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Kajal Hindustani

Quick Introduction

Name Kajal Shingala
Nickname Kajal Hindustani
Date of Birth 20th May 1990 (doubtful)
Age 33 (as of 2023, doubtful)
Place of Birth Gujarat, India
Parents' Name Not known
Siblings Not known
Education Patna University, Bihar (Graduate)
Profession Indian Politician, Hindu Activist, Research Analyst, and Entrepreneur
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Married
Husband Jwalant Shingala
Children Two Boys
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian

About Kajal Hindustani

Kajal Hindustani

Kajal Hindustani is a Hindu politician and a daring social activist who fights bravely to protect the right of Hindus. Her real name is Kajal Shingala. He is a proud nationalist as well as a businessman and a research analyst. Due to her controversial speeches and provoking comments about religion and politics, she was involved in countless skirmishes with the law. One of the many things she gets criticized for is openly spreading hatred for the Muslim Community. However, her sharp mindset and excellent debating skills work brilliantly against her opponents.

Early Life

Most of the facts about Kajal Hindustani's early life are still unclear. It is believed that she was born on 20th May 1990 in Gujrat and has lived there her whole life. She completed her high school studies at a private school in Gujrat. She completed her graduation from Patna University, Bihar. She is a well-qualified woman.

Career in Politics

The ferocity of Kajal in politics has granted her the title of the lioness of Gujarat. To support the union between Hindus and Hindustanis, she abandoned her last name, Shingala, and adopted Hindustani as her surname.

In 2018, she started to travel to different locations in the US to promote Lok Sabha Campaign among the NRI population. Since the same year, she has also traveled to the US to attend and speak at international events. In the 2019 Loksabha Elections, she promoted the party campaign for Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. She has helped many women trapped in the name of Love Jihad. She has participated in many debates related to Indian national issues, and her strong nationalist opinions are exactly what we require to live as a united country.

She has always taken a responsible stand that Muslims who have illegally occupied land in Gujarat should be arrested. She ensured that drinking water reached all areas of Gujarat, even the slum towns, and improved living conditions for underprivileged families. She has adopted a village and provided people with many free facilities. Due to the government schemes passed by her, poor children can now get free education, and the needy can get free medical facilities. Even during a pandemic, around 600 families were supplied with one-month necessities. She has also helped the Pakistani Hindus to get settled in Gujarat.

She has given countless speeches in Gujrat schools and universities to encourage the next generation to take part in creating a better nation.

The Una Hate Speech

On 30th March 2023, she once again became a part of nationwide controversy due to her "unreserved" views. Her speeches had always been a matter of dispute. On Ramnavmi, she was invited to the event of Vishwa Hindu Parishad to give a speech in the town of Una, Himachal Pradesh. However, her statements and comments triggered riots and hatred among different religious groups. Her speeches mainly aimed toward minority communities and eventually resulted in her arrest. The Gujarat court had even ordered to take her into 14-day judicial custody for spreading hatred among social communities on the sacred occasion.

On 2nd April, the police decided to lodge a complaint against Kajal, and she surrendered to the authorities on the same day. According to section 153 and section 295A in the Indian Judicial system, the causes of her arrest were deliberately provoking the public with the intent to cause riots and purposefully hurting the feelings of the masses to trigger outrage. For two days, the city of Una became the battleground for communal violence between two major communities in India. Religious beliefs are already difficult to confront in the northern regions of India, so the spark of animosity left by Kajal was enough to create a furor.

Around 96 rioters have been arrested by the police, while a complaint has been filed against the mob of more than 200 people who voluntarily took part in the upheaval.

In the past years, she has approved of the annihilation of mosques and has shared many conspiracy theories against the Muslim community to downgrade them.


Not much is known about her family, even the names of her parents. We don't have updates if she has any siblings or not. She is a private person and does not share much about her family.

Kajal Shingala is a married woman. She is married to Jwalant Shingala. She is the mother of two young boys. However, more information about the children is not available.

Net Worth

She has a net worth of 20-40 lakhs INR approximately.

Social Media

Kajal is active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ask for opinions from her followers and also to share her own ideas. She has got almost 54.9K followers on Instagram. Her prominence skyrocketed after she gave a speech in Una. She even became a trending face of Google after her arrest.


Kajal Hindustani is a brave woman who fights for the rights of Hindus by presenting her views on how Indian lives can be improved. We don't know much about her past, but getting addressed as a 'Lioness of Gujrat' is no small title. She has provided support to many impoverished families.

Her speeches and statements had repeatedly shaken the political balance. The Una hate speech case is still fresh in the minds of Hindus as well as Muslim communities. Promoting any kind of hatred towards religious groups is considered an act of dishonor, and the outcome is never good.

Like any other political leader, Kajal Hindustani retains her prejudices along with her communication skills. She has come a long way on the basis of her talent, her nationalistic approach, and her considerate nature.

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