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Saurabh Kumar IAS

Saurabh Kumar IAS


Saurabh Kumar, an IAS officer from the 2009 batch who belongs to the Chhattisgarh cadre, is currently serving as the District Collector in the crowded region of Dantewada (infamous for its Naxal Activity).

He is working to liberate the local young from the hold of violence and extremism while tackling the issues of unemployment with a concentrated strategy. One of his programs, "Lunch with the Collector," entails holding therapy sessions with children and teenagers. He received the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration in 2017 as a result of his outstanding accomplishments.

IAS Officer's Lunch Date Initiative to Counter Maoist Influence

Thanks to the tireless efforts of young IAS officer Saurabh Kumar, a positive transition is gradually taking shape in Chhattisgarh's conflict-ridden Dantewada area. When Saurabh Kumar was given the position of district collector and learned that the district lacked skilled professionals like doctors, engineers, and teachers, he realized the urgent need for change. Due to a lack of experience, radical leftist ideologies and violence were able to seduce local youngsters. Knowing the potential repercussions of this circumstance, Saurabh Kumar came up with a novel and effective plan to change the course of Dantewada's future.

"Lunch with the Collector," a wonderful idea by Saurabh Kumar, is an understated yet effective method of career guidance for higher secondary pupils. Every Wednesday for two hours, Saurabh personally interacts with a class of 50 to 100 youngsters chosen from various government schools throughout the district. Students discuss their interests, goals, and chosen academic areas throughout these exchanges. These observations are painstakingly documented by Saurabh and his team, serving as an essential basis for the talks that follow.

Advising Dreams and Aspirations

Saurabh Kumar provides the students with insightful advice based on his own academic experience as a B.Tech graduate of Allahabad's Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. He talks about the variety of professional programs that are accessible to them and highlights prestigious universities where they can further their careers. Since many students are frequently unaware of the variety of chances waiting for them outside of their immediate surroundings, this counseling process is very important.

Motivating People with Inspiration

Inspiring stories of resilience and tenacity are also shared by Saurabh Kumar and his staff, showing how dedication and hard work can lead to success. These tales act as inspiration, inspiring pupils to establish a strict study routine and gain the self-assurance required to face life's obstacles head-on.

Fostering Collaboration and Potential

After the counseling session, kids are given a quick but filling lunch to promote a sense of community and support. Students have the chance to raise questions, get clarifications, and make suggestions for improving the counseling process during this casual contact. Additionally, Saurabh expands the project to include routine interactions with parents and instructors of exceptional students, establishing a cooperative forum to talk about methods for directing these gifted children toward fruitful careers.

Extensive Experience in Urban Development

A prominent member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Saurabh Kumar is currently the Commissioner of the Raipur Municipal Corporation in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. He is an experienced expert in the field of Rural and Urban Development, with over 500 contacts on LinkedIn.

A Promising Journey in the Public Sector

The trajectory of Saurabh Kumar's career demonstrates his commitment to and proficiency with many government programs. He has played a big role in important organizations and had a considerable influence on the development scene. In August 2014, he started working for the Indian government at the Chhattisgarh Infotech Biotech Promotion Society. Saurabh contributed significantly to the advancement of the organization's objectives throughout the duration of nine years and one month. He also provided his knowledge and abilities to the Department of Information Technology, where he worked from August 2014 to April 2016, underscoring his dedication to the country's technological advancement.

A Catalyst Change in Chhattisgarh

The professional achievements of Saurabh Kumar go beyond his national-level positions. From April 2016 until December 2018, he served the Indian government for two years and nine months. During that time, he was crucial to the improvement of Dantewada, Chattisgarh. His work in this sector demonstrates his commitment to bringing about constructive change in places that need particular consideration and advancement.

Recommendations and Honors

Saurabh Kumar has received notable honors and recognition for his commitment to public administration and excellence in governance. He was connected to the Indian government when he was given the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration in April 2017. This distinction highlights his dedication to providing top-notch public services. The National eGovernance Award - Gold, which was given to him in February 2015 by the Department of Administrative Reform, Government of India, is another outstanding accomplishment. He once more showed his talent in April 2018 when he won the National eGovernance Award - Gold, recognizing his constant support for administrative changes.

Getting Around the Geographic Information System (GIS) Landscape

With the Chhattisgarh Infotech Biotech Promotion Society, where he unquestionably performed a crucial part in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Saurabh Kumar has one of his notable connections. This participation highlights his multidisciplinary approach and demonstrates his capacity to use technology for holistic growth.

In conclusion, Saurabh Kumar's LinkedIn profile offers a look into the extraordinary career of an IAS Commissioner who has played a significant role in influencing urban and rural development. He is positioned as a leader committed to excellence in public administration and governance by his commitment, recognition, and wide range of skills.

Impact and Inspiration

The Dantewada community has responded well to Saurabh Kumar's sensitive and creative approach. He fosters the educational and career aspirations of the nation's youth in order to give them a feeling of direction and purpose that fights the appeal of extremism. Beyond the district's boundaries, Saurabh's initiatives have received praise, motivating other officers all around the nation to use like tactics. In fact, the Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Innovation that year was given in recognition of his achievements. In addition to bringing hope and empowerment to a community that has been plagued by conflict, Saurabh Kumar is setting a magnificent example via his hard work.

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