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Ranjit Bawa


Ranjit Singh Bajwa, also known professionally as Ranjit Bawa, is an Indian performer and artist associated with films and music in the Punjabi language. His track "Jatt Di Akal," which set multiple Punjabi records, propelled him to fame. He presented for the Mitti Da Bawa 2015 collection, which won "Best World Collection" at the Brit Asia Television Music Awards. For his song, Jatt Di Akal, he also received the "PTC Best People Situated Melody Grant" in 2013. He made his acting debut in the lead role of Toofan Singh, a semi-autobiographical film about the hardline Punjabi Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan from the 1980s.

Personal Life

Bawa is a happy guy who has always enjoyed singing and dancing. He is a humble and endearing individual who adores his mother.

Bawa claims that following the deaths of his grandfather, the Late S. Jaswank Kanwal Singh, and his father, the Late S. Gajjan Singh, his life changed dramatically, and he began spending more time with his mother. There is no information about his siblings or love life because Bawa is uncomfortable sharing anything about his family.

Family and Education

Ranjit Bawa's real name is Gurpreet Singh Bajwa, and he was born in the village Granthian (Wadala), Gurdaspur, Punjab, with his hometown in Mohali. He is a member of a Jatt Sikh family.

Bawa is successful because he was always a good child to his family and a good student to his teachers. He is a decent, modest, and down-to-earth man who enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

The late S. Gajjan Singh Bajwa and Gurmeet Kaur Bajwa, Ranjit Bawa's parents, have always encouraged his passion for music. He began singing in sixth grade, and his teachers were impressed with his voice when he first sang a song. Since then, he has been trained by and received encouragement for his music career from his teacher, Master Mangal Singh.

Ranjit received his "Bachelor" in political science from Guru Nanak College in Batala and his "Master" in music from Khalsa College in Amritsar. He recalls his undergraduate days when he used to compete and won consistently for 6 years. This bolstered his confidence and his love for music, and from that point on, he decided to pursue music as a career. When he performed the well-known Pakistani song "Mitti da Bawa," he earned the nickname "Bawa." He has earned the nickname "Bawa" as a result of this.


Ranjit Bawa's singing career began in 2013 with the song "Jatt Di Akal," for which he received the "PTC Best Folk Oriented Song Award." His album "Mitti Da Bawa" earned the "Best World Album Award" at the 2015 Brit Asia Awards 2015. Following that, he released a slew of Punjabi hits, including "Jean," "Sadi Wari Aun De," "Sher Marna," "Yaari Chandigarh Waliye," "Munda Sardara Da," "Dollar Vs Roti," "Ja Ve Mundiya," "Hik Vich Zor," "Khand da Khidona," and "Bachpan." He made his acting debut in the 2017 film "Sarvann" alongside Amrinder Gill and Simi Chahal. He played a supporting role in the film, and critics and audiences complimented his performance.

His performance in the film landed him roles such as 'Toofan Singh' in "Toofan Singh," 'Shindi' in "Vekh Baraatan Challiyan," 'Fateh' in "Khido Khundi," and 'Manga Singh Randhawa' in "High-End Yaariyan."

Struggle and Success Story of Ranjit Bawa

Since he began singing on the school stage and then at college functions, Ranjit Bawa has had a strong passion for the singing industry. He began studying singing and music at Amritsar, where he completed his MA and studied politics and science. Even though he participated in the most well-known Punjabi singing competition, Awaaz Punjab Di, he participated in numerous auditions for playback singer but was unsuccessful in all of them. Although he only participated in Awaaz Punjab Di and could not win the competition, the show helped him gain fame among many viewers.


The Punjabi musician Preet Harpal asserted copyright violations for the song that Ranjit Bawa sang live on stage at the Nakoder Mela in 2015.

Ranjit Bawa recently sparked a debate about the "Anti-Hindu" controversy after he shared his new song "Mera Ki Kasoor" on his social media account. Shiv Sena and BJP leaders have also expressed their annoyance against Bawa. When he noticed that things were getting worse, Bawa removed his song. This debate has divided people; many embrace his music, while others say it offends Hindu sensitivities.

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