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Ammu Abhirami

Ammu Abhirami

Ammu Abhirami is an actress from India and mostly works in the Tamil and Telugu cinema industries. She played a minor part in the 2017 film En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom, which marked her big-screen debut.

Alongside Vinoth Kishan, she also played the lead role in the Tamil film Adavi. At the age of 17, she started working in the entertainment sector. Let's learn more information about Ammu Abhirami.

Ammu Abhirami Biodata

With a troupe of entertainers, Ammu Abhirami fits in. The Tamil film industry has high regard for her father's work as a sound engineer. Her parents provided her with several compelling arguments for entering the industry. She participated in competitions as a small child on the show Tamil Pesu Thanga Kasu. On the show, everybody was struck by her communication skills. In the year 2008, she was a third-grader.

The following year, the show's producers made her an offer to serve as the program's anchor. In keeping with this, she started her career when she was just 9 years old. Then, in supporting parts, she went back to performing in movies.

In Chennai, Abhirami completed her secondary education at Swamy's Matriculation High School. She excelled in school-level running events and enjoyed participating in athletics. Her tenth grade grades left positive impressions. But after obtaining a job offer in the film industry while still in college, she quit school in the 11th grade. Through an open university, she was able to complete the 12th grade later. Ratsasan was responsible for her notoriety because she had a significant part to perform.

Additionally, she was a part of the Telugu version of the movie and received favourable offers. Similar to how she was significant for the Dhanush movie Asuran, she received several awards as a result.

Ammu Abhirami Career

Ammu Abhirami started her profession as an anchor as a young girl. She appeared as a participant in Tamil Pesu Thanga Kasu on Makkal TV in 2008, where she was successful in taking home the Gold Coin.

The producers were taken aback by her words because she was a chatty young woman. She was given the chance to host the show and did so for an extended period of time. After that, she returned to school, and in 2016 she made a comeback. She began acting for Ratsasan and was forced to leave college since she was unable to receive the proper assistance from her college's administrators.

She received more roles in other films as a result of the production team's modifications, which caused Ratsasan to be delayed. Thus, Keerti Suresh and Vijay's 2017 flick Bairavaa served as her first picture. She received a lot of attention for her part as the hero's sister because of how innocent she appeared. Abhirami was cast in intriguing parts in films like Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru and En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom that same year.

Ammu Abhirami

Ammu Abhirami has a lot of fascinating projects planned for 2022. Her film Yaanai will be released soon. She also participates in Battery and other initiatives, such as Kaari. She makes an appearance in the intriguing Goli Soda 1.5 sequel in Tamil.

In 2022, she appeared in the movie Kuthukalam and Nirangal Moondru. More than that, she has four more projects planned for 2023, including Yaar Ivargal, Kannagi, and Pendulum. She also changed television by participating in Cooku with Comali Season 3 as a member and receiving positive feedback from the audience.

Ammu Abhirami Family and Relatives

A Hindu family from Tamil Nadu is where Ammu Abhirami hails from. Additionally involved in the entertainment industry is her father, Vishal Kannan.

He supports a variety of performers by serving as a keyboard programmer and sound engineer.

Ammu Abhirami

He has contributed to notable films in recent years, including Kaala, Kabali, and Jagame Thandhiram. The only supporter of her family is Gayathri Vishal. Her younger brother, who is a college student in Chennai, is also a family member.

Ammu Abhirami Relationship

On March 21, 2000, Ammu Abhirami was born in Tamil Nadu. Indian actress Ammu Abhiramis is well-known. The marital status of Ammu Abhirami is single.

Ammu Abhirami Net Worth

Ammu Abhiram is thought to be valued more than 8 crores of Indian rupees. His monthly take-home pay is between 70,000 and 80,000 rupees. The Tamil and Telugu cinema industries are his primary sources of revenue. Ammu makes a good living there.

Physical Apperance of Ammu Abhirami

In Vetrimaaran's Asuran play in 2019, she delivered a memorable performance. She had the chance to play against one of her favourite performers in the industry, Dhanush. throughout this play. The producers chose Ammu.

Years ago, Thanu was a Tamil Nadu schoolgirl from a rural area. Her most recent performance was in Jeethu Joseph's Thambi, which featured a star-studded cast that includes well-known actresses like Jyothika and Karthi.

Ammu Abhirami

As a beginning performer in the acting world, she has the good fortune to share the screen alongside veterans like Vishnu Vishal, Vikram Prabhu, and RJ Sha. Ammu is now a well-known figure among the young people of South India and Tamil cinema fans everywhere. She has a significant social media fan base, with 617k Instagram followers alone.

Personal Facts about Ammu Abhirami

Ammu Abhirami, a graduate student with a psychology degree, is a Tamil Hindu woman who was raised. When she was 17 years old, she made her acting debut in films in the Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. She only eats vegetarian food, enjoys exploring new places, and dances wildly. In terms of sports, she likes watching cricket, and her favourite actor is Dhanush.

Her favourite player in the game is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Her preferred shade is red, which is worth highlighting. Her remaining single status is wonderful news for her male followers.

The Education of Ammu Abhirami

Originally from Chennai, India, she is a young woman. She completed her elementary education at a local school in Chennai and is presently enrolled in the city's graduate programme. She had a fascination for films when she was a student and aspired to work in the field. Her time in school or her time at the college where she is now are barely mentioned.

Professional Career

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom (2017) and Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (2017) both featured Ammu Abhirami in supporting parts. In Balaji Sakthivel's movie Yaar Ivargal, she portrayed the main character.

Following that, she played a disturbed schoolgirl in Ratsasan with Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Anupama Parameswaran before reprising the character in Rakshasudu 2019, the Telugu version of the movie.

Ammu Abhirami

Ammu played a slain innocent girl in the 2018 movie Thuppakki Munai. In Vetrimaaran's 2019 drama Asuran, in which she co-starred with Dhanush and made her acting debut, she played the lead role. She had previously collaborated with producer S. Thanu on Thuppakki Munai, and he recommended Ammu. She played the role of Maari, a 1960s schoolgirl from rural Tamil Nadu.

Facts about Ammu Abhirami

  • Abhirami Sundar is another name for Ammu.
  • She made her acting debut in the Tamil film Bairavaa
  • She is very active on her Social media handles.
  • She also has a puppy and a cat since she values animals.
  • Ammu adores playing video games.
  • Travelling, watching films, and listening to music are among of her favourite hobbies.
    Ammu Abhirami
  • She has inked numerous deals with big businesses.
  • Indian clothing is Ammu's favourite.
  • Idli, curd rice, and other traditional Tamil fare are her favourites to eat.
  • She engaged in a variety of beauty contests during her undergraduate years.



She had a 2019 appearance in Vetrimaaran's play Asuran (2019), where she shared a main part with Dhanush. Ammu was chosen when producer S. Thanu, with whom she had previously collaborated on the film Thuppakki Munai, suggested her. She played Maari, a student in 1960s rural Tamil Nadu.


En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom (2017) and Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (2017) were Ammu Abhirami's first films, both of which featured her in supporting parts. Yaar Ivargal, a film by Balaji Sakthivel, had her as the lead.

In Ratsasan, she played a troubled schoolgirl; she then played the same part in Rakshasudu (2019), the Telugu version of the movie, costarring Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Anupama Parameswaran. Ammu played a victimised innocent girl in the 2018 film Thuppakki Munai.


In conclusion, Ammu Abhirami is a talented actress who has a bright future ahead of her. She is hardworking and passionate about her work, and we are sure she will continue to make valuable contributions to the film industry

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