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Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj Biography

Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj Biography


India is regarded as a land of saints, with numerous different sorts of saints bestowing rites on the country and society. Having knowledge about such Mahatma figures becomes imperative for everyone. Shri Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj is a renowned storyteller and spiritual guru who has influenced many people in a short period of time with his stories and talks. He is now the pride of every family since his Shrimad Bhagwat Katha is still shown on TV or mobile in practically every home.

Personal Information

Aniruddhacharya Ji was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India on September 27, 1989. It is stated that Lord Vishnu Varaha's city is about 9 kilometers from his birthplace, Rinvjha. Since childhood, his primary interest has been in spiritual subjects. As an outcome, he studied a range of religious writings, including the Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, and Ramayana. It is said that they used to visit the Shri Radha Krishna temple in their village every day since childhood. They belong to a traditional cow-devotee family and find peace in serving the mother cow. Even today, they continue to serve the cows. It's been stated that he enjoys playing with the calves. When Maharaj was younger, he carried Hanuman Chalisa & Gita with him to cow grazing, which he recited frequently and had his students recite.

About Family

Aniruddh Maharaj's family consists of six members: his wife, two children, and his parents. His father's name is Avadheshanand Giri he has been Bhagwatacharya. In addition, his wife is a Guru Mata and does the function of giving discourse. Maharaj Ji's parents raise their children.


Despite facing financial challenges in their childhood, they have always been determined to pursue education. Although they were not able to complete their education, they have continued to learn and grow in other ways. Aniruddha Maharaj arrived in Vrindavan as a child and studied Sanskrit, as well as all of the Hindu scriptures. Aniruddha Ji was educated by Guru Sant Giraj Maharaj.


After completing his secondary education, Aniruddha Acharya Ji traveled to Vrindavan, from where he received the start from his guru saint, Girraj Shastri Maharaj, and began teaching Sanatan Dharma.

In today's world, Bhagwat Katha is taught in front of people via YouTube and other TV networks. When Aniruddhacharya ji began uploading videos of his talks to YouTube, almost every home in India responded positively. Millions of people watch and listen to Aniruddhacharya ji's Bhagwat Katha on YouTube. Today, Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj's YouTube channel has over 11 million followers, from which he makes millions of rupees each month and devotes that money to the betterment of people.

Through the Bhagwat Katha, Aniruddhacharya ji converted many wrongdoers and introduced millions of people to Hinduism. As a result, people must arrive at Bhagwat Katha 4-5 hours before the narrative is read, and only then can they appreciate the story.

Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj Biography

Social and Religious Work

  • Aniruddha Ji always encourages people to walk on the path of Dharma so that they do not become lost in the route. Aniruddh Ji's religious activity is very broad and meaningful because he motivates people to commit to God through his story.
  • In addition, it has been stated that they have an ashram where they arrange marriage programs for underprivileged girls so that those without money may find their daughters a husband.
  • He constructed a sizable cow shed to accommodate mother cows where Maharaj Ji keeps watch over hundreds of cows.
  • Then they constructed a sizable nursing home where elderly parents who are alone or who were kicked out of their homes by their sons reside.
  • In addition, Maharaj ji has created a restaurant where free food is offered to visitors to Vrindavan who come to see God.
  • Maharaj Ji visits poor communities from time to time, giving them what they need and inquiring about their well-being.

Awards and Acheivments

In terms of Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj's award, neither the Central nor State Governments have offered him one. However, based on their social and religious efforts, we may anticipate them to gain official recognition in the years to come.


With his engaging Bhagwat Katha sessions, Shri Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj, a famous spiritual guru, and storyteller, has touched the hearts of millions. He was an early exhibitor of a profound interest in spiritual subjects, having been born in Jabalpur, India. He has introduced innumerable individuals to Hinduism's teachings and motivated them to follow the path of righteousness through his YouTube channel. Maharaj Ji's compassion goes beyond his teachings, as he actively assists people with disabilities, cares for cows, and assists the elderly. His selfless commitment and compassion for mankind make him a bright example of virtue, making an indelible impression on those who receive his teachings.

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