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Neha Naaz

Neha Naaz

One of the newest Qawwali singers is the talented Indian singer Neha Naaz. She was born in 2001, making her 22 years old in 2023.

She has become well-known in the music world thanks to her extraordinary talent and commitment to Qawwali. Neha Naaz, who is 5 feet tall, has been encouraged in her musical endeavors by her loving family.

Family and Early Life

In Neha Naaz's musical endeavors, her family is extremely important. From an early age, her businessman father, Mr. Naaz, noticed she had a talent for singing and offered constant support. Her mother, a stay-at-home mom, is a rock-solid foundation for her. Her growing career has been greatly influenced by the support of her family.

Passion for Singing

True singing, in Neha Naaz's opinion, results from intense devotion. She emphasizes that singing requires more than just mechanical effort and that true passion is necessary. It calls for commitment, patience, and an unbreakable bond with the craft. Neha's viewpoint emphasizes the significance of love for singing as the motivation for perfection.

Early Career and Aptitude for Qawwali

She first developed a love for qawwali when she was young. Neha Naaz's drive to customize songs is demonstrated by her dedication to memorizing song lyrics. Her CD "Bhardo Jholi Hamari" is a tribute to her talent and includes songs like "Bhar do Jholi," "Dai Haleema," "Khwaja ki Diwan," and "Tajdar E Haram." She also demonstrates her versatility in other albums like "Chalo Dayare Nabi," "Khwaja Chundri Rang do," "Maa Jannat ki Kunji Hai," and "Ajmer Aaye Hain Sab Auliya."

Religious Messages and Social Media

Neha Naaz shares her musical performances on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. She receives a lot of admiration from those who watch her videos because of her beautiful voice. She enhances the spiritual element of Qawwali by incorporating messages of religious unity and fraternity into several of her songs.

Motivators and Role Models

Legendary individuals like Mohammed Aziz and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan serve as inspiration for Neha Naaz. She was very saddened by Mohammed Aziz's passing because he was both her guru and a close friend. Mohammed Aziz's rendition of her favorite song, "Ek Andhera Lakh Sitare, Ek Niraasha Lakh Sahaare," has a special meaning for her.

The goal of Neha Naaz's Qawwali compositions is to arouse a sense of spiritual connection to God by fusing poetry and religious expressions. Her performances are intended to foster a sense of community by taking the audience on a shared adventure. She creates a mystical ambiance with her alluring vocals and hypnotic beat, frequently putting listeners in an ecstatic mood.

Permanent Effects and Learning

The influence of Neha Naaz extends to her musical training. Famous Qawwali singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Javed Ali are among the influences on her. Her experiences create a relationship that is greater than life, inspiring mystical love and heavenly bliss similar to the central experience of Sufism.


Young Qawwali singer Neha Naaz's career has been marked by devotion, family support, and a dedication to sharing spiritual experiences via her music. She has emerged as a potential figure in the field of qawwali thanks to her ability to combine tradition and creativity.

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