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Pete Stauber

Pete Stauber

Pete Stauber is a politician from the United States. He played hockey professionally in the past and is a retired police lieutenant. He now serves as the representative for Minnesota's 8th congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. He was elected in November 2018 to his position. Stauber is seeking re-election to the United States House of Representatives so that he may continue to serve as the representative for Minnesota's 8th Congressional District. On August 9, 2022, he was successful in the Republican primary election. The general election was taken place on November 8, 2022, and he was on the ballot for that election.

In the election held in 2018, Stauber triumphed over his opponent Joe Radinovich by a margin of 5.5 percentage points to succeed the retiring Rick Nolan. During the Republican primary on August 14, Stauber successfully succeeded against Harry Welty. He won with about 90% of the vote. Stauber was a member of the St. Louis County Commission from 2013 to 2019, just before his election to the United States House of Representatives.

Early life

Stauber was born on May 10, 1966, and spent his childhood in Duluth, Minnesota. He has earned a reputation as a guy who is willing to put everything on the line, even his own life, to make his town a better place. Lake Superior State University was where he got his undergraduate education and majored in criminology there. As a college hockey player, he played for Lake Superior State University, where he was a top performer on the team. He helped guide the Lakers to victory in the 1988 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament the event that decided the national champion. When Lake Superior University won the NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Championship, it made history as the smallest university to ever win the tournament's championship.

After the team won the national title, they were invited to the White House. While there, Pete Stauber had the opportunity to meet President Ronald Reagan, an encounter that he considers crucial in developing his interest in politics.


After he stopped playing hockey, Stauber returned to Minnesota and thought about his future, because he had completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, he naturally gravitated toward a career in the law enforcement sector.

Later in life, Stauber worked as a police officer in Duluth, and his time spent in that role significantly impacted how he felt about issues relevant to gun regulation and the well-being of local communities. After serving the community as a police officer for the last 22 years, he finally announced his retirement in August 2017.

While serving as a member of the police force, Stauber was the target of not one but two instances of violent gun crime. In 1995, a criminal with a long history of breaking the law shot Stauber when he was off duty, and again, a few years later, the suspect had his finger on the trigger at close range, but the gun failed to fire. After that, Stauber took the stand and argued that the United States needs safer neighborhoods and protection for responsible and law-abiding gun owners.

Stauber and all five of his brothers, John, Jamie, Bill, Dan, and Robb, were all hockey players. The six operate Duluth Hockey Company, which formerly sold various sports items but has focused only on hockey gear since 2015. Together, they organize and run the annual Stauber Brothers Military Heroes Hockey Camp, a summer activity for children with one or both parents serving in the armed forces.

Stauber is now making significant efforts to interact with the residents of the 8th District and is using his social media accounts to spread the political message he wishes to convey. Stauber's campaign slogan, "Pete Stauber for Congress," is being spread via his Twitter account, and he is also utilizing the platform to raise awareness about his views.

Personal Finance

At the end of 2017, it was estimated that Stauber's net worth was anywhere from $771,013 to $1,890,000, excluding liabilities that ranged from $1,315,004 to $5,650,000. According to the federal personal financial reports Stauber submitted in 2017, his yearly investment income was between $7,504 and $20,400. In addition, Stauber received a combined income of $89,762 from the County of St. Louis, where he served as a County Commissioner, and from the City of Duluth, where he worked as a police officer. Stauber's assets ranged between $771,013 and $1,890,000 in value. Regarding their liabilities, Stauber claimed to have anything from $1,315,004 to $5,650,000.

Facts About Pete Stauber

  • By reducing "excessive and overlapping federal restrictions that work against the entrepreneurial spirit," Stauber promises to make a difference if elected to Congress.
  • As part of his efforts to combat welfare fraud, Stauber initiated hiring for two new full-time posts in the county government.
  • For the United States to "stay competitive in our contemporary international environment," Mr. Stauber encouraged teaching "chemistry, math, sciences, and technology" to schoolchildren.
  • Stauber signed a letter urging Governor Mark Dayton to speed up the process of obtaining permits for Enridge's planned Sandpiper and Line 3 Replacement pipelines.
  • In an opinion article published in the Washington Post, Stauber argued that people should "Stop Being Environmentalists Only When It's Convenient, and Let's Get These Mines Going!"
  • Stauber voted for the MINER Act, which says that any federal plan to stop mining on land needs to be approved by Congress.
  • Stauber has publicly approved the Twin Metals Minnesota and PolyMet Hoyt Lakes Mine permitting processes.
  • According to Stauber, mining employment is a "permanent occupation" that may be completed "in a manner that is beneficial to the environment."
  • Stauber voted against spending $50,000 on testing fresh water in Lake Superior harbors.
  • Stauber proposed and received approval for funding to recruit twelve county staff to assist people in accessing the Affordable Care Act's health insurance system.
  • Stauber proposed to pass a resolution supporting Senator Amy Klobuchar's efforts to abolish sex trafficking nationwide via federal legislative action.
  • In certain public schools, Stauber voted to add two additional full-time deputy sheriff positions.
  • Stauber voted in favor of asking the state to have a National Guard explosives squad ready to deal with threats to civilians.

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