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Jyotika Dilaik

Quick Introduction

Name Jyotika Dilaik
Nickname Naina
Date of Birth 23 July 1994
Age 29 (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Father's Name Gopal Dilaik
Mother's Name Shakuntala Dilaik
Siblings Two sisters, Rubina Dilaik and Rohini Dilaik
Nationality Indian
High School Loreto Convent Tara Hill, Shimla
Qualification B.Tech. (Food Science and Technology)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Influencer, Content Creator, and YouTuber
Relationship Status Married
Husband Rajat Sharma (Indian YouTuber)
Date of Wedding 9 March 2023
Height 5 feet 2 inches

About Jyotika Dilaik

Jyotika Dilaik

Jyotika Dilaik is an Indian Vlogger and YouTuber from Shimla, India. She is recognized as the sister of renowned TV actress Rubina Dilaik. She first came to public attention when she was invited to the reality show Big Boss season 14 to meet her sister. Jyotika went to the Big Boss house after the episode featuring her sister and brother-in-law, Abhinav Shukla, having a fight where they concluded the quarrel with the insinuation of divorce. After her visit, Jyotika shared that their families were shocked by the news of the couple's desire to separate.

Early Life

Jyotika Dilaik was born on 23 July 1994 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. She attained her high school education at Loreto Convent Tara Hall School in Shimla. According to sources, Jyotika has completed her graduation from the field B.Tech in Food and Technology from Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences situated in Solan. After completing her graduation, she started studying for Civil Services Exams. However, she aspired to be a star influencer and social media enthusiast since university. She knew what she wanted, and that was to become a successful content creator, and it was not a bad field for her family either, as her sister was already a famous model and actress.


In the Dilaik household, Jyotika is the youngest daughter, and her family is quite well off. Her father, Mr. Gopal Dilaik, is a writer and has written many books throughout the past years. Her mother, Shakuntala Dilaik, is a housewife. Jyotika's social media posts and YouTube videos give us the impression that she shares a close bond with her family. She has two elder sisters- Rohini Dilaik and Rubina Dilaik. The vlogs she shared featuring her family, especially her sisters, express all her love for her family.


Shimla is one of the most scenic destinations in the country, so vloggers and content creators always find something new to show their audience. After she decided to change her plans regarding her career, she visited Korea to settle there. The COVID-19 pandemic began to take over the world during this time, and she was unable to return to India. When she did, she decided to follow her passion and started a YouTube Channel to create vlogs.

With such a great personality and useful videos, Jyotika gained subscribers in no time. On her YouTube and Instagram accounts, she posts videos about her daily life with her husband, Rajat. She promoted various skincare and fashion brands on her social media handles. After gaining success, she was invited to various Indian TV shows such as 'Khatra Khatra Khatra' and 'Big Boss' as a guest.

Around March 2023, she acquired around 828K subscribers on YouTube, and the trend is still on.


Her husband, Rajat Sharma, is also a well-known YouTuber in India. From the various sources, it is revealed that love bloomed in Jyotika's life when she was in college and met Rajat. They were introduced to each other through a common friend and found that they had many traits in common. Both of them felt attracted to each other, but Jyotika was soon leaving for Korea. Therefore, when Rajat confessed his feelings during a trip with a few friends, she turned him down. While she was settled in Korea, she realized her true feeling for Rajat and expressed them to him.

Jyotika and Rajat were in a relationship for a while, and finally, they decided to get engaged in 2021. Their engagement party was a blast, and Jyotika looked stunning in her sister's lavender-colored lehenga. As the pandemic was still at its peak in 2021, the couple decided to wait a little longer to tie the knot. On 9 March 2023, they got married and had a grand celebration with their family and friends. They hired Raabta Studios to capture their wedding pictures and videos. The wedding ceremony took place in the Woodville Palace Hotel, Shimla. The pair looked happy, moving towards the new phase of their life. Jyotika's followers were ecstatic to see her getting married, and pictures she posted online scored millions of likes. The pictures of her Haldi ceremony were loved by the audience as Jyotika posted these moments on her social media account. Now, they run a joint YouTube channel posting videos about their everyday lives and frequent travels.

Net Worth

Estimated by the sources, her net worth is approximately 3-4 crores in the present day. A large part of her income generates from her social media handles. Another part of her income comes from promoting various beauty and clothing brands. She lives a luxurious lifestyle and travels on a regular basis to share useful and entertaining content with her viewers.

Interesting Facts about Jyotika Dilaik

  • She enrolled in a coaching institute in Chandigarh after getting her B.Tech degree to prepare for Civil Services Exam.
  • She loves to wear Indo- western dresses, and they look beautiful on her.
  • In 2020, she received a silver play button after reaching 100,000 subscribers at the end of the year.
  • She loves to click photos in natural surroundings, among flowers and trees.

An Inspirational Life Journey

Jyotika Dilaik is living a successful life as a content creator and influencer. Along with her charming personality and humble upbringing, she wins the hearts of the viewers. His bond with his family and friends is one of the many qualities that has made his fan following grow so rapidly. She has achieved success at a young age, and others should take inspiration from her life journey.

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