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Aditi Prabhudeva

Aditi Prabhudeva

Aditi Prabhudeva, a name that has become synonymous with talent, dedication, and versatility in the Indian entertainment industry, is a true embodiment of the adage "Dreams do come true with hard work." Born on January 13, 1994, in Davanagere, Karnataka, India, Aditi's journey from a small-town girl with big dreams to a celebrated actress has inspired countless individuals nationwide.


Aditi Prabhudeva, whose real name is Sudeepana Banakar Prabhudeva, is a multi-talented individual known for her roles as an actress, model, and YouTuber. Born on January 13, 1994, she is currently 29 years old and belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. Aditi Prabhudeva follows the Hindu religion and has pursued her education up to the level of an MBA. Her academic journey led her to Bapuji B-School and Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology in Davanagere. Aside from her professional pursuits, Aditi has a range of hobbies, including listening to music, practicing makeup artistry, and reading books. Davanagere, Karnataka, India, holds a special place in her biography as her birthplace and hometown. She resides in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and proudly represents her Indian nationality. Aditi Prabhudeva's dynamic presence in the entertainment industry reflects her passion and dedication to her diverse roles and creative ventures.

Aditi Prabhudeva


Aditi Prabhudeva hails from a Hindu family rooted in Chickamagalur. Within her family, her father, Prabhudeva Banakar, is the proprietor of agricultural land and a coffee plantation in their native town. Her mother assumes the role of a homemaker, tending to the family's needs. Aditi has a younger brother currently engaged in business activities in Bangalore. She maintains a close bond with her extended family members and regularly returns to her hometown, channeling her surplus enthusiasm into these visits.

Recently, Aditi Prabhudeva entered into matrimony with Yashas Patla. The matrimonial ceremony was held in the year 2022, witnessing the presence of distinguished personalities from the cinematic realm and the honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka. Yashas Patla, like Aditi, originates from an identical region and is professionally engaged as a businessman. Their union resulted from an arranged marriage facilitated by their families, who shared a longstanding acquaintance spanning several years.


Aditi Prabhudeva began her journey in the entertainment industry by working on TV shows. She started with a show called "Gundyan Hendti" on Suvarna TV. Later, acted in a popular show called "Naaga Kannike" on Colors Super TV, which made her quite famous as many families loved it. She also appeared in a movie called "Aana" in 2019, though her role was small. The movie was a horror film, and the makers are planning to continue her character in the next part of the film. After that, she acted in a movie called "Ombattane Dikku." Aditi was also part of a youth-oriented project called "Old Monk." In 2022, she acted in a film called "Thotapuri," portraying a Muslim girl who embraces Hindu culture.

This was a sensitive role, but Aditi performed well, showing her acting skills. She also works in movies like "Hero" and "Tribble Riding." Currently, she is working on the second part of "Thotapuri" and another movie named "Once Upon a Time," both being filmed in Jamaaligudda. Aditi has also signed up for movies like "Dilmaar" and "Andondittu Kaala" for the following year. Moreover, she is part of a film called "Mafia," set to be released in 2023. Aditi Prabhudeva is keeping herself busy with these exciting projects in the film industry.

Interesting Fact about Aditi Prabhudeva

  • Aditi's upbringing was in Davanagere, Karnataka.
  • She initiated her career as a serial artist with the Kannada show "Gundyan Hendti."
  • Aditi is part of a Hindu family.
  • She maintains a highly active presence on her social media platforms.
  • Aditi successfully earned her graduation degree from BIET College in Davangere.
  • Her Instagram account boasts a follower count of 715k.
  • Her hobbies are dancing, reading, watching movies, and exploring new destinations.
Aditi Prabhudeva

Net Worth

Aditi Prabhudeva's wealth is estimated to be approximately $3 million US Dollars. Over the last five years, she has been part of several films and has garnered earnings through contracts. Recently, she has also been actively engaged in television projects. In addition, she is a brand ambassador for various lifestyle and clothing brands. Aditi possesses residences in both Bangalore and Davanagere. Moreover, she possesses two high-end cars.


The transformation of Aditi Prabhudeva from a girl hailing from a small town to a revered and admired actress underscores her remarkable talent, unwavering resolve, and unwavering commitment. Her narrative vividly illustrates the strength that comes from doggedly pursuing one's aspirations, even amid difficulties and uncertainties. Aditi's legacy sparks inspiration, shatters boundaries, and redefines success on her unique terms. As she continues to radiate on the screen and make meaningful contributions off-screen, her journey remains an everlasting wellspring of motivation for generations to follow.

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