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IPS Ankita Sharma's Biography

IPS Ankita Sharma's Biography

The UPSC test is regarded as being the most difficult assessment-based exam in India. Many applicants take the path of least resistance and boldly approach the test. Your performance on this test will be based not only on your level of knowledge but also on your enthusiasm, abilities, passion, and clarity of thought.

Along with having a thorough understanding of the Constitution, you must also be able to apply sound legislation to those who view the world from their point of view. You must have sound judgment. You will control half of the war if you have strong decision-making and communication skills. You need to have vital eyesight and be a lifelong learner.

Here is Ankita Sharma's biography so you may learn from her life if you are studying for the UPSC test and seeking an inspirational narrative to inspire you to reach your goal.


It's been stated that great individuals are produced, not merely born. The IPS Ankita Sharma was born on April 25, 1992. She is a citizen of the Chhattisgarh fort city. Since childhood, she had been obsessed with passing the UPSC test and serving the country. She is a courageous lady who encourages other women to follow their ambitions regardless of whether they are in line with society's standards since only the human mind can construct social structures and laws. If you figure out a fresh method to act on your convictions, other people, particularly women, will have the courage to do the same.

Rakesh Sharma is her father, while Savita Sharma is her mother. When she was a youngster, she had an intelligent and diligent mind. She completed her education at Durg, Chhattisgarh, where she was born and raised.

Personal Details

She attended the Chhattisgarh fort to get her post-graduate MBA. She is a stunning and gorgeous woman who has a profound grasp of and comprehension of the country. If she has a goal in mind for her life, she finds her way there from someplace. Her parents are proud of whatever she has done in her life.

Her IPS life

The 2018 batch of IPS officers includes this lady lioness officer. On her third attempt, she got a great grade. Because she has gained so much knowledge from her epic IPS trip, she does not consider it a failure but rather an essential part of her path. 2018 saw Ankita Sharma at position 203. Her hometown is at her disposal.

She is a Chhattisgarh cadre employee. She is currently 30 years old. She continues to work with the same zeal and disposition as when she first began. She now holds the title of Municipal Superintendent of Police (CSP) in the Azad Chawk neighbourhood of Raipur, the state of Chhattisgarh's capital.

She is making sure that everyone in the community has access to adequate municipal services. She is responsible enough to have the ability to smell her family, her home, and the people around her since she is a woman.

Her student life

Instead of immediately starting a new job after finishing her post-graduate studies, she began working to make her childhood ambition of becoming an IPS a reality. She spent six months in a facility getting ready for the UPSC test before returning home to finish. Her father is a member of Congress.

According to her, a route of flowers goes to an unwelcome ditch whereas a road lined with thorns leads to a bed of roses. You must make a sensible decision by considering the outcomes you want in the long run. The reality of existence is this. If you don't mind the journey, the finish line will be difficult.

Her Journey as an IPS officer

The first female IPS officer in Chhattisgarh is this indomitable and incredible woman. On her third try, she received the UPSC rank of 203. She underwent IPS training before joining the Chhattisgarh cadre. She was the ASP in the past.

She was able to look at the city's sad situation and the degrading laws and orders. She believes in bringing about constructive change for the entire society and is a woman of daring ideas. No matter how large the foundation of evil is, she asserts, one stone of right thought will be able to easily break that wall. You must have enough faith in your plans to carry them through.

This indomitable woman works assiduously to preserve social harmony and tranquilly while also giving each and every person the required attention and need. She was married to an Indian Army captain. Vivekananda Shukla is the name of her spouse. She is occasionally referred to as both Ankita Sharma and Ankita Shukla, which may be somewhat perplexing. She consistently gives herself credit for living a full life and attaining wonderful goals for her spouse.

Her husband has done everything he can to support her and put her in the situation she is in today. She has a lot of clout on social media. On her Instagram account, she has 6 followings, 309k followers, and 119 posts. She keeps her followers and everyone else informed by sharing her most current photos on social media. She truly embodies the phrase "beauty with brains." Recently, she made headlines for vocally challenging Congress MLA Shakuntala, who was threatening her, in order to demonstrate her level.

The brave woman Ankita Sharma IPS stated that the MLA is allowed to contact anyone. On social media, the entire video has become quite popular. She is such a strong, in forefront woman that she led the Raipur Republic Day procession on January 26, 2020.

She had accomplished it first among women from Chhattisgarh. The thousands of fans she has on social media are the ideal evidence of her mesmerizing beauty and work environments. The DGP of Chhatisgarh presented her with the Indra Bhushan Award in February 2021. She received recognition for dismantling the narcotics nexus in Raipur. To fulfill your ambitions, you must take this officer's advice and go in the proper way.

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