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Anvitha Vlogs


Avitha is a famous Telugu Youtuber, who has a YouTube channel in the name of "Anvitha Vlogs"

YouTubers unquestionably always succeed in entertaining their viewers, and Vloggers and content producers entertain the globe unlike anybody else, whether through humor- or lifestyle-related material.

Telugu YouTuber Anvitha who is gaining enormous fame with her channel "Anvitha Vlogs" and is one of the most well-known vloggers in the world.

Personal life

She has previously collaborated with a number of well-known Tollywood mega stars, including Ram Miriyala, a stunning singer of the Manneapu Kondolona Song, Anudeep Dev, a singer of Seethakoka Chiluka and Slum Dog Millionaire, and Grammy Award-winning mix engineer PA Deepak, who is an expert in sound design.

Anvitha Vlogs

After she wed G.V. Sri Raj in 2013, Anvitha started her career as a YouTuber and vlogger. Anvitha is married to GV Harsha Kumar, a former member of parliament.

G.V. Harsha Kumar is a representative for India in the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha. He served as the Andhra Pradesh representative for the Amalapuram seat from 2004 to 2014 and is a part of the Indian National Congress. At Rajahmundry on November 23, 2020, he rejoined the Indian National Congress (INC).

Her Youtube life

Anvitha, a devoted vlogger, has established a reputation for herself via her daily vlogs about her personal life, movies, and singing, which all have flair, depth, and endless amusement in spades.

Her viewers are drawn to her channel by the visually appealing footage she posts of her exotic animals and farm residences. Her singing videos show off a talent that everyone should be proud of, as well as a nice blending of her personality as well as talent that makes the videos worthwhile to watch for the viewers.

Her internet visibility continues to grow thanks to the creative films she makes from her artistic life and the more than 80k subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Anvitha Vlogs

Anvitha aspires to be unique while vlogging and sharing any captivating video material.

She tries to vlog about topics that are close to her heart. "The only key to driving the audience while vlogging is to remain real," the author claims. "This is more crucial to creating a positive impression and developing trust with your audience."

The only things that contributed to her building a following of her own and elevating her name to fame and money were her simplicity, uniqueness, and outstanding singing skills. Once she started becoming well-known, her rise to success knew no bounds.

"One has to be consistent with whatever he or she does, and there is no such formula aside from hard work, a good quality product, and consistency, then success is all yours," the speaker concludes. On her YouTube account, you can check out her amusing Vlogs and most recent film, OPERATION 533295. Her official artist account on YouTube will be available very soon.

Life as a Film Producer

Anvitha also works as a film producer in addition to being a vlogger. She produced a movie with a lot of up-and-coming talent and uploaded it to her own "Anvitha Vlogs'' YouTube channel.

On June 9, 2021, she uploaded OPERATION 533295, one of her most recent productions, on her YouTube channel. The plot of the film OPERATION 533295 centers on a Naxal espionage operation in the Andhra Pradesh Forest Region's Eastern Ghats.

Danunjay Reddy, Gowri Shankar, Madhu Chodwary, and Raghava Yadav were among the cast members of the film, which was made under the auspices of Geddam Entertainment and Anvitha Vlogs and expertly designed by G.V. Sri Raj under the supervision of Raj Kumar Cheepuri.

Anvitha Vlogs

The plot centers on a police espionage operation in the deep jungle between the state police and a Naxal group. Political figures (such as the chief minister of state) and the police director general are also involved in the story.

Raja Anna Dora, the film's main character, is a leader of the Naxals who is not corrupt. Bal Reddy is the opposing faction, and they aim to release the leader from their control. Hero is an NCL youngster who East Godavari SP recruited into the police department for the espionage operation against Naxals.

Heroin is a non-conformist substance that the police recruited from the same college as the hero in order to help their operation involving a made-up love tale. The screenplay performed admirably with the tense background music.

There are two songs included in the one-hour and 15-minute-long narrative. Anudeep Dev sings a love ballad as the first track. The second is a song by Chowrasta Singer Ram called "Revolution," which describes a conflict between two parties among the Naxals. All members of the casting and directorial teams are residents of Rajahmundry, including color correction, music direction, and dubbing.

Some Facts About Anvitha Vlogs

Anvitha Vlogs
  • GV SriRaj-Anvitha, the owner of Anvitha Vlogs, is her true name, and she is from Andhra Pradesh.
  • On YouTube, Anvitha Vlogs has 576,000 subscribers. Anvitha Vlogs has so far posted 502 videos on YouTube. The YouTube channel for Anvitha Vlogs has had 321.9M views overall.
  • According to estimates, Anvitha Vlogs receives $783K monthly revenue from YouTube.
  • The following musical tracks by Anvitha have been released on her YouTube channel: Baby Cigarette Smoke, Burned Out Telugu Lo, Time Has Changed, and more.
  • Anvitha uploaded her first YouTube video in January 2013. Following her 2013 marriage to G.V. Sri Raj, Anvitha started her career as a YouTuber and vlogger. Anvitha is the daughter-in-law of former MP GV Harsha Kumar.
    Anvitha Vlogs
  • The police have filed a complaint under many IPC sections, including unlawful detention, upon GV Sri Raj, the husband of Anvitha and the son of former Amalapuram MP GV Harsha Kumar. He is accused of trying to offend a woman's modesty. Sri Raj was allegedly drunk when the event occurred, according to the police. The DSP stated that they are looking into the situation from every perspective, and Sri Raj has not yet been taken to jail.
  • The two daughters-in-law of GV Harsha Kumar who received the Prathiba Award for Education. Anvitha received the award as a Lawyer in 2021, and Ankitha, her sister-in-law, received a gold medal from JNTU Kakinada years before. Harsha Kumar congratulated them by posting about it on his Facebook profile.

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