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Ajay Hooda

Ajay Hooda

Hailing from the vibrant village of Khilwadi in Rohtak, Haryana, India, Ajay Hooda was carved an indelible niche for himself in the world of Haryanvi music industry. Born on 6th October,1983, this talented artist stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches, both in physical stature and creative prowess.

His journey began in the humble corridors of Khilwadi's government school, where he earned his high school diploma. However, destiny had grander plans for him. At the age of 18, filled with a deep-seated patriotic spirit, he got himself covered in the uniform of the Indian Army, embarking on a noble journey to serve his nation.

Ajay's Star in the Army

While adorned in the powerful army attire, Ajay Hooda showcased his versatility by not only excelling in his military duties but also clinching acommendable silver medal in the esteemed World Army Boxing Championship.

Ajay as a Song Writer

Amid his commendable achievements in the army, Ajay harbored an artistic soul yearning for expression. His heart resonated with the cadence of words and melodies, and he found himself drawn towards the captivating world of songwriting.

With his inherent flair for weaving words into poignant narratives, he made his debut in the music scene with captivating tracks like "Patola", and "Jaat Jatni," which swiftly captured the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Ajay Hooda

From this initial foray, Ajay Hooda's creative reservoir flowed ceaselessly. As a prolific lyricist, he went on to craft an impressive array of songs that resonated with the masses. Tracks like "Naam Announce," "Thank You," "Khalnayak," "Setting," "Left Right," and "Kissan" stands as testimony to his lyrical prowess and his ability to encapsulate the essence of Haryana's cultural tapestry.

As life unfolded its chapters, Ajay Hooda also embraced the joys of Fatherhood. His son, Arya Hooda, became a beacon of love and inspiration, adding a new dimension to his journey.

Ajay's Early Life

Ajay and his passion for Farming

Ajay Hooda, a name that resonates with both valor and melody, has a remarkable story that intertwines his early years of farming with his eventual rise as a musical sensation.

Born and raised in a rural setting, Ajay's upbringing was rooted in the soil of hardwork and determination. His father's honorable service as a soldier in the Indian Army not only instilled discipline in him but also paved the path for his educational pursuits.

Ajay as Ragani Fauji Bhai

During his formative years, Ajay Hooda found a unique passion- the ability to compose melodies that resonated with his soul. Even while serving in the Indian Army Forces after successfully passing his 12th grade examination, Ajay's creative spirit continued to thrive.

Ajay Hooda

He channeled his compositions through the pseudonym "Ragini," a name that soon gained recognition and popularity within his legion. His fellow army comrades, inspired by his talent, reciprocated by penning heartfelt letters and composing soulful songs I the style of "Ragani Fauji Bhai."

His journey was marked by a series of hits that captivated audiences across the nation. Tracks like "Me Gori Tu Kala," "MokaSoka'" "Solid Body'" featuring Rohit Dahiya, "Ulhana," "Bhang ka Barota," "Boyfriend'" "Jatjatni," and "Hussanke Bazar" became anthems that transcended boundaries and genres.

Ajay Hooda's unique blend of rural influences and modern beats created a signature sound that resonated deeply with listeners from all walks of life. His storytelling through music mirrored his own journey-one of growth, evolution, and transformation.

Ajay's Physical Appearance

Standing at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches, this individual boasts a well-proportioned and athletic body build that exudes both strength and elegance.

Ajay Hooda

Their captivating eyes, a shade of deep and mysterious black, looks attractive. The jet-black hair is artfully styled, adding touch of sophistication to their overall appearance.

Ajay's Family

Ajay is married, and has a son named Arya. Ajay's Father name is Daya Singh Hooda and his mother's name is not revealed. He has 2 siblings, brother and a sister (Kajal).

Ajay Hooda

Ajay's Education

After passing his 12th, Ajay went for higher education.

Graduation: Ajay Hooda completed his undergraduate from Chaudhary Charan Singh University located in Meerut, where he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits and personal development.

Doctorate Degree: Displaying his dedication to advanced learning, Hooda earned a valuable Doctorate Degree from the esteemed International Internship University.

Ajay's Career Growth Over the Years

2002 to 2017: Enlisting in the Indian Army

At the age of 18, Hooda embarked on a journey of discipline and service by joining the esteemed Indian Army in 2002. His youthful vigor and dedication paved the way for a 15 year long career in the arm, where he exemplified commitment and valor.

Getting into Boxing

Amidst the duties and demands of army life, Hooda found solace and challenge within the boxing ring. His dedication to the sport led him to clinch a silver medal in the famous World Army Boxing Championship.

Start of his Singing Career

In the backdrop of regimented routines and uniformed camaraderie, Ajay's musical inclination began to flourish. He fearlessly showcased his singing talents, composing and performing Ragini's-traditional Haryanvi folk songs- that resonated deeply with his fellow officers.

Ajay Hooda

2011 and 2012

Ajay's transitions from a military life to the world of music was marked by very humble beginnings. In the year 2011 and 2012, he released his first two albums, which weren't a big success.

Ajay Created his own Style

Hooda's writing prowess and deep connection to his roots brought forth a unique style o expression. While serving in the Indian Army, he began crafting letters in the traditional Haryanvi Ragini style. These letters resonated strongly with his fellow soldiers, and soon, his compositions were liked across his entire battalion.

The ripple effect of his musical influence reached further as soldiers began singing the songs that were written by him.

Ajay met Manjeet Panchal

A serendipitous encounter with Manjeet Panchal, a renowned figure in the Haryana Music Industry, made him mark a turning point in his music career. Introduced by his older brother, Hooda found not just a mentor but a guiding light in Panchal.

Ajay Hooda

With Manjeet's guidance, and Hooda's unwavering commitment, the stage was set for his resurgence in the music industry. Hooda debuted into the music industry by launching his song "Love Guru" that may not have made waves, but he persisted.

The resounding success of his hit song "Ohle Ma Patola" propelled Ajay Hooda into the limelight, making him a household name.

Ajay's Favorites

Favorite Actors- Ajay Devgan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Favorite Actress- Madhuri Dixit

Favorite Singer- Guru Randhawa

Favorite Colors- Red and Blue

Favorite Holiday Destination- Out of India- Singapore

In India- Jaipur

Net Worth of Ajay Hooda

Ajay charge rupees 2 lakh for 1 song, and his net worth is between one and three billion dollars, according to sources.

Ajay's Social Media Presence

Ajay has 1 Million Followers on Instagram with 141 following and 2184 posts.

Ajay has 4.9 rating on Facebook

Ajay Hooda has YouTube Account by the name of Speed records on which he has 3.29 Million subscribers.

Ajay Hooda


Ajay's journey from a soldier in the Indian Army to a celebrated musician is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of one's true calling. With his multifaceted experiences and the mentorship of Manjeet Panchal, Hooda's path continues to inspire aspiring artists and showcases the potential for transformation that lies within us all.

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