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Mohak Narang

Mohak Narang

Mohak Narang is India's famous 23-year-old social media influencer and digital content creator. He has millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. He has a vlogging channel named Mohak Narang. He uploads quality digital content and has been a star on short video platforms like Instagram reels, Moj, TikTok, etc.

Personal Life of Mohak

He was born on November 19th 1997, in a Hindu religious family in Hisar, Haryana. His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. His Zodiac sign is Scorpio. His nicknames are Krishna, Pogo, and Billi.

He is 5'11" tall and has a fair complexion with brown eyes. He has a muscular body which also has a great story. Earlier, he was bullied by his peers for his skinny body, and he was distraught with the body-shaming he was facing. He promised to prove everyone wrong, joined the gym in 2018, and made a fit, muscular body. This enhanced his confidence and belief in himself.

He completed his degree in Bachelor of Mass Communication. He currently lives in Delhi NCR with his two friends, Nitesh and Kunal, frequently seen in his YouTube videos. His parents live in Hisar.

Another special person in his videos is his girlfriend, Surbhi Rathore, who is also a digital content creator and has a lot of followers. Fans love the chemistry between this couple. The hashtag for the couple is #Sohak.

Mohak Narang

Likes or Favourites

  • Favourite colour- Black
  • Favourite beverages- Oreo shake and banana shake
  • Favourite food- Rajma Chawal, chicken and Paneer dishes
  • Favourite holiday destination- Goa
  • Favourite Bollywood actor- Akshay Kumar
  • Favourite Bollywood actresses- Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif
  • Favourite singer- Neha Kakkar
  • Favourite TikTok star- Awez Darbar
  • Favourite cartoon- Dragon Ball Z

Mohak's Social Media Life

When social media platforms were booming in terms of users, he also joined short video apps like Moj and TikTok. Firstly, he gained popularity for the short videos on Moj. Then, He started making funny TikTok Videos for fun. People liked his videos, and gradually his number of followers on TikTok increased. He had about 14 million followers on TikTok. At the same time, he also had many followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, TikTok was banned in India in 2020.

Then he shifted his interest to Instagram, and the public liked his short videos immensely. Currently, he has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram. His Instagram handle is mohak.narang. Mohak started a YouTube Channel in 2018, but that didn't work well, and he stopped making videos.

But again, in 2020, on the demand of his followers to come on YouTube with a vlogging channel, he uploaded his first YouTube video on June 7th 2020, with the title "Surprise Phone Call Went Completely Wrong". This video has currently over a million views.

After his first two videos, his subscriber count on YouTube rose to 100k, which was a huge thing. For that, YouTube sent him the silver play button in August 2020. His number of subscribers kept on increasing day by day. On reaching 1 million subscribers starting in 2021, YouTube sent him the Gold Play button in May 2021. Currently, he has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Mohak's Music Videos

Mohak was featured in various music videos. His first music video was a Hindi song, Coffee. Aroob Khan was the singer and co-actor in the video. The video was released on July 8th 2021.

Later, he released another music video since the first one performed well. His second music video, created mainly for featuring his girlfriend Surbhi Rathore, was "Teri Mohabbat". This song was sung by Antara Mitra and Saaj Bhatt and composed by Amjad Nadeem Aamir.

Mohak is a great content creator. People love and follow him because of his high quality and relatable content. His fans love his friendship or the bond with his friends Nitesh and Kunal and the lovely chemistry with Surbhi. His rawness and honesty in the videos have helped him reach his fans' hearts.

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