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Raj Bawa

Raj Bawa

Indian cricketer Raj Angad Bawa was born on November 12, 2002, in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. In February 2022, during the 2021-22 Ranji Trophy, he played his first game of first-class cricket for Chandigarh and took a wicket with his maiden delivery. He has participated in under-19 cricket competitions for India, including the in the year 2022 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup & the 2021 ACC Under-19 Asia Cup.

Career and Legacy

Bawa represented Chandigarh in under-19 cricket. On February 17, 2022, against Hyderabad in the Ranji Trophy, he made his first-class debut and took a wicket with his first ball. Bawa was acquired by Punjab Kings during the IPL auction for the 2022 season before making his professional debut. On March 27, 2022, with Punjab Kings in the in the year 2022 Indian Premier League, he played his first Twenty20 match.

The Indian hockey squad that won the Olympic gold at the 1948 London Games was led by Tarlochan Bawa, who is the grandfather of Raj Bawa. PBKS chose Raj for the IPL. Raj Angad Bawa, 19, will be heavily relied upon in India's greatest cricket festival after being purchased by Punjab Kings for a total of two crores at the IPL 2022 auction and kept for IPL 2023. However, the young all-rounder is unlikely to quiver under the weight of expectations. Raj Bawa grew born in a household that encouraged the pursuit of athletic success.

Sukhwinder Bawa, the father of Raj Bawa, is a well-known cricket coach who has helped shape players for India's national team, like Yuvraj Singh & VRV Singh. Sukhwinder was a young hockey and cricket player who later switched to coaching after suffering a spine injury. Raj Bawa is following in the footsteps of his father and grandparents. Despite his youth, he has already distinguished himself for India on a worldwide scale and played a key role in the team's record-breaking fifth victory in the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in 2022.

Raj Bawa was raised in Chandigarh and was born on November 12, 2002, in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. At the young age of five, he lost his Olympic-winning grandfather.

"Since I was a young child when my grandfather passed away, I don't have many recollections of him. But my father and grandmother informed me about his adventures, and I will always remember them, said Raj Bawa to the Indian Express. Nevertheless, the Olympic gold medal was one reminder of his grandfather, which was always visible at home. According to Raj Bawa, "I get goosebumps every time I gaze upon the gold medal, and I am only imagining how significant of an accomplishment it must have felt back then." Raj Bawa, who recognised early on that he had the greatest sporting legacy to uphold, has drawn inspiration constantly from the medal. Raj Bawa, who had a childhood love of dance, music, and theatre, saw a dramatic change in his life when he was 11 years old and travelled to Dharamsala with his father to attend a cricket match. According to Raj's father, Sukhwinder, "something transformed in him after that."

Raj Bawa

Raj began playing cricket competitively & had a coach within his own home his father. Additionally, he began visiting Sukhwinder's coaching institute, where India star Yuvraj Singh also received training. Raj Bawa discovered a champion in Yuvraj. Raj switched to being a southpaw despite being a natural right-hander since Yuvraj was a left-hander. He continues to use his right hand when bowling, though. At the U-19 Cricket World Cup, Raj Bawa shines.

Raj Bawa's ascent has been quick since then. Raj, an all-rounder with a fast bowl, made his Indian U-19 national debut against Bangladesh in a young-person ODI match played in Sharjah after having success at various age levels. He participated in 10 games, amassed 343 runs at a rate of 57.16, and took 17 wickets from U-19 teams. Most of the games were played at the West Indies Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Raj Bawa excelled at the competition. In his six innings, Raj Bawa amassed 252 runs and nine wickets. His highest individual score in the World Cup was his 162 not-out victory in 108 balls against Uganda. In addition, it surpassed Shikhar Dhawan's previous mark of 155 in 2004 to become the greatest individual score by an Indian player at the U-19 World Cup. In contrast, in the championship game against England, he had a bowling average 5/31 and was named man of the match.

Some interesting Facts about Raj Bawa

Raj Bawa
  • He bowls between 120 and 130 km/h.
  • He had the opportunity to compete in his initial Under-19 World Cup in 2022.
  • His father coaches cricket. He was unable to pursue a career in cricket. Due to a spinal-related issue.
  • Raj Bawa is a right-handed medium-pace bowler
  • Raj is hailed as an all-around Indian player.
  • The Chandigarh team was Raj Bawa's home team.
  • The major factor in launching his cricket career has been his father.

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