 (as of 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Education B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College
Father Chamanlal Kumar
Mother Shrimati Padmavati
Famous as RSS Leader


Indresh Kumar is a sponsor of MRM (Muslim Rashtriya Sangh), which is an organization of RSS. He is a National Executive of the RSS organization and the central senior member.

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) is the right-wing unit where Hindu citizens voluntarily participate in activities to develop, particularly in India. The Indian ruling party, Bhartiya Janata Party, promotes Sangh Parivaar, the sub-organization that collectively forms RSS. Mohan Bhagwat currently leads the RSS organization.

RSS is often involved in various activities and sessions. The sessions mostly consist of a circle of male candidates gathering to perform physical activities like Yoga morning drills, and sports. This is their way to celebrate the 5000 years of Hindu civilization and keep alive the old myths and beliefs that form our national history. The RSS also organizes summer camp training sessions for the volunteers, and the members of the Bhartiya Janata Party also support the events. One of the most important people in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been a long-time member of RSS. The effect of RSS and its principles on our social, cultural, and political views is obvious.

The RSS community was founded on 27 September 1925 by K.B. Hedgewer.

Early Life

Indresh Kumar was born in Samana district of Punjab on 18 February 1949. Soon, his father, Chamanlal, decided to move to Kaithlal, Haryana, with his whole family, and Indresh Kumar got his education there only. After finishing his schooling, he was accepted into Punjab Engineering College, where he got his B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering.


After completing his graduation, he joined the RSS cell on 16 July 1970 as a margdarshak (guide) to the volunteers. On 24 December 2002, he started a Muslim National Forum (MNM) so the Muslim community could get better acquainted with the RSS community. In 1975, he took part in the Underground movement when India was under the state of Emergency. He is also the leader of Bharat Tibbat Sehyog Manch.

In 2008, he played an important role in the Amarnath Land Transfer case that took place in Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Indresh Kumar had gathered volunteers to form a Sangh Parivaar in the region. He was named as the prime suspect in the Ajmer Dargah Bombing incident by CBI, which occurred on 11 October 2007. The blast resulted in the killing of three Muslims, and 12 were injured. The CBI revealed in a statement that he was present at the meeting where the plan for the Ajmer bombing was discussed, along with six other members.

Even in the 2006 Malegaon blast, he was pointed out to be one of the accomplices by the accused, Colonel Shrikant Purohit.

Indresh Kumar has been part of similar controversies for ages. There is a charge sheet against him that uncovers that he gathers tempered, young individuals and introduces them to various other religious parties so they can complete their "tasks" and stay out of the radar of the investigation department. These selected individuals go on to attend party meetings in Jaipur with fake identities so they wouldn't get suspected. During these meetings, the individuals were allotted with the missions. The duty of going along with the bombing was assigned to Sunil Joshi, and the two accomplices had to collect the weapons.

In other bombing cases in India, Indresh Kumar's name has come up several times, especially the ones concerning the Muslim population. These cases include the two Malegaon blasts from 2006 and 2008, the Mecca Masjid Blast in Hyderabad, and the 2007 Samjauta Express Bombing in Panipat. However, there was no serious evidence or witness found in these cases, and therefore, he was never tried guilty. Besides, several Muslim civilians were killed in these terror attacks.


He has been involved in many controversies throughout his life, especially due to his statements against powerful individuals. Some of his notable statements are as follows:

  • In 2010, he allegedly made remarks suggesting that Muslims should stop eating beef and adopt the Hindu way of life.
  • He has been critical of the practice of "Love Jihad," claiming that it's a conspiracy to convert Hindu women to Islam.
  • Kumar has been known to make statements linking terrorism and Muslims, which has caused controversy and backlash.
  • He has expressed views on religious conversions, stating that it's a form of aggression against Hindu culture.
  • He once targeted actors Naseeruddin Shah and Aamir Khan, and cricketer & politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and shared his views stating that they all may be good actors but they don't deserve respect from people; as they are all traitors.


The life of Indresh Kumar cannot be described as heroic or honourable with the constant allegations that are associated with his name. RSS is not an ordinary organization; therefore, it reflects badly on the whole group if the central member is found to be surrounded by such attestations. Also, his statements in the past involving famous Bollywood personalities and even Jesus are still counted as controversies.

Most information about his life is still in tight wraps, but whatever is known about him doesn't paint a good picture.

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