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Yadamma Raju

Yadamma Raju


A well-known Indian actor and stand-up comedian known for his work in the Telugu entertainment sector is Yadama Raju. In India's Telangana region of Keshavapur, Mahbubnagar, he was born on January 25, 1995.

Yadama Raju became well-known as a result of his appearances on numerous television programs and occasions.

Early Life and Education

At the Government High School in Keshavapur, Yadama Raju completed his education. Later, he relocated to Hyderabad and finished his diploma program there.

Career in the Entertainment Industry

Yadama Raju attended the Patas performance while a student in college, where he was noticed by the show's unit. When asked about his favorite advertisement, Anchor Ravi was impressed by his pronunciation and decided to hire him for the Patas crew. His prosperous career in the entertainment business began with this.

Career Advancement

After joining Patas, Yadama Raju took an active part in Patas 1 and Patas 2, quickly becoming a hit with the audience. His abilities and skills gave him a chance to participate in a number of events on the ETV and ETV Plus channels.

Adirindi and Comedy Stars Show

Yadama Raju and "Saddam Hussain" founded the group "Gully Boyz" for the Adirindi Show on Zed Telugu after his successful run with Patas. He then joined the teams of Saddam and Express Hari in the Comedy Stars program on Star Maa after the Adirindi show concluded, displaying his adaptability and comedic abilities.

Movie Appearances

Yadama Raju has performed in a number of films in addition to his work in television, giving memorable performances in films like "George Reddy" and other low-budget productions.

Youtube Channel

Yadama Raju launched his own YouTube channel in 2020 with the name "YADAMMA RAJU OFFICIAL," where he probably posts his comedic acts, skits, and other interesting material.

Personal Life and Family

Yadamma Raju strives to live up to the values of kindness and humility instilled in him by his parents, who also taught him to be modest and kind. His parents' identities aren't well-known to the general public, although he has posted a few pictures of them on social media. His siblings' identities are still unknown. He practices Hinduism; however, it is unknown what caste he belongs to.

Marriage and relationships

Yadamma Raju is not afraid to show his wife his love. About two years ago, he made his social influencer girlfriend, Sharon Stella Pastham, known to the world. After several years of dating, they were engaged on November 27, 2022, and on December 11, 2022, they exchanged vows in front of their loved ones, friends, and internet celebrities. Numerous well-known figures from the entertainment business attended their wedding.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Yadamma Raju and his family live a nice life in Hyderabad, according to his net worth. He frequently posts pictures of his branded car and tastefully adorned home on social media. His net worth is thought to be somewhere between INR 3-4 Crores (roughly) thanks to profits from television shows, YouTube, comedy routines, promotions, and collaborations.

Physical Statistics

Yadamma Raju is roughly 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and 67 kilograms (147 lbs) in weight. He doesn't have any obvious tattoos or piercings and has black hair and eyes.


Yadama Raju's transformation into a well-known standup comedian and actor in the Telugu entertainment business from a gifted college student has been impressive. He has won the hearts of many spectators with his distinctive performances, and he keeps enthralling crowds with his comedic timing and acting prowess.

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